AGRA-GCA Honour Rolls – Tasmania


*****Note the detailed honour rolls of information for the Hobart 1000, Launceston Cup and Devonport Cup has been compiled by legendary Tasmanian historian Greg Fahey.

The Hobart 1000 is the oldest feature race final in Australia. It was first run as the Hobart Cup at the old TCA circuit in 1935. The race first became known as the Hobart 1000 in 1939, it reverted back to the Hobart Cup for two years in 1942 then was not held during the war years of 1944-45 and when the race recommended in 1946 it was again known as the Hobart 1000.

The most notable effort in the history of the Hobart Thousand must be the training feat of Hilda Williamson of Beaconsfield.  She won back-to-back Thousands in 1961/62 with her grand bitch Ophir Doll, and just for good measure made it a hat trick with Ophir Gold in 1963.  Another notable feat was that of Beaut Dina.  She won the event run in 1976 and was the dam of Scene Control, which won the last ever Hobart Thousand run at the T.C.A. in 1980.  Both were owned and trained by Ted and Laurie Rigby of Evandale.

Arguments will always rage over the greatest dogs to win the Thousand.  The best interstate chasers to gain victory would have to be Rookie Rebel (1958), Benjamin John (1969), (which ran down the immortal Zoom Top), Black Aztec (1981), and the freak Brother Fox (1985).  Amongst the very best of the locals to salute would have to be Ophir Doll (1961/62), along with Royal Griffin (1978), True Vintage (1988), Bomber’s a Flyer (1996), Top Shiraz (2000) (who held off the speedster Brett Lee) and Black Caleb (2002) who defeated Melbourne Cup winner Classic Capri. Race record over the 457m trip – 2005 winner Ralph The Mouth 25.60The 2011 winner Dyna Tron was later judged the AGRA and Victorian Greyhound of the Year.

Listed below are the names of many champions that have tasted victory in the time honored event. It is certainly an impressive list of past winners.

Run at TCA
1935 Elwick Boy TAS Sam Burton 23.20 410y Golden Bess Young Barney
1936 Miafort TAS E.J.Peacock 23.50 410y Sir Lancelot Plimsoll
1937 Loch Maree TAS R.James 23.60 410y Red Shadow Jubilee King
1938 On Par TAS W.Goss 22.80 410y Father’s Night Beau Land
1939 Mr Whackles TAS R.Austin 22.60 410y Jack Ayr Polly Sheen
1940 Silver Rover SA Wally Lake 22.00 410y Jack Ayr Gay Party
1941 Cavalry SA Wally Lake 22.40 410y Minda’s Image Jerry Jarome
1942 My Kenya TAS G.Broomhead 29.80 525y Red Avis Wynbourne
1943 Askalon TAS E.A.Cash 29.40 525y John Wayne Red Avis
1944 No race held
1945 No race held
1946 Ebon’s Own TAS Claude T. Best 29.20 525y Baldy Ruche Balkan Chief
1947 Young Sign NSW M.W.Steevers 29.00 525y Tumble Bug Dark Barrier
1948 Hero Minda NSW S.G.”Stan” Phillips 29.40 525y Brindle’s Pick My Amorous
1949 Erin’s Ace SA A.Davis 30.20 540y Boongala Silver Dash
1950 Neat Brandy VIC H.A.Craswell 30.30 540y Nippy Bug Black Highlander
1951 Pleasant Foam TAS Norman Wilson 30.30 540y Final Birch Good Worker
1952 Baron Dhu TAS “J.Vivian” 29.90 540y Lily Bug Master Gladshot
1953 The Mudlark VIC C.H.”Buck” Buchannan 30.40 540y Vicki Beu Sports Talk
1954 Pasha Chief TAS Fred C Clifford 29.80 540y Lefroy’s Ace The Shelf
1955 Minda Go TAS J.Slater 30.00 540y Tahara Royal Oliver
1956 Baron Woomera TAS “J.Vivian” 30.40 540y Master Marcola Ree
1957 Rising Ace TAS H.O.”Nip” Smith 30.30 540y Rookie Rebel Gazeaway
1958 Rookie Rebel VIC Warren Hooper 29.80 540y Double Jade Guyza
1959 Peter’s Treasure TAS H.”Tas” Kingston 29.90 540y Woodford Pride Ophir Treasure First all Tassie dogs
1960 Bow Rock TAS Jim W Dickson 29.70 540y Woodford Chief Peter’s Treasure
1961 Ophir Doll TAS Hilda Williamson 30.20 540y Shan’s Choice Warren’s Idol
1962 Ophir Doll TAS Hilda Williamson 30.00 540y Evening Thunder Ouse View
1963 Ophir Gold TAS Hilda Williamson 29.80 540y Farra Belle Sunny Treasure
1964 Sandy Stone VIC A.R.”Andy” Simpson 29.50 540y Marveena Ojiji
1965 Fairburn Lady VIC Paul Hogan 29.50 540y Riot Lady Macdillon
1966 Ipswich Low TAS R.S.”Bob” Moore 29.60 540y Golden Bingo No Discount
1967 Fiery Bob TAS George Johnston 29.50 540y Autumn Concerto Quality Time
1968 Sue Narilla NSW Neville L Ballinger 29.30 540y Gay Glitter Michael’s Idol
1969 Benjamin John NSW G.S.”Stan” Cleverley 29.00 540y Zoom Top Michael Craig
1970 Plunder Road VIC H.E.”Ted” Baker 29.50 540y Mount Hall Vista Brazil Star
1971 Trion Scout TAS Phillip Bowden 29.40 540y Major Clover Midnight Cowboy
1972 Beau Palomino TAS R.”Bob” Usher 29.50 540y Sydamsue Gwen’s Champ
1973 Sue’s A Credit TAS Leo Burnett 29.30 500m Flash Cloe Ripple Joe
1974 Jamin John VIC Cliff Floyd 29.50 500m Mona’s Beauty Arkle’s Girl
1975 Snowsim TAS Jock Trousdale 29.70 500m Tuemino Judy’s Battle
1976 Beaut Dina TAS Ted & Laurie Rigby 29.30 500m Call Me Roy Mystery Bridge
1977 Check Vista TAS G.K.”Beau” Burleigh 29.60 500m Kyambra Coven Toota’s Flash
1978 Royal Griffin TAS Audrey Brooks 29.40 500m Our Reprieve Mile Post
1979 Astradome Lad TAS Ray Elphinstone 29.91 500m Royal Griffin Rapid Marvel
1980 Scene Control TAS Ted & Laurie Rigby 29.65 500m Shane’s Level Red Tollana
move to Royal Showgrounds
1981 Black Aztec NSW Harry Sarkis 28.40 497m Worthy Weston Trudi Glass
1982 Kudaleen TAS Gary Fahey 29.35 497m Count Devo Lord Amazon
1983 Stoney Point VIC Gerry Robida 28.90 497m Lygon Leader Mr Top Notch
1984 Double Time TAS Richard Stamford 29.00 497m Highland Port Sheila’s Teresa
1985 Brother Fox NSW Steve Kavanagh 28.31 497m Busy Vintage Young O’Reilly
1986 Solitary Simon TAS Denise Dunn 26.65 457m November Prince (NSW) The Scrooge
1987 White Gigolo TAS Fred Wooley 26.55 457m Some Gain The Scrooge
1988 True Vintage TAS Margaret Crosswell 26.34 457m Bookies Regret November Bale (NSW)
1989 Scott James TAS Reg Ivory 26.40 457m True Vintage Bjorn (NSW)
1990 March Shantytown TAS Richard Stamford 26.45 457m The Spectre Meldar’s Ace
1990 Dec. Bacchant TAS Margaret Rossendell 26.12 457m Westlee Silk Royal Overdraft
1991 Jenny’s Legacy TAS John Cameron 26.11 457m Red Amerigo Pat Michael
1992 Bomber Gleeson VIC Graeme Bate 26.04 457m Wary’s Desire Top Tracey
1993 Extra’s Boy VIC Graeme Bate 26.08 457m Starlight Rebel Blackwood Oscar
1994 Storm Hero VIC Paul Mills 25.82 457m Westgate Flyer Starlight Rebel
1995 Clint’s Pirate TAS Robert Walker 26.04 457m Moonambel Prince Caitlyn Fox Ungrouped
1996 Bomber’s A Flyer TAS Lawrence Mulligan 25.94 457m Shantung Tiger Son Of Hilda Group Two
1997 Shantung Tiger TAS Richard Stamford 26.07 457m Conrod Market Force Group Two
1998 Mirren Bale VIC Graeme Bate 25.82 457m Shelton Bale Bazooka Bale Group Two
1999 Latest Lad VIC Graeme Bate 26.16 457m Murch’s Prince Proper Lass Group Two
2000 Top Shiraz TAS Pat McClenaghan 25.91 457m Brett Lee She’s Capable Group Two
2001 Black Caleb TAS Alan Clark 25.75 457m Classic Capri Family First Group One
2002 Star Witch VIC Paul Westerveld 25.80 457m Brokenwood Huegill Bale Group One
2003 Nobody Knew VIC John Galea 25.83 457m Bubalo Blue Obsession Group One
2004 Regent Thunder TAS Ted Medhurst 25.76 457m Lukeamy Pure Oz Group One
2005 Ralph The Mouth TAS Leigh Wood 25.60 457m Awesome Torque Rolly’s Run Group One
move to Elwick Racecourse
2006 Superman VIC Emin Ayedemir 26.14 461m Major Bear Train A Journey Group One
2007 Train A Journey VIC John Galea 26.51 461m Avalon Chief Kyra Shiraz Group One
2008 Little Spaniard TAS M.B.”Mick” Stringer 26.40 461m Topline Doovee Excel Like Time(NSW) Group One
2009 Prankster VIC Robert Britton 26.05 461m Hurricane Luke (NSW) Gripen Bale (NSW) Group One
2010 Octane Show NSW Darren McDonald 25.83 461m Numero Uno Bale (NSW) Perfect Fancy (Vic) Group One
2011 Dyna Tron NSW Andrea Dailly 25.85 461m Rewind Dyna Bert (NSW) Group One
2012 Blackall’s Boss NSW Michelle Mallia-Magri 26.08 461m Rewind Walk Hard (Vic) Group One
2013 Paw Licking NSW Kel Greenough 25.64 461m Black Magic Opal(NSW) Yappin’ Jack Group One Track Record, record splits 4.99, 10.86
2014 Above All NZ Robert Britton 25.52 461m Ride The Rails (NSW) Dyna Villa (NSW) Group One New Track Record, Melbourne Cup winner 3rd
2015 Unlawful Entry VIC Brett Bravo 25.78 461m Bearville Azza Tecoma Emily Group One
2016 Zipping Bruiser VIC Matthew Lanigan 25.98 461m Chief Jetpilot American Monster Group One
2017 Rock Up Top VIC Robert Britton 25.85 461m Print The Money Blue Gum Hill Group One
2018 Leeroy Rogue Qld Debbie Cannan 25.65 461m Peco Can Despacito Group One
2019 Hooked On Scotch VIC Jason Thompson 25.49 461m Atley Quick Leica Prayer Group One New Race Record
2020 Tommy Shelby WA Steve Withers 25.55 461m Tiggerlong Tonk Sprint Gordon Group One
2021 Aussie Secret VIC Jason Thompson 25.87 461m Do It (Vic) Ferdinand Boy (Vic) Group One
2022 Fernando Mick VIC David Geall 25.78 461m Paua Of Buddy (Vic) Rojo Diamond Group One


*****Note the detailed honour rolls of information for the Hobart 1000, Lauceston Cup and Devonport Cup has been compiled by legendary Tasmanian historian Greg Fahey.

The time-honoured event is one the oldest feature finals in Australia. It was first run in 1936 and has no doubt seen its fair share of drama over that long period of time. They have had a dead heat in 1942 and dual winners with Mystery Bridge 75/76 and the mighty Fine Horizon in 1999 and 2000 plus, the 2006 winner a last to first performance by Victorian Wongawillicath, in 2007 the cup was won by Capriccio provided a trifecta for trainer Ted Medhurst. While in 2009 the cup saw a win to dual Tasmanian Greyhound of the Year Big Moose. The last two years the Cup was won by Graeme Bate trained chasers Radley Bale and Xylia Allen.

The Launceston Club conducted the Cup from 1936 onwards at the old White City complex until the club moved to the new track at Tasman Park in 2005 and Monday night’s Cup was the ninth staged on the circuit located inside the Mowbray Racecourse and Harness track. Listed below is the full honour roll.

Date Winner State Trainer Time Second Third Distance Track
1936 Win Sheen Tas O.J.”Ollie” Illingworth 17  6/16 Glen Cul Whiteway 325y White City
1937 Loch Neagh R.James 18 Emmerson Girl Lady Alma 325y White City
1938 Gambol J.F.Wilkes 19 11/16 Heyfield Dazzling Star 340y White City
1939(Div1) Polly Sheen C.Davis 17 10/16 Some Pride Beau Monte 325y White City
1939(Div2) Aberdeen J.Brennan 17  8/16 Ruby’s Pride Pharance 325y White City
1939(Div3) Dan’s Gift H.N.Forsythe 16  4/16 Gay Isle East Coast 325y White City
1940 Dancoma Sam Bracken 23 12/16 Criterion Girl Ginger Nut 430y White City
1941 Black Orchid P.F.Lovegrove 23  9/16 Shirarch Quality Tells 430y White City
1942(Div3) Shirarch (deadheat) George Forsythe 24  5/16 Silver Pirate 430y
All Dixie (deadheat) George Forsythe 430y White City
1942(Div2) Ruination J.C.Patmore 24 13/16 MyKenya Mustard Pot 430y White City
1942(Div1) Red Avis Tas C.T.”Claude” Best 25 Whackaway Double Micaw 430y White City
1943 Some Carlton J.G.”Jack” Nelson 23  7/16 Waverley Lass Quality Tells 430y White City
1944 Young Progress C.& C. Rosevear 23 15/16 Randolph Bright Recruit 430y White City
1945 Race was not run
Fearless Bright (dh)
1946 Losma Lady J.G.”Jack” Nelson 23 13/16 Kent’s Son Playful Rufus (dh) 430y White City
1947 King Goldsby Tas Andy Johnson 23 14/16 Jean’s Dream Chief Agricola 430y White City
1948 Chief Agricola Tas J.Peevers 23 11/16 Golden Ale Rocca’s Ways 430y White City
1949 Erin’s Ace SA A.Davis 23 11/16 Bon Steel Boongala 430y White City
1950 Sheehan Lass Tas T.Bennett 23 12/16 Stepper Too Minda Mel 430y White City
1951 Dawn’s Duty NSW J.Morris Jnr 23 11/16 Smokey Stover Mantle’s Wonder 430y White City
1952 Some Ben Tas V.Maher 23  6/16 Smart Ben Pembroke Lad 430y White City Race Record
1953 Rusty’s Hope Vic J.Brown 23  8/16 Giften’s Wonder Super’s Idol 430y White City
1954 Martin Bluff Vic C.T.”Claude” Best 24 10/16 Gay Cerito Sunny Nebo 430y White City
1955 My Cheetah Tas R.T.Thomas 32 15/16 King Harryed Atom Beau 595y White City
1956 Royal Kara Tas Rex Lord 30  8/16 Moomba Queen Image Returns 548y White City
1957 Murmungee Tas M.Davis 30  1/16 Sea Chief Moomba Queen 548y White City
1958 Ebony Minda Tas L.W.”Laylon” Smith 29 14/16 Night Fabric Night Fun 548y White City Race Record
1959 Woodford’s Pride Tas Eric Gilroy 30 Raven’s Return Jet’s First 548y White City
1960 Nippy Cola Tas Des Mason 30  2/16 Stoney’s Ace Night Sharid 548y White City
1961 Western Idol Tas R.”Titch” Wilson 30  4/16 Nanda Barlu Go Jet 548y White City
1962 Dottie Too Tas Sam Bracken 30  4/16 Time Paid Kinta Keata 548y White City
1963 Ophir Gold Tas Hilda Williamson 30  2/16 Biddy Tara Lucky Apex 548y White City
1964 Pine Birch Vic H.E.”Ted” Baker 30  5/16 Macdillon Ripple Bay 548y White City
1965 MacDillon Tas Sam Bracken 30  5/16 Ulversone Lad Just Blaze 548y White City
1966 Hoodwinker Vic M.Harding 30  1/16 Touring Top Spinoza 548y White City
1967 Ophir Glitter Tas R.L.”Tullah” Redman 30  8/16 Rambling Jet Major Magic 548y White City
1968 Persian Opera Tas G.J.Whitney 29 10/16 Sonar King Susan’s Idol 548y White City Race Record
1969 Michael Craig NSW Charlie Morris 29 13/16 Brazil Star Mr Mount Hall 548y White City
1970 Society Dancer Tas Ron Fraser 29 14/16 Dusty Snider Grenadier Red 548y White City
1971 Jankers Star Tas B.T.Summers 30  6/16 Midnight Cowboy Apt Act 548y White City
1972 Dalmore Prince Vic G.Tagell 30  3/16 Barrington Boy Mount Hall Flash 548y White City
1973 Mountain Rock Tas H.”Mick” Muir 29.90 Iva White Face Della’s Son 502.5m White City Race Record
1974 Jamin John Vic Cliff Floyd 30.30 Blue Stream Dan Bowers 502.5m White City
1975 Mystery Bridge Vic Graeme Moate 30.00 Rhompa Rev Here’s Proof 502.5m White City
1976 Mystery Bridge Tas Graeme Moate 30.51 Check Vista Glenavon King 502.5m White City
1977 Dynamic David Tas Des Mayne 30.19 Toota’s Flash Society Friend 502.5m White City
1978 Fire Tasson NSW Darcy Webb 30.59 Dynamic David Miss Top Notch 502.5m White City
1979 Spotted Toby Tas J.M.Woodberry 30.12 Tugrah Beaver Mersey Mist 502.5m White City
1980 Highland Summer Tas David Crosswell 30.30 Anymore Anne Debbie’s Spirit 502.5m White City
1981 Anymore Anne Tas Brendon Parish 30.52 Time Bonus Highland Summer 502.5M White City
1982 Dinkum Castle Tas Ross Lee 30.59 Tetten Rua Cool And Black 502.5M White City
1983 Glendale Irish Tas Peter Rundle 30.21 Blendon Blue Style To Win 502.5m White City
1984 Sheila’s Teresa Tas W.”Bill” Breen 30.06 So Like Busy Pacific Force 502.5m White City
1985 Blue Breeze Tas Darryl Howlin 30.07 Future Point Samboy Gold 502.5m White City
1986 Falcon Prey Tas Lyall Brown 30.41 Mullewa’s Slave Pat To Stop 502.5m White City
1987 Glenavon Raider Tas John Brakey 30.36 Barooce Pat To Stop 502.5m White City
1988 True Vintage Tas David Crosswell 30.07 Some Gain Family Chariot 502.5m White City
1989 Going National Tas Dottie Chaplin 29.92 Hindu Flame Helena Level 502.5m White City
1990 Blazenka’s Flyer Tas Ted Medhurst 31.30 Hindu Flame The Spectre 522m White City
1991 Painted Hilux Tas Angela Stringer 31.24 Our Falcon Demon Gold 522m White City
1992 Talkaman Tas G.”Joey” Sherriff 31.52 Shy Toby Lilydale Lad 522m White City Ungrouped First 3 same litter
1993 Wary’s Desire Tas Eric Haldane 31.07 Blackwood Oscar Starlight Rebel 522m White City Ungrouped
1994 Flash Billy Tas Marg Crosswell 31.21 Monica Rose Dance Jimmy 522m White City Ungrouped
1995 Zoom Fox Tas Laurence Mulligan 30.77 Able Lane Exeter Lad 522m White City Ungrouped
1996 Two Codes Tas Butch Deverell 31.05 Standby Thunder Pippen 522m White City Group 3
1997 Pezza’s Tiger Vic Brett Bravo 30.95 Bombers A Flyer Shanlea Image 522m White City Group 3
1998 Olympic Vision Tas Hilton Cumming 30.92 Dancer Of Fire Magnetic Charge 522m White City Group 3
1999 Fine Horizon Tas Pat McClenaghan 31.05 Modern Edition Stumpy Ray 522M White City Group 3
2000 Fine Horizon Tas Pat McClenaghan 30.62 Claretown Swap Proper Lass 522M White City Group 3
2001 Top Shiraz Tas Pat McClenaghan 30.79 Shanlea Title Shes Capable 522m White City Group 3
2002 Jeanie’s Queen Qld Peter Giles 30.36 Floodfawn Bridport Havoc 522m White City Group Two Track Record
2003 My Boy Speedy Tas Gary Greig 30.74 Our Barney My Tiger Lily 522m White City Group Two
2004 Final Image Tas Ted Medhurst 30.67 Stoddard Supa Instinct 522m White City Group Two
2005 Obie Trice Tas Ted Medhurst 29.86 Hitech King Ayeffell 515m Mowbray Group Two
2006 Wongawillicath Vic Graeme Bate 29.91 Killswitch Camdale Angie 515m Mowbray Group Two
2007 Capriccio Tas Ted Medhurst 29.83 Winsome Lonesome Punk Atron 515m Mowbray Group Two First 3 same Trainer
2008 Akka Boy Tas Butch Deverell 29.95 Regent Eagle Big Moose 515m Mowbray Group Two
2009 Big Moose Tas Butch Deverell 29.57 Redline Reaper Tenacious Ted 515m Mowbray Group Two
2010 Gardam Prince Vic Darren McDonald 29.90 Pedro Pronto Sultan’s Swing 515m Mowbray Group Two
2011 Fisherman Tas Mark Sutcliffe 29.85 Cracker Boy Posh Di 515m Mowbray Group Two
2012 Radley Bale NSW Graeme Bate 29.69 Lika Whisper Classic Camdale 515m Mowbray Group Two
2013 Xylia Allen NSW Graeme Bate 29.09 Fully Advanced Schroeder Bale 515m Mowbray Group Two First 3 same Trainer Track Record
2014 Varcoe NSW Debbie Cannan 29.69 Black Rip Bains Lane 515m Mowbray Group Two
2015 Brad Hill Billy Tas Allan Clark 29.46 Breaker’s Tip Waymore’s Blues 515m Mowbray Group Two 1st-2nd cousins
2016 Fantastic Spiral NSW Jason Fletcher 29.72 Lemon Sunrise Locknane Eve 515m Mowbray Group Two
2017 Pantera Nera Vic Gavin Burke 29.31 Nangar Range Wynburn Toozie 515m Mowbray Group Two
2018 Del Rey Qld Tom Tzouvelis 29.84 Zulu Knocks Hemsworth 515m Mowbray Group Two
2019 Hello Rhonda Tas Robin Grubb 29.98 Be Like Bill Corykodi 515m Mowbray Group Two
2020 Caishen Vic Anthony Azzopardi 29.76 Twisted Reality Connected 515m Mowbray Group Two
2021 Wynburn Sheean Tas Ben Englund 29.69 Sprint Gordon Goodnight Vicki 515m Mowbray Group Two
2022 Hill Top Jack Vic David Geall 29.45 Loch And Loaded King Calypso 515m Mowbray Group Two
2023 Wynburn Ruby Tas Ben Englund 29.31 Fast Minardi Ailee Bale 515m Mowbray Group Two


Year Winner Owner Trainer Second Third Distance Boxes Time
1953 Kings Idea D & J Elmer Doug Elmer White Oct Main Birch 465y 1 2 5 24  9/16 Track Record
1954 Opotoki Mrs FJ Delaney Howard Delaney Sunny Nebo Allie’s Boy 465y 8 3 4 25
1955 Harry’s Belle Mrs D Clayton J Lee Erin’s Pat Tuvana 465y 2 1 8 24 14/16
1956 Moomba Queen Mrs LA Fish Vivian Beresford Ophir Kitty Night Rally 465y 5 4 9 24 10/16
1957 Leenson L.C  Cooper Charlie Peoples Kosirock Phoenix Rising 465y 3 7 8 24  9/16
1958 Hopeful Nebo W Day W.”Bill” Day Scamp’s Choice Gazeaway 465y 1 7 2 25  7/16
1959 Spotlight’s Image AA Bennett AA Bennett Nippy Cola Rapid Birch 465y 9 5 10 25  1/16
1960 Brendie Mrs B Elmer Mrs B Elmer Rocket Flame Rapid Birch 465y 10 2 3 25  6/16
1961 Teela G McHugh G McHugh Secret Lustre Ivan York 465y 5 1 2 25  5/16
1962 Lallawa Prince L Lewis & P Wright J Lewis Koojara Ouse View 465y 3 6 8 25  1/16
1963 series not conducted 465y
1964 Ripple Bay L Leonard Vivian Beresford Nippy’s Image Brindle Movie 465y 6 3 1 24  3/16
1965 Domenic’s Black WD Bonola W.D.”Bill” Bonola Running Call Jet Move 465y 5 8 1 25  7/16
1966 Thunder Mohican LL French L.M.”Max” Twibell Master Vagabond Regal Nation 465y 2 9 3 23 15/16 Handicap
1967 Hylambo DB Elmer Doug Elmer Rambling Jet Lumina Lass 465y 6 1 8 25  4/16
1968 Black Tuesday Mrs E Thomas Mrs E Thomas Cheetah Doll Fenton Girl 465y 9 1 2 24 14/16
1969 Flying Armatree M Parker Bob (RW) Brown Fenton Spark Johnny Rose 465y 8 6 3 24 10/16 Track Record?
1970 More Champagne J.Breen Jim Breen Old Hobbs Arkaid Queen 465y 3 5 7 25.30
1971 Old Hobbs L Maney & D Neal Owners Midnight Cowboy Grenadier Curl 465y 6 5 2 25.30
1972 Northrop Hall D & G Hall D & G Hall Full Price Fenton Flash 471y 1 4 8 25.40
1973 Wyoming Willie AJ Shorey Max Morrison Highland Billy Della’s Son 432m 8 4 1 25.10
1974 The Big Black K Charles W Stubbings Blue Stream Dan Bowers 432m 1 7 3 25.14 Track Record
1975 Devon George D McDonald Butch Deverell Jangalay Sheza Gazelle 432m 3 1 7 25.14
1976 Sunshine Mac CE & I McNab Janet Beresford Lerobarian Linda’s Tuesday 432m 5 2 9 25.52
1977 Pawpela IJ Godfrey IJ Godfrey Playboy Joe Minor Matter 432m 6 5 25.24
1978 Friendly Guy RW Brown Bob (RW) Brown Tugrah Pal Regal Pharaoh 432m 5 7 8 25.47
1979 Unique Venture RJ Ivory Reg Ivory Out Of Onyx Good Effort 432m 2 4 5 25.09
1980 Rodway Lad DH Wheldon Leo Burnett Highland Summer Dinkum Smokey 432m 8 1 2 25.43
1981 Moon Booky J Bartlett & N&R Elphinstone Ray Elphinstone Carmen Caboleah Wynlee Style 432m 6 8 5 25.04
1982 Wynlee Wonder T.H. Englund Tom Englund Lady Biffin Cool And Black 432m 2 1 5 24.79 Track Record
1983 Blendon Blue Mrs E.R. Simmonds Mrs E.R. Simmonds Mr Dawkins Quick Circuit 452m 8 3 7 26.32
1984 Mickey Magnet GM Owen Chris Brown Double Time Edward My Lad 452m 4 5 6 26.14
1985 Son of Beau Mrs J King & Mrs J Dickson Owners Red Ronnie Mogili 452m 8 1 2 26.34
1986 The Scrooge K Gillie & F Simmonds Keith Gillie Pat To Stop Tullah Joe 452m 25.83
1987 Falcon Prey Lyall Brown Lyall Brown Pat To Stop Blazenka’s Robyn 452m 4,2,7 26.13
1988 Nikki Ding Dianne Williamson Dianne Williamson Final Parole True Vintage 452m 26.05
1988 Glenavon Leader J & H Brakey John Brakey Kepler Bookies Regret 452m 26.23
1990 Blazenka’s Flyer DP Carey Ted Medhurst Our Lady Beris The Spectre 452m 4 2 1 25.79
1991 Shy Toby D & B Heawood Bert Heawood Pat Michael Wynlee Chariot 452m 8 3 2 26.14 1st two litter/kennelmates
1992 Worthy Gain AR Perkins Denise Dunn Silverdome Regal Mystique 452m 1 2 4 26.11
1993 Blackwood Oscar RA & EM Burk Rod Burk Ferry Princess Tugrah Ricky 452m 1 5 6 20.06 Ist two litter/kennelmates
1994 Jim Bowie RJ Burke Richard Stamford Blackwood Oscar Vic The Viking 452m 7 8 1 26.02
1995 Heartbreak Ridge Glenn Tucker Leon Brazendale Mr Koonawarra Zoom Fox 452m 1 3 2 25.91
1996 Gingers Charm (Jan) G.+ K. O’Malley &B.Stoward Marg Crosswell Stylish Hua Germanium 452m 5 7 8 25.86
1996 Hi Tech Boris (Oct) N Vince Noel Vince Stanton Force Hammles Ranger 452m 8 1 4 25.91
1997 Shantung Tiger Four C’s Synd Richard Stamford Gingers Charm Here Comes Pop 452m 5 6 1 25.98
1998 Stumpy Ray Leon Lenehan Leon Brazendale Mexican Port Colour Scheme 452m 8 2 5 25.79
1999 Top Shiraz P McClenaghan Pat McClenaghan Proper Lass Prince Ziam 452m 7 4 5 25.54
2000 Collica R Milner Eileen Thomas Wingarren Elle’s Supremo 452m 2 6 7 25.70
2001 Black Caleb Alan Clark Alan Clark Stylish Doctor Lucky Pitstop 452m 3 1 5 25.85
2003 Stylish Doctor Bertha Dawson Tony Dawson Jed’s Osti Major Ben 452m 5 7 2 25.85
2004 Awesome Cole Jason Thompson Russel Watts Alexander Bale Final Image 452m 6 2 1 25.62
2005 Supa Instinct Paul Costello Ted Medhurst Regent Thunder Forceful Bomber 452m 2 8 3 25.68 Ist two kennelmates
2006 Ricky Tim (Vic) Ricky Ponting LaurenceMulligan Killswitch Imperial Dream 452m 1 3 2 25.87
2007 Xrate (Vic) D.Reid Alec Reid Diamond Bracelet Big Daddyhuble 452m 4 2 7 25.80
2008 Big Moose B.& J. Crawford Butch Deverell Damascus Road Light Ice Lad 452m 7 2 4 25.73
2009 Taipan Bale (Vic) Paul Wheeler Graeme Bate Kiowa Cantry Akka Boy 452m 1 5 6 25.52
2010 Gardam Prince (Vic) M A Minne Darren McDonald Rulla Shaw Topline Doovee 452m 2 8 1 25.68
2011 St.Pierre C.J.Nutt Debbie Cannan Banger Harvey Ima Fencer 452m 4 5 7 25.55
2012 Rewind Maurie Strickland Maurie Strickland Classy Maldini Vic Portrait Ignites 452m 8 1 2 25.31
2013 Allen Benji (NSW) Janice Wheeler Graeme Bate Rewind Shanlyn Peanut 452m 6 7 3 25.60
2014 Are Ate (Qld) Quad Dog Syndicate Anthony Bullock An That Jeff The Tipster 452m 7,4,6 25.57
2015 Dark Vito D.Cannan & I Sowell Ted Medhurst Senor Slamma Prescribe 452m 2,8,5 25.25 Race Record
2016 Keune D.Cannan & I Sowell Ted Medhurst Breakers Tip Lorus Time 452m 2,1,4 25.37
2017 Pantera Nera G.Burke G.Burke Your Shout Punk Stylish Nic 452m 5,1,7 25.36
2018 High Treason Dulverton Syn…M.Johnson Ted Medhurst Invictus Rapid Rock Up Top 452m 7,5,4 25.52
2019 Corykodi Claude Dacey Eric Haldane Hello Nugget Lenards Boy 452m 2,3,1 25.56
2019 Stop Line D.M.Cannan & Rod Stamford Jillian Stamford Leica Prayer Sacred Shadow 452m 1,5,4 25.28 RENAMED DEVONPORT CHASE
2020 Wynburn Sheean Wynburn Racing Syn Ben Englund Aston Pilsner Highland Chief 452m 8,7,6 25.41


With the closure of the Devonport in 2002 the race was run at Hobart and renamed the Ladbrokes Chase

2020 Connected 25.50, 2021 Superior Wallis 25.44, 2022 Rojo Diamond 25.78.


First run in 1991 the details below were compiled by Brennan Ryan.

Date Winner Sire Dam Trainer Dist Boxes Margin Time Second Third Track
1991 Swanky View Waverly Glider Ready Again Rodney Walker 522m 8,3,4 Nose 31.80sec Sunset Kid Sky Toby White City
1992 Dilston Prince Amerigo Man Lyn’s Chariot Neville Allison 522m 8,3,5 1/2 Head 31.79sec Blondie Rocket Worthy Gain White City
1993 Perfect Shine Walkabout Sid Perfect Find Pat McClenaghan 522m 8,2,4 8L 31.02sec Starlight Rebel Blackwood Oscar White City
1994 Highfield Shanty Shantytown Lustre Girl Angus Evans 522m 6,9,7 Head 31.20sec Lady Pay Chauez White City
1995 Pippen Farena Star Lightning Opal Cheryl Sutton 522m 1,2,6 4L 30.95sec Stanton Force Chunky Diamond White City
1996 Bomber’s A Flyer Friendly Flyer Coral Blue Laurence Mulligan 522m 2,1,5 3-1/4L 30.79sec Rustic Tom Cap In Hand White City
1997 Brampton Park Shantytown Wee Bonnie Jillian Stamford 522m 1,3,8 2-3/4L 31.17sec Phantom Fury Market Force White City
1998 Kentish Rebel Starlight Rebel Pressure Shooter Bruce Marcostie 522m 8,3,1 5L 31.44sec Glenrea Jane Camago Lass White City
1999 Top Shiraz Black Shiraz Helena’s Fine Pat McClenaghan 522m 7,1,6 3L 31.46sec Double Delight Fine Horizon White City
2000 Elle’s Supremo Zazziam Elle Shanty Russell Watts 522m 7,8,1 1-3/4L 31.13sec Kialdu D’Or Indigo Boy White City
2001 Lucky Pitstop World Title Pitstop Fire Julie Bannon 522m 5,1,8 3/4L 31.14sec Black Caleb Feraro Mick White City
2002 Tawni Leis Bomber’s A Flyer Classic Force Ted Medhurst 522m 8,4,1 1-3/4L 31.22sec Pitstop Place Swift Speedy White City
2003 Copper Delight Elle’s Dominator Two Codes Butch Deverell 522m 1,4,8 1-1/4L 30.88sec Bin On Fire Maydena Magee White City
2004 Blackberry Moss Awesome Assassin Princess Alana Rodney Walker 522m 3,7,1 3/4L 31.23sec Vermont Special What’s Up Doc White City
2005 Dilston Diamond Exceptional Dilston Classic Neville Allison 515m 5,7,6 5-1/2L 29.89sec Dilston Jet Dilston Jewell Mowbray
2006 Cool Stefani Waterview Star Shirley’s Angel Ted Medhurst 515m 1,3,5 4-1/2L 29.88sec Grey Gaze Comic Opera Mowbray
2007 Buckle Up Tina Lilli Pilli Lad Kay Gee Bee Gary Johnson 515m 3,5,2 Head 30.00sec Devil Seven Speedy Babe Mowbray
2008 Damascus Road Carnage Tawni Leis Debbie Cannan 515m 7,2,4 2-3/4L 29.80sec Beejay’s Delight Rulla Ant Mowbray
2009 Eagle Eye Bond Copper Delight Butch Deverell 515m 8,2,3 1L 30.02sec Callamac Lad Pedro Pronto Mowbray
2010 Damek Big Daddy Cool World’s Finest Eileen Thomas 515m 2,3,8 4-1/2L 29.40sec Decembrist Kialdu Anna Mowbray
2011 I’m A Fencer Go Wild Teddy Wooreddy David Crosswell 515m 1,4,2 6-3/4L 29.78sec Strapper’s Boy Clyde’s Angel Mowbray
2012 Emerald Lee Paddy’s Flame Inbetween Days Debbie Cannan 515m 3,6,1 3L 29.67sec Jethro New Recruit Mowbray
2013 Yappin’ Jack Aston Galilee Patsy Anne Michael Stringer 515m 6,3,1 5-1/2L 29.55sec Gracie Jack O’Riley Mowbray
2014 Kalaway Ernie Knocka Norris Trina Sage Butch Deverell 515m 6,3,2 Head 30.16sec Arome Peche Mystic Falls Mowbray
2015 Demi Cali St. Pierre Wongawilli Wala Ted Medhurst 515m 8,7,4 1/2L 29.77sec Dark Vito Posh Fire Mowbray
2016 Lil’ Miss Marny Spring Gun Dennes Point Patrick Ryan 515m 7,1,3 3/4L 29.65sec Casio Lee Supreme It Seems Mowbray
2017 Stylish Nic Fabregas Stylish Abbey Tony Dawson 515m 4,7,8 6-1/4L 29.56sec Woosha Silver Drone Mowbray
2018 Just Browsing My Bro Fabio Dennes Point Gary Fahey 515m 5,8,7 2L 29.75sec Dooper Buckle Up Ellie Mowbray
2019 Major Innings Barcia Bale Flash Innings Graeme Lawson 515m 2,1,4 1L 29.74sec Flash Comet Buckle Up Noah Mowbray
2020 Wynburn Lethal Dyna Double One Wynburn Arrow Ben Englund 515m 8,4,3 2L 29.83sec Winklee Hugo Highland Wonder Mowbray
2021 Always Baroque Fernando Bale Stayers Inn Ted Medhurst 515m 1,2,8 Head 29.81sec Buckle Up Havana Quick Joey Small Mowbray
2022 Nail ‘Em Fencer Aston Dee Bee Hoity Toity Neville Allison 515m 1,5,7 3L 29.62sec Dashing Pippa Just Posh Mowbray