AGRA-GCA Honour Rolls – Victoria


The Melbourne Cup dates back to the proprietary days of Greyhound racing and was first run in 1933 up the straight 400 yards at Napier Park for the Essendon Speed Coursing club. The race was won by Footlight Flashes for trainer T.E. Denison. When the Sandown Club was established at the current site in Springvale they made the event its flagship feature held in November very year. The first Melbourne Cup staged at Sandown Park on the grass track was over 565 yards under handicap conditions and had a first prize 500 pound that was in 1956. By 1962 the race was worth £2,000. In 1964 a sand track is installed, resulting in the race distance being reduced to 555 yards. By 1971 the Melbourne Cup  had increased to $8000 to the winner. By 1978 Prizemoney had increased to $35,000 to the winner and Hollywood star Robert Stack presents trophy, he was followed the next year in 1979 by Hollywood starlet Elke Sommer presenting the trophy. The 25th Melbourne Cup was presented by Greg Norman, long serving Chairman Geoff Dawson recalls paying Norman later to become a Golfing icon “A Monkey” for the appearance. The Club also gave away a Mercedes to a lucky patron on the night. Prizemoney continued to increase and in 1990 went $40,000 to the winner. In 1991 it waso $50,000 to the winner. In 1995 Prizemoney increased to $80,000 to the winner with the race distance going to 515m following construction of a new Sandown circuit. In 1996 first prize found its way to $100,000 to the winner for the first time. It kept going up and in 2002 was $140,000 to the winner and 2004, $150,000. Closing Argument won the 50th running of the Cup in 2005.The Club announced another prizemoney increase for the 2008 cup with the winner taking home a staggering $175,000. In an extraordinary leap in prizemoney in 2012 the Cup became the undisputed richest Greyhound race on the planet when the club announced it would increase the first prize to a whopping $350,000 to the winner. With subsequent place money adjusted as well it brought the total race stake to half a million dollars. The numbers would have only been a pipe dream 10 years earlier but progress within the industry in Victoria had seen a rapid development in all areas of the sport.  In 2014 the first prize went to $420,000 and in 2019 it was worth $450,000 to the winner with the overall series topping a million dollars. The race is steeped in tradition and although trumped by the Million-dollar Chase for prizemoney in 2018. It still holds its place as the most prestige series on the Australian calendar. The race that all participants want to win.

2022 26-Nov 515m Sporstbet Melb Cup Yachi Bale 29.21 4 Mark Delbridge Allen Deed Sammy Allen
2021 26-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Koblenz 29.40 3 David Geall Fernando  Bale Up Hill Jill
2020 27-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Hard Style Rico 28.91 R 5 Luckie Karabitsakos Bella Infrared Bella Rico
2019 29-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Whiskey Riot 29.44 3 Anthony Azzopardi Fernando Bale Ready To Riot
2018 23-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup My Redeemer 29.38 1 David Geall Fernando Bale Where’s Demonica
2017 24-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Aston Dee Bee 29.36 1 Seona Thompson Barcia Bale Aston Elle
2016 18-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Ando’s Mac 29.48 5 Jason Mackay El Grand Senor Brook’s Doll
2015 20-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Dyna Double One 29.16 2 Andrea Dailly Barcia Bale Crystin Bale
2014 21-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Dyna Villa 29.36 8 Jenny Hunt Collision Roxio Bale
2013 21-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Black Magic Opal 29.37 2 Jason Thompson Magic Sprite Awesome Opal
2012 22-Nov 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Got A Moment 29.37 2 Jason Thompson Collision Splitting Hairs
2011 17-Nov 515m Dyna Tron 29.22 7 Andrea Dailly Collision Gold Rush Bale
2010 18-Nov 515m El Grand Senor 29.55 2 Carolyn Jones Where’s Pedro Elgrando Gold
2009 26-Nov 515m Lord Ducal 29.53 7 Jon Roberts Bombastic Shiraz Ducal Princess
2008 27-Nov 515m Surgeon 29.87 8 Darren McDonald Primo Uno Bella’s Angel
2007 29-Nov 515m Shanlyn Prince 29.60 6 Darren McDonald Token Prince Shanlyn Maddy
2006 30-Nov 515m Betty’s Angel 29.51 4 Paul Bartolo Brett Lee Leprechaun Yap
2005 24-Nov 515m Closing Argument 29.94 1 C TAYLOR Exceptional Maddy Shiraz
2004 25-Nov 515m Hallucinate 29.73 1 Darren McDonald Brett Lee Elusive Rebel
2003 27-Nov 515m Bombastic Shiraz 29.82 1 Darren Cairns Black Shiraz Bombastic Blonde
2002 28-Nov 515m Excite Ability 29.77 1 Len Poore Bearability Rerun
2001 29-Nov 515m Classic Capri 29.65 5 Judy Jayley World Title Classic material
2000 30-Nov 515m Go Wild Teddy 29.73 4 M BELL Head Honcho Web Of Silence
1999 25-Nov 515m Kantarn Bale 29.73 8 Graeme Bate Light Of Fire Jindara Bale
1998 26-Nov 515m Rapid Journey 29.91 6 J Curruthers Amerigo Magic Miss Courtney
1997 27-Nov 515m Roanokee 29.96 4 R GREEN New Tears Free Method
1996 28-Nov 515m Henry Hand 29.86 2 D DEAN New Tears Angel Affair
1995 30-Nov 511m City Blitz 30.06 3 P.GILES City Skopos Boss Swan
1994 24-Nov 511m Light Of Fire 30.05 3 Jason Thompson New Tears Centrefire
1993 25-Nov 511m Silver Chisel 30.25 4 J Fleming Curryhill Brute Silver Slipper
1992 26-Nov 511m Master Giant 30.30 2 Peter Akathiotis Buka Sunset Aussie Girl
1991 28-Nov 511m Fox Hunt 30.50 2 Peter Jovanovic Brother Fox Acclaim Fashion
1990 22-Nov 511m Highly Blessed 30.53 5 Doug Ferrermi Chariot Supreme I’m Blessed
1989 30-Nov 511m Fair Sentence 30.19 4 G BATE Bright Judge Alsvider
1988 24-Nov 511m Hua 30.01 7 R Symes Storm Glade Wanzel
1987 26-Nov 511m Speedy Mick 30.52 3 J Schroeders Bowetzel Monalee Strand
1986 27-Nov 511m Legendary Kid 30.62 6 Jim Coleman Subtle Sense Silvertail Girl
1985 28-Nov 513m Sydney Dingaan 30.44 3 Ned Bryant Chief Dingaan Sydney Gem
1984 29-Nov 513m Rustic Venture 30.92 1 Peter Denro Tangaloa Pretty New
1983 24-Nov 513m Lady Lilly 30.86 7 Colin Kelly Tempix Lady Grotto
1982 25-Nov 513m Kid Scandal 30.70 1 Reg Johnson Bowetzel Labarda
1981 26-Nov 513m Satan’s Shroud 30.88 7 G Bate Satan’s Legend The Evil Duchess
1980 27-Nov 513m Black Aztec 30.74 8 H Sarkis Ungwilla Lad Ebony Aztec
1979 29-Nov 513m Acclaim Star 30.50 2 W A Fletcher Arctic Tiger Clonmannon Ivy
1978 30-Nov 513m Tangaloa 30.97 1 Joe Hilli Temlee Pengala
1977 17-Nov 513m Milepost 30.94 1 Tony Collins Johnny Wood* Road Bid
1976 11-Nov 513m Carrington Jade 30.70 2 K Murphy Tivoli Chief Carrington Gal
1975 13-Nov 513m Dynamic Dean 31.32 3 Paul Hogan Pied Rebel Lady’s Crown
1974 14-Nov 513m Kwik Metal 31.02 1 Cap Abbott Gabriel Mist* Metal Joey
1973 15-Nov 513m New Mariner 31.49 1 R Jennings Black Top Cursorial
1972 16-Nov 555y Gold Grotto 30.6/16 1 Ed Tucker Venetian Court Golden Sarre
1971 18-Nov 555y Gerard The Gent 30.7/16 8 Herb Skiewa Mister Moss Cola City
1970 19-Nov 555y Chris Dandy’ 31.1/16 6 Alex Kay Takiri Platinum View
1969 20-Nov 555y Milimsimbi 30.7/16 8 Stan Cleverley Black Top Tamerine
1968 21-Nov 555y Mr Spot 30.9/16 1 T Rowland Which Silver Sweet And Lovely
1967 16-Nov 555y Swan Opal 30.9/16 7 N Ballinger Sudden Linen Swan Star
1966 17-Nov 555y Cheltenham Lass 30.10/16 7 Paul Hogan Black Top Fairbairn Queen
1965 18-Nov 555y Kinta’s Son 30.10/16 3 Bob Bowman Sungari Lady Kinta
1964 19-Nov 555y Rocket Streak 30.6/16 1 Fred Ladd Chief Zephyr Rocket Sue
1963 7-Nov 565y Saskaview 30.10/16 1 A Ludlow Sunview Byam Rose
1962 8-Nov 565y Saskagay 30.8/16 3 A Ludlow Sunview Byam Rose
1961 9-Nov 565y Bybrae 30.12/16 1 A Bate Rookie Rebel Byasta
1960 3-Nov 565y Chief Ranee 30.13/16 4 M Hammond Plunkett’s Pride Wyn Ranee
1959 5-Nov 565y Capital King 30.9/16 7 F Garbutt Rocket Jet Tinyiny
1958 4-Dec 565y Marine Jet 30.9/16 8 G Fraser Rocket Jet Martins Beauty
1957 29-Nov 565y Rookie Rebel 30.14/16 5 W Hopper Dream’s Image Lady Janellen
1956 24-Nov 565y Rocketeer 30.6/16 5 E Patterson Rocket Jet Whispering Lass


The Australian Cup was first run in 1958 at North Melbourne the M.G.R.A.’s first home then moved with the club to Olympic Park becoming the famous race it is today when promoted with flair and style by the late Ken Carr the club astute manager for many years. When Olympic closed, the club flagship event was conducted at Sandown while the club established its new home at the Meadows. It has been conducted at the new complex since it opened in 1999. Listed below is the classic honour roll of the past winners that have won this mighty race.

Date Winner Sex Sire Dam Trainer Distance Boxes Margin Time SP Second Third Track
1958 Rookie Rebel M Dream’s Image Lady Janellen W. Hooper 675y 1,2,3 4L 36.25sec 9|10F Magic Babe Idle Mate NM
1959 Rocky Ros F Dream’s Image Rockleen J. Trotman 675y 8,1,5 4L 36.50sec 4|1 Idle Mate Tryola NM
1960 Meadow Vale M Rocket Jet Good Miss P. Reid 675y 3,6,1 3L 36.50sec 12|1 Fair’s Order Town Ghost NM
1961 Copeland M Byamee Blue Cope S. Barrett 675y 3,2,5 4L 36.70sec 6|1 Dennis Direct Liberal Miss NM
1962 Take A Bow M Dasher’s Bow Dinah Jet P. Thompson 675y 3,4,2 3L 36.44sec 3|1 Top Dalla Red Drummer NM
1963 Race Not Held
1964 Old Tops M Top Linen Half A Nip F. McSweeney 560y ? ? 30.60sec ? ? ? OLP
1965 Worthing M Chief Zephyr Mee Do A. Davey 560y ? ? 29.15sec ? ? ? OLP
1966 Billy Vee M Chief Zephyr Baby Bow J. Tomblin 560y ? ? 30.60sec ? ? ? OLP
1967 Fawn Nulla M Shan’s View Bylane L. Price 560y ? ? 30.20sec ? ? ? OLP
1968 Swanston Lass F Black Top Rojean E. Turner 560y ? ? 30.14sec ? ? ? OLP
1969 Benjamin John M Take A Bow Rebel Wayne S. Cleverley 560y ? ? 30.30sec ? ? ? OLP
1970 The Smoother M Bandar Prince Smooth Rapid N. Kay 560y ? ? 30.60sec ? ? ? OLP
1971 Black Diro M Venetian Court Lena Black T. Bleazby 560y ? ? 30.60sec ? ? ? OLP
1972 Blackamoor Lad M Black Top La Brigette C. Pavli 560y ? ? 30.10sec ? ? ? OLP
1973 Half Your Luck M Worthing Mini Note E. Redpath 511m 1,2,6 1-1/2L 30.32sec 16|1 Miss Baines The Little Gent OLP
1974 Kim’s Monaro F The Smoother Monaro Flash R. Doak 511m 1,8,2 2L 30.34sec 5|2 Roo Power Peditos Champ OLP
1975 Ungwilla Lad M Benjamin John Sweet Deebana J. Coleman 511m 1,2,3 2-1/2L 30.75sec 5|1 Arkaroola Spot Monaro OLP
1976 Odious F Proper Prince Oddnik J. Coleman 511m 8,5,2 1-3/4L 30.69sec 5|4 Weekly Special Ungwilla Lad OLP
1977 Listowel Sue F Tivoli Scout Cindy Lake W. Fairlie 511m 1,6,5 5-1/2L 30.41sec 4|5 Dalyston Lord Adam OLP
1978 Count D’Argent M Miller’s Moss Princess Kerry R. Johnston 511m 2,7,1 2-1/4L 30.19sec 7|4 Dusty Progress Belabour Prince OLP
1979 Boundless M Dunmain Scholar Tamsin Cassandra K. Lew-Fatt 511m 2,6,8 1-1/2L 30.51sec 6|1 Tangaloa Rebel Maker OLP
1980 Tangaloa M Temlee Pengala J. Hili 511m 4,1,2 3-3/4L 30.12sec 33|1 Tempix Kalimna Boy OLP
1981 Pete’s Advice M Leaders Champion Wynleeshar R. McDonald 511m 2,5,4 4-1/4L 30.30sec 5|2 Monalee’s Charm Kelvin Brown OLP
1982 Royal Rumpus M Waverly Supreme Strand Miss J. Thomas 511m 2,3,1 3L 30.08sec 12|1 Spaetzel Shamrock Flight OLP
1983 Drop Of Wine F Temlee Leeander Mist J. Hellingham 511m 1,8,5 Neck 30.23sec Evens My Pal Penny Zanash OLP
1984 Tangairn M Tangaloa Del Bairn Babe D. Fitzgerald 511m 5,7,1 1-1/4L 30.22sec 10|1 Katandra King Get Behind Me OLP
1985 Eaglehawk Star M Tangaloa Country Coast J. Gilchrist 511m 5,3,7 7-1/2L 29.93sec 11|8F Storm Glade Beach Rhythm OLP
1986 Bright Judge M Ballarat Prince Tell The Truth Cesare Costa 511m 8,7,2 1-1/2L 30.37sec 2|1F Flash Shot Legendary Kid OLP
1987 Regal Post M Royal Rumpus Etta Post William Salter 511m 2,4,5 Head 29.91sec 10|1 Dundalk Star Shining Chariot OLP
1988 Golden Blessing M Tempix Like A Blessing Raymond Rounds 511m 8,1,4 4-1/4L 29.59sec 8|1 Modern Gossip High In Space OLP
1989 Ginger M Eaglehawk Star Rinaldi Lass Salvatore Condo 511m 7,1,4 6-1/4L 29.70sec 9|4 Ray Bon Miss Benito’s Boy OLP
1990 Spread Eagled M Roy Trease Strand Etzel Joseph Pearl 511m 3,4,1 1L 29.88sec 7|4 EF Bullion Broker Diamalight OLP
1991 Franklin Deano M Chariot Supreme Franklin Gold Ned Bryant 511m 4,2,3 4-3/4L 29.74sec 11|4 Star Chariot Sheedy OLP
1992 China Trip F Brother Fox La Paz Gary Ball 511m 2,3,8 Head 29.96sec 2|1F Buka Blitz Bomber Gleeson OLP
1993 China Trip F Brother Fox La Paz Gary Ball 511m 6,4,3 Head 29.71sec 5|4 True To Do Bomber Gleeson OLP
1994 Mancunian Girl F Malawi Raheen Star Peter Wardle 511m 1,2,8 3L 29.58sec $2.50 Keystone Silver Spice OLP
1995 Bonjase M Benjason Bonnie Trease Desmond Moodie 511m 6,1,3 3-1/4L 30.02sec $3.50 Kid Giant Windarra Lass OLP
Race transferred to Sandown Park due to closure of Olympic Park \ Construction of Meadows track
1996 Tenthill Doll F Malawi’s Prince Tenthill Flyer Harry Sarkis 515m 8,7,3 1/2L 29.74sec 1/2F Proper Tears Weeping Tom SAN
1997 Smooth Rumble M Ginger Follow Through Stephen Kavanagh 515m 3,1,4 3/4L 30.00sec 9/4 Firing Bear Ultimate Charm SAN
1998 Fibba F Head Honcho Maudie Stanley Ralph 515m 5,4,3 3L 30.39sec $6 Split The Bill Flash Monarch SAN
Race transferred to The Meadows (M.G.R.A.) track
1999 Mandatario M Head Honcho Mutombo Miss Graeme Jolly 518m 2,8,1 1-1/2L 30.23sec $20 Brookside Red Mono Railer MEA
2000 Arvo’s Express M Billy Binjang Bon Jaimie Tina Womann 518m 1,3,4 2-3/4L 29.92sec $10 Hotshow Vintage Labyrinth MEA
2001 Brett Lee M Gun Law Osti Sobbing Sal Darren McDonald 518m 6,1,2 7L 29.49sec $1.50F Go Wild Teddy Dutchy’s Angel MEA
2002 Isa Brown F Fortified Speed Goddess Of Fire Robert Britton 525m 3,1,5 2-1/4L 30.33sec 4.30 Silver Saul Final Conflict MEA
2003 D/H for 1st = Blackjack Tom (Graeme Bate) (No.3) & Most Awesome (Max Burdekin) (No.8) 525m 3,8,6 Dh x 4L 30.16sec 5.80 November Fury (3rd) Twain (4th) MEA
2004 Bogie Leigh F Just The Best Hypo Havoc Tony Brett 525m 5,2,4 3L 29.92sec $2.30F Monsters Inc Kilmany Assassin MEA
2005 Pure Octane M Token Prince Elusive Rebel Darren McDonald 525m 1,2,3 4-3/4L 29.70sec $2.50 Zyrtec Oxley Tiger MEA
2006 Miss Spicy F Just The Best Miss Angelique Troy Murray 525m 7,6,4 1-1/4L 30.11sec $28.80 Go Forever Trew Touch MEA
2007 Pete’s Conquest M Big Daddy Cool Glossy Peter Giles 525m 8,6,2 4L 29.77sec $6.50 Train A Journey Highlee MEA
2008 Tasman Queen F Where’s Pedro Juney Reltub Robert Britton 525m 7,2,5 Neck 29.97sec $11 El Galo Sonador MEA
2009 Velocette M Bombastic Shiraz Texan Lady Graeme Bate 525m 5,7,3 2-1/2L 29.77sec $8.20 El Galo Premier Moment MEA
2010 Dyna Lachlan M Go Wild Teddy Benden Flex Andrea Dailly 525m 1,2,4 3-1/2L 29.84sec $3.10 Galba Jack Prankster MEA
2011 St. Pierre M Surf Lorian Paris St. Germain Debbie Cannan 525m 2,7,1 2-1/2L 29.90sec $16.80 High Earner Mid Levels MEA
2012 Zara Zulu F Mogambo Zulu Zepha Rosalyn Hume 525m 1,8,6 1-1/4L 30.14sec $4.20 Gordon Bale Dyna Tron MEA
2013 Spud Regis M Bombastic Shiraz Phiona Andrea Dailly 525m 1,3,5 4.30L 29.63sec $3.00 El Brooklyn Hot Irish MEA
2014 Buckle Up Wes M Collision Everlong Bale Ted Medhurst 525m 7,2,3 1.77L 29.74sec $7.00 Keybow Dyna Nalin MEA
2015 Luca Neveelk M Talk’s Cheap It’s A Neveelk Gerald Kleeven 525m 4,3,2 0.66L 29.96sec $4.00 Quartz Bale Hostile MEA
2016 Dyna Double One M Barcia Bale Crystin Bale Andrea Dailly 525m 2,5,1 3.10L 29.76sec $2.20 Black Frenzy Diego Bale MEA
2017 Fanta Bale F David Bale Ucme Typhoon Robert Britton 525m 8,1,2 2.80L 30.01sec $8.30 Eminent Reality Aeroplane Bob MEA
2018 Hecton Bale M Fernando Bale Searle Bale Andrea Dailly 525m 8,7,6 5.40L 29.53sec $5.90 Hasten Slowly Opal Nera MEA
2019 Dyna Patty F Fernando Bale Unix Bale Andrea Dailly 525m 1,7,5 2.01L 29.58sec $3.90 Black Opium Deliver MEA
2020 Fernando’s Riot M Fernando Bale Ready To Riot Anthony Azzopardi 525m 6,5,8 0.23L 29.72sec $12.60 Hardaway Winnie Whiskey Riot MEA
2021 Tommy Shelby M Fernando Bale Serena Fly High Steve Withers 525m 4,6,2 0.06L 29.86sec $2.80 Fernando Bluey Lakeview Cruiser MEA
2022 Lala Kiwi F Aussie Infrared Lala Shim Andrea Dailly 525m 4,6,7 1.67L 29.63sec $3.80 Paddy Wants Pats Gypsy Bun MEA
2023 Fernando Mick M Fernando Bale Noaki Moth David Geall 525m 6,8,7 3.37L 29.85sec $6.40 Baby Jaycee Victa Damian MEA


Listed below are the past Top Gun winners since the race commended in 1993.

1993 TAB Topgun Spk 511m Golden Currency /
Worth Backing (DH)
1994 TAB Topgun Opk 511m New Fox (NSW) 29.98 D REID
1995 Schweppes Topgun Spk 511m Rapid Hiker 29.80 P NEWMAN
1996 Schweppes Topgun Spk 515m Wylie Boy 30.09 G ROSE
1997 International TAB Topgun Spk 515m Chicago Blue 30.00 P LOGAN
1998 TAB Topgun Spk 515m Rapid Journey (NSW) 29.85 J Currthers
1999 TAB Topgun Mea 518m Mint Magic (NSW) 29.97 R WATSON
2000 TAB Topgun Spk 515m Placard (NSW) 29.92 R KING
2001 GRV Topgun Mea 525m No Itent 30.17 J THOMPSON
2002 GRV Topgun Spk 515M Lindale Blue (WA) 29.76 C Bainbridge
2003 GRV Topgun Mea 518M Bombastic Shiraz 30.06 D CAINES
2004 GRV Topgun Spk 515m Whiskey Assassin 29.40 J THOMPSON
2005 GRV Topgun Mea 525m Black Enforcer (Qld) NT T BRETT
2006 GRV Topgun Spk 515m Jaimandy Coops 29.60 P DONOHUE
2007 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Meticulous 29.88 M BRIGANTI
2008 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Regal Thyme 29.75 G LONG
2009 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Cindeen Shelby 29.75 K GREENOUGH
2010 GRV Topgun Mea 525M El Grand Senor 29.83 C JONES
2011 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Allen Harper 29.82 G.BATE
2012 GRV Topgun Mea 525M David Bale 29.92 G.BATE
2013 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Dyna Nalin (WA) 29.89 Paul Stuart
2014 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Buckle Up Wes (TAS) 30.02 Ted Medhurst
2015 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Fernando Bale 29.57 Andrea Dailly
2016 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Dundee Osprey 29.99 Geoff Scott Smith
2017 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Up Hill Jill 29.89 David Geall
2018 GRV Topgun Mea 525M Poke The Bear 29.74 Seona Thompson
2019 GRV Topgun Mea 525m Get It Gizmo 30.08 Harry Manolitsis
2020 GRV Topgun Mea 525m Shima Shine 29.66 Andrea Dailly
2021 GRV Topgun Mea 525m Aston Rupee 29.66 Glenn Rounds
2022 GRV Topgun Mea 525m Photo Man 29.91 Gavin Clifton


2022 26-Nov Spk 715m 1 Sporestbet Bold Trease Stagger Out Lee 41.71 1 Jack Strutt My Bro Fabio Parrydise Star
2021 26-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Kenny The Brute 41.77 2 Kel Greenough Kinloch Brae She’s Scandalos
2020 27-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Manilla Knight 41.66 8 Mario Briganti Barcia Bale Angie Rocks
2019 29-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Tornado Tears 41.85 5 Rob Britton Fernando Bale Tears Siam
2018 23-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Barcali 42.01 3 Rob Britton Barcia Bale Born Ali
2017 24-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Fanta Bale 41.98 3 Rob Britton David Bale Ucme Typhoon
2016 18-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease It’s A Bird 41.89 1 Wayne Vassallo Hondo Black It’s A Blur
2015 20-Dec Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Bourbski Fever 41.92 3 Andrea Dailly Buck Fever Midnight Movie
2014 21-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Sweet It Is 41.57 3 Darren McDonald Mogambo Off Springer
2013 21-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Cheetah Zorro 42.26 3 Rob Britton Bombastic Shiraz Fallen Zorro
2012 22-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Miata 41.79 2 Paul Stuart Bombastic Shiraz Winsome Bluebird
2011 17-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Zipping Malfoy 41.79 4 Anthony Azzopardi Malfoy Or Catra
2010 18-Nov Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Carnival Cup So Seductive 41.9 1 Kel Greenough Go Wild Teddy Smiles Are Free
2009 19-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Drill ‘Em 42.08 4 David Knocker Texas Gold Geoff’s Mate
2008 27-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Fallen Zorro 42.63 8 S WHITNEY Lilli Pilli Lad Chinatown Babe
2007 29-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Cash Express 42.42 2 J BRITTON Token Prince Go Shoopa
2006 30-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Sargent Major 42.09 7 L GORMAN Stately Bird Triumphant Tears
2005 24-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Texas Gold 42.47 8 J MacKAY Flying Penske Sheza Swifty
2004 25-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Arvo’s Athena 41.97 6 G ARVANITIS Brett Lee Young Daisy
2003 27-Nov Spk 715m 2 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Proven Adonis 42.31 5 W VASSALLO Poetic Reward Proven Sapphire
2002 30-Nov Mea 725m 1 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Naughty Nita 42.83 2 P GILES Worthy Reward Ready To Rain
2001 06-Dec Spk 715m 1 Bold Trease Carnival Cup Sara Magee 42.87 A DeDONATO Ginger Magee Kellcoll
2000 04-Dec Mea 725m 1 Carnival Cup Mr Boswell 42.92 L GORMAN Ultra Desire Eden’s Return
1999 02-Dec Spk 715m 1 Carnival Cup Chain Of Lagoons 42.54 E SALLOWS Head Honcho Go Duchess


Listed below are the past winners of the Gleeson & Tonta Trophy as this Group 1 final has been known for some years. First run at Olympic Park in 1978 the staying feature had stood the test time. However, with the sale of the business in 2011 the race sponsorship changed over the next few years and is now known as the Australian Super Stayers now renamed the Fanta Bale Super Stayers.

Date Winner Sire Dam Trainer Dist Boxes Margin Time Second Third Track
1986 Bay Supreme Waverly Supreme Bay Road Queen Judith Thomas 732m 1,7,3 ? 44.04sec Stock Agent Donegal OLP
1987 Mystic Hope Bowetzel Mystic Strand Thomas Walsh 732m 3,1,6 ? 44.06sec Lucky Draw Stock Agent OLP
1988 Magic Lightning Chief Dingaan Blue Lightning Kevin Mugavin 732m 5,2,8 ? 43.77sec Bold Trease Regal Kid OLP
1989 High Flight Roy Trease Rob’s Angel Neil Dicks 732m 4,5,8 ? 44.78sec Blue Speed La Dancer OLP
1990 Pebbles’ Beach Nitrogen Remo Gold Stanley Beecroft 732m 2,4,8 ? 44.27sec Stealthy Lady La Dancer OLP
1991 Modern Express Tangairn Blue Lightning Kevin Mugavin 732m 6,8,7 ? 43.74sec Artic Style Speeding Light OLP
1992 Saltwater Sid Walkabout Sid Mystic Hope Mark O’Grady 732m 5,4,1 ? 43.67sec Village Stomper Dear Donna OLP
1993 Gold Roulette Welcome Stranger Rich Marzipan Raymond Drake 732m 1,7,4 ? 44.05sec Homer Simpson Saltwater Sid OLP
1994 Race Not Held
1995 Just Barby New Tears Little Barby Jon Roberts 732m 8,2,4 ? 43.87sec Proud Stranger White Foot OLP
Race transferred to Sandown Park due to closure of Olympic Park \ Construction of Meadows track
1996 City Blitz City Skopos Boss Swan Peter Giles 715m 3,2,7 ? 42.96sec Reeta Select Hunt SAN
1997 Nowhere To Go Gun Law Osti Bobbierae Miss Peter Giles 715m 1,4,3 ? 42.40sec Ebony Park Lass Northern Legend SAN
1998 Ringside Fire Fire Cape Pretty Pretty Philip Smith 715m 2,4,8 ? 42.38sec Red Mystique Totally Ablaze SAN
Race transferred to The Meadows (M.G.R.A.) track
1999 Moe’s Tavern World Champ Stan Our Brindy Peter Giles 725m 4,2,6 ? 43.44sec Bravest Tears Ballroom Dancer MEA
2000 Sunblest Kid Acacia Ablaze Rambling Light Peter Kelly 725m 2,3,1 ? 43.25sec John’s Fury Blanche’s Champ MEA
2001 Proven Dream Moral Standards Proven Misty Jason Thompson 725m 5,4,3 ? 43.06sec Beauhaven Escape Mr. Boswell MEA
2002 Boomeroo World Title Pali Gap Michael Edwards 725m 5,1,4 ? 43.17sec Mighty Galore Arvo’s Alarm MEA
2003 Oh Behave Big Ginger Boy Hunter Tylo Stevan Shinners 725m 1,7,2 ? 42.71sec City Of Sydney Why Complain MEA
2004 Skipper Rip Token Prince Woman’s Touch Wayne Vassallo 725m 1,5,4 ? 42.58sec Al Fresco Tears Of Jupiter MEA
2005 Malfoy Token Prince Many Tricks Christine Oldfield 725m 5,3,8 ? 42.34sec Slick Galore Endless Pit MEA
2006 Quidame Flying Penske Sheza Swifty Tony Brett 725m 1,3,4 1-1/4L 42.38sec Spalding Bentley Jane MEA
2007 Flashing Floods Bombastic Shiraz Floodfawn Gerald Cunnold 725m 4,7,3 4L 42.49sec Glenavon Helen Miss Grub MEA
2008 Just Friends Token Prince Outrageous Girl Kelvyn Greenough 725m 5,1,7 3-3/4L 42.41sec Gunnadoo Magic Buckle Up Tina MEA
2009 Lilley Criminal Hallucinate Que Dee Tee Anthony Azzopardi 725m 2,7,3 6-1/4L 42.63sec Gunnadoo Magic Sirocco Hero MEA
2010 Drill ‘Em Texas Gold Geoff’s Mate David Knocker 725m 4,1,6 3-1/2L 42.53sec Jarvis Bale Next Top Model MEA
2011 Bobby Boucheau Bombastic Shiraz Dallas Gypsy Angela Jackson 725m 6,1,2 4L 42.29sec So Seductive Allen Zander MEA
2012 Thrilling Brat Hallucinate Thrilling Faith Karen Walsh 725m 8,6,1 11-3/4L 42.34sec Adelle Bale Shimaguni MEA
2013 Destini Fireball Where’s Pedro Greys Destiny Emilio Rinaldi 725m 1,6,3 0.06L 42.73sec Irma Bale Mission Complete MEA
2014 Destini Fireball Where’s Pedro Greys Destiny Emilio Rinaldi 725m 2,6,7 1.50L 42.57sec Dyna Kayla Dyna Willow MEA
2015 Luna Jinx Velocette Hannah’s Jinx Len Ketelaar 725m 5,1,6 3.53L 42.33sec Lady Toy Space Star MEA
2016 Star Recall High Earner No Recall Jeffrey Britton 725m 5,3,1 0.34L 42.47sec Esparza Lioness Lulu MEA
2017 Trip To Eden Solve The Puzzle Key To Eden Jason Thompson 725m 3,5,8 1.50L 42.31sec Teddy Monelli Alera Bale MEA
2018 Fanta Bale David Bale Ucme Typhoon Robert Britton 725m 1,5,6 0.63L 42.63sec Quick Jagger Sharp Diamond MEA
2019 Blue Moon Rising Fernando Bale Chica Destacada John Finn 725m 7,1,3 0.93L 42.38sec Double Gee Boom Down MEA
2020 Here’s Tears Fernando Bale Tears Siam Robert Britton 725m 2,1,5 0.70L 42.31sec True Detective Just Terms MEA
2021 Stanley Road Allen Deed Piper Road Mark Gatt 725m 8,6,5 2.93L 42.15sec Sir Truculent Sunset Bourbski MEA
2022 Mepunga Ruby Fernando Bale Mepunga Rosie Jeffrey Britton 725m 4,2,7 8.83L 42.13sec Orca Sir Truculent MEA
2023 Ariarne Bale Feral Franky Dyna Zesty Daniel Gibbons 730m 2,5,4 7.10L 42.31sec Golden Quest Stagger Out Lee MEA


Held at the Meadows on Australian Cup final night it is Group 3 feature where finalists qualify on provincial tracks.

Year Dist. Race Name Winner Track Margin Time Trainer Second Third Boxes Sire Dam
2020 525m Country Championship Final Feat Amarillo Highway MEA 7.30L 30.00sec Glenn Rounds Extra Speed Aston Stealth 6,5,3 Aussie Infrared Until Tuesday
2021 525m Country Championship Final Feat Aston Rupee MEA 4.97L 29.47sec Glenn Rounds Sonny Daze Paua Of Oscar 7,6,3 Kc And All Aston Miley
2022 525m Country Championship Final G3 Love The City MEA 0.09L 30.08sec Beverley Pell Aston Merit Paddy’s Marvel 3,4,1 Fernando Bale Subconscious
2023 525m Country Championship Final G3 Stealth MEA 1.21L 29.95sec Jason Thompson Die Hard Go Undertaker 1,4,3 Bernardo Utopia


Listed below is the honour roll for the Sandown Cup. The race has been won by many of the champion stayers of the past including AGRA Hall Of Famers Lizrene and Bold Trease. Plus the great stayers of their particular era Fawn Scout, Paul’s Thunder, Corcoran, Raurimu, Boronia Blossom, Tonight’s Wish, Osti’s Joker, Bentley Babe, Arvo’s Junior, Best Quoted, Sargent Major, Mantra Lad, Bobby Boucheau and Irma Bale.

1957 Orialta, 1959 Woodford Chief, 1961 Plunkett’s Present, 1963 Briar View, 1964 Haleka Jewel, 1965 Venetian Court 1966 Fawn Scout 1967 Charlie Lee 1968 Sprite of Egypt 1969 Local Blend, 1970 Paul’s Thunder, 1971 Paul’s Thunder, 1972 Lizrene, 1973 Lizrene, 1974 Corcoran 1975 Tammy Shanta, 1976 Brindle Norma, 1977 Rani’s Copy, 1978 Kawati Boy, 1979 Miss Tema, 1980 Wynlee Wonder,  1981 Bianca Lee, 1982 Status Supreme, 1983 Lead Role, 1984 Raurimu, 1985 Tashla, 1986 Bold Trease, 1987 Bold Trease, 1988 Bold Trease, 1989 Bold Trease, 1990 Western Creole, 1991 Pixie Eyes, 1992 Village Stomper, 1993 Eliza Dylan, 1994 Top Sovereign, 1995 Keon Star, 1996 Boronia Blossom, 1997 Tonight’s Wish, 1998 Red Mystique, 1999 Smart Attitude, 2000 Osti’s Joker, 2001 Bentley Babe, 2002 Jennev, 2003 Arvo’s Junior, 2004 Proven Lethal, 2005 Best Quoted, 2006 Sargent Major, 2007 “No Race” 2008 Chinatown Lad, 2009 Mantra Lad, 2010 Next Top Model, 2011 Bobby Boucheau, 2012 Irma Bale, 2013 Irma Bale, 2014 Sweet It Is, 2015 Sweet It Is, 2016 Bells Are Ringin, 2017 Fanta Bale, 2018 Tornado Tears, 2019 Rajasthan, 2020 Bronski Beat, 2021 Zipping Rambo, 2022 Untapped, 2023 Korda.


The Hume Cup was initially called the Lord’s Mayors Cup and was first run over 675 yards at North Melbourne in 1960, it moved with the club to Olympic Park and in 1964 became the Lord Mayors Trophy and remained a sprint race until 1988. It then became a distance event until 1994 when it was discontinued. The MGRA due to the tremendous support they are given by the Hume City Council resurrected the feature in 2000 calling the race the Hume Cup. In another change to the event in 2010 it was conducted over 600 metres for the first time and that will remain the distance in the foreseeable future. The race was elevated to Group 1 status in 2012 when prizemoney went to $75,000 to the winner. Listed below are the past winners.

1960 Fair’s Orders, 1961 Rustling Breeze, 1962 Tree Lover, 1963 Diropace, 1964 Rocket Streak, 1965 Cheltenham Lass, 1966 Munich Boy,1967 Bold Charmer, 1968 Fawn Waters, 1969 Dashing Phantom, 1970 Mayo Gold, 1971 Banca, 1972 Flying Stage, 1973 Half Your Luck, 1974 Temlee, 1975 Plain Winnie, 1976 Matireka, 1977 Shelley O’Reilly, 1978 Manteca Boy, 1979 Shane’s Level, 1980 Vibrant King, 1981 Striding Ahead, 1982 Durante Lad, 1983 Castle Ridge, 1984 National Poppy, 1985 Rumpus Pappa, 1986 I’m Nugget, 1987 Swift Laser, 1988 Regal Kid, 1989 Blue Speed, 1990 Interest Only, 1991 Modern Express, 1992 Modern Express, 1993 Saltwater Sid, 2000 Mr. Boswell, 2001 Bentley Babe,2002 Tears Of Jupiter, 2003 Oh Behave, 2004 Triple Trio, 2005 Jacarrest, 2006 Sargent Major, 2007 Technoman, 2008 Fallen Zorro, 2009 Amity Bale 2010 Flash of Light, 2011 Shintaro Samurai, 2012 Jethro, 2013 Alpe D’Huez, 2014 My Bro Fabio, 2015 Secret Spell, 2016 Aston Bolero, 2017 Rockoon, 2018 Black Impala, 2019 True Detective, 2020 Last Hurrah, 2021 Knicks Bale, 2022 Aston Velvet. 


The seemingly bold move in 2001 to run the Sale Cup over the 630m journey, with a first prize of $20,000, produced an outstanding result with brilliant front running stayer, Bentley Babe, etching her name on the Cup Honour role. Again in 2003 a major track restructure unveiled a brand-new circuit on April 10th extensive work had been carried out after it closed in January. Under the guidance of track designer Brian Barrington Sale had an extreme makeover, with the new distances becoming 440, 520 and 650 metres. The track was also widened to 7 metres, with both straights being realigned. The Cup in 2010 became the richest country cup in Australia with a first prize of $50,000 and in 2011 it maintained its Group 1 status lifting the first prize to $75,000 which will be maintained in the future.

Year Dist First Breeding Trainer 2nd 3rd Time
1970 484m Radiant Quan Spotted Lightning – Quan’s Flash Neville Gieschen Cheryl Moss Quan’s Delight         N/A
1971 484m Stripper Sam Sammie Sparrow – Probex Don Hay Yinnar Lass Classy King 30.10/16
1972 484m Midnight Avon Fawn Scout – Blackall Babe John Norden Tarado Belle Danbry 29 15/16
1973 484m Rerod Haydale – Lucky Chimes Don Hay Lawsons Pride Gramax 28.83HT
1974 484m Rebel Rena Edison Record – Natrena Arthur Perrin Castle Street Intuition 29.75
1975 484m Shikar Half Your Luck –  Sinful B Richards Play For Keeps Hawaii Flash 29.37
1976 484m Dargaville Ragsie – Worthy Mandy Bob Anton Hazelwood Lass Macks Way 29.20
1977 484m Daalko Boy Clay Moss – Tarman Glen J. Hickson Cascilla’s Boy Imperial Magic 29.52
1978 484m Cascilla’s Lad Half Your Luck – Cascilla Arthur Schlipalius Shae Dylan Temlees Image 29.22
1979 484m Newmores Heart Newmore King – Anita Reward Jim Polson Reckless Runner Nancy Ann 29.23
1980 484m Bushy Prince Half Your Luck – Saucy Action Bill Hutty King Walter Celtic Saint 29.49
1981 484m Forceful Lad Cascilla’s Son – Tapio Lass Arthur Schlipalius Narracan Boy Rodella Lass 29.18
1982 484m Charcia Rockem – Betsy Clark Paddy Fitzpatrick Linda Note Delpha Lee 29.09
1983 424m Collinda Flyer Riviera Tiger – Miss Valencia Donald Cameron Clydebank Lad Linda Note 24.62
1984 424m Chariot Supreme Waverley Supreme – Mixed Blessing Kevin Richards Flying Fast Linden South 24.35rec
1985 424m Johnny Caprice Johnny’s Monaro – Minute Joy Charlie Mallia Kilmarney Lad Flying Fast 24.3
1986 424m Top Shroud Satan’s Shroud – Corio Course Thelma Broughton Diama Flying Fast 24.57
1987 424m Quick Royal Royal Rumpus – Jessie Dingaan Fred Knee Collinda Star True Vintage 24.40
1988 424m Blackman Ray Tangairn – Cha Cha David Nowland Myella’s Supreme Quick Royal 24.18
1989 424m Mr. Chatters Kid Campbell – Blue Louise Alan Evans The Earbrander Best of Blue 24.36
1990 424m Chief Magundi Regional Wave – Salamagundi Greg Martin Spearfelt Centrefire 24.53
1991 424m Malawi’s Prince Malawi – Duchess Marina Brian Barnsley Eureka Man Imagine 24.31
1992 424m Premier Pete Chariot Supreme – Wanzel Albert Critchlow Worthy Bear Killy Ale 24.33
1993 511m Linebacker Freewheeler – Clever Vixen Charles Nagle Merideth’s Dream Dallas Duo 29.85
1994 511m Jamb Kid Ginger – La Elegance Ken Virtue On The Payroll Quaroun 29.59
1995 511m Wylie Boy Kareem – Fantasy’s Halo George Rose City Blitz Initiative 29.31rec
1996 511m Wylie Boy Kareem – Fantasy’s Halo George Rose Zealous Guy Miss Boudicea 29.66
1997 511m Shannen’s Storm Iago – Cryers Gal Alan Britton Mepunga Streak Flood Gun 29.76
1998 511m Awesome Assassin Light of Fire – Tranquil Flame Jason Thompson Our Bronson Power Thriller 29.32
1999 511m Brookside Red Head Honcho – Mancunian Girl Stan Wardle Hi Yi Yippee Petes Boss 29.58
2000 511m Vino Veritas Black Shiraz – Scholar’s Choice Chris Johannsen Bach’s Maestro Coulta Bandit 29.43
2001 630m Bentley Babe Head Honcho – Malawi Blue Peter Dapiran Beauhaven Escape Magnitude 36.54
2002 630m Beljay Velvet World Title – Patsy Cline Jason Scott Jennev Boomeroo 36.25
2003 630m Draino Black Shiraz – Rita’s Image Peter Dapiran Major Payment Waiting List 36.74
2004 650m Arvo’s Junior Arvo’s Express – Arvo’s Alarm George Arvanitis Master Lightfoot Little Things 37.26
2005 650m Hercules Hotshot – Arresting Jason Thompson Mid City Mandy Rocky 37.51
2006 650m Electra Primo Uno – Natural Class Graeme Bate Turbo Uno Andy Palmer 37.55
2007 650m Miss Brook Ballistic Jet – Brandon Sky Paul Felgate Sky Hazzard Sweet Fancy .50
2008 650m Vintage Octane Pure Octane – My Girl Georgina Darren McDonald Burrawonga Brett Purple Range 37.33
2009 650m Mantra Lad Pure Octane – Al Fresco Graeme Jose Next Top Model Smokin Ichiban 36.89
2010 650m Symmetry Flying Penske – Classy Creek Robert Britton Sitka Bobby Boucheau 37.06
2011 650m Mystic Apple Hallucinate – Spiral Siyan Val Awramenko Zipping Lad Granduer 37.42
2012 650m Destini Fireball Where’s Pedro – Grey’s Destiny Norm Rinaldi Czar Bagget Bale 37.61
2013 650m Dyna Nalin Ashom Bale – Tally Bale Paul Stuart Phenomenal Dyna Willow 37.26
2014 650m Star Recall High Earner – No Recall Jeff Britton Space Star Sweet It Is 37.14
2015 650m No Donuts Fabregas – Chevy Princess Brad Canty Lithgow Panther Come On Fantasy 37.69
2016 650m Dundee Osprey Fabregas – Dundee Rose Geoff Scott-Smith Crichton Bale Aston Harvey 37.88
2017 650m Quick Jagger Dyna Nalin – Saving Bundles Chris Halse Fanta Bale Chasin’ Crackers 37.35
2018 650m Neo Cleo Cosmic Rumble – Ruby Ha Ha Wendy Neocleous Dyna Chancer Myrniong Corner 37.18
2019 650m Weblec Eagle Barcia Bale – Weblec Belle Matt Lanigan Waging War Tauwitchere 37.18
2020 650m Houdini Boy Zambora Brockie – Pechey Kelvyn Greenough Last Hurrah Bobby The Brute 36.96
2021 650m Jarick Bale Allen Deed – Houston Bale Mark Delbridge Mepunga Ruby Untapped 37.13
2022 650m Jarick Bale Allen Deed – Houston Bale Mark Delbridge Dookie Devil Yachi Bale 37.09


The Sapphire Classic was first run in 1974 as an age restricted race for dogs and bitches. The event was relaunched in 2002 as the Sapphire Crown Classic bitches only feature. Listed below is the impressive list of past winners.

Year Winner Trainer Time Year Winner Trainer Time
1974 Bristol Sue Alec Reid 31.11 1999 Ashlee Jeannine   Peter Giles 29.74
1975 Dynamic Dean Paul Hogan 30.67 2000 Dutchy’s Angel   Tom Dailly 29.74
1976 Tawny Brad Greg Durham 30.82 2001 Let It Be Neil Dicks 29.75
1977 Overflow Love Pat Haas 31.09 2002 Bye For Now Ian Dann 30.00
1978 Rubin Caine Ted Sallows 30.77 2003 Bogie Leigh Tony Brett 30.07
1979 Monica’s Mist John Hellingman 30.74 2004 Paua To Burn Steven White 29.85
1980 Worthy Weston Brian Jacobson 30.93 2005 Paua To Burn Steven White 29.82
1981 Shamrock Flight Kevin McCabe 31.06 2006 Betty’s Angel Paul Bartolo 29.85
1982 Wynlee Spirit Alan Roberts 31.17 2007 Que Sera Sera Angela Langton 29.91
1983 Rocky Pyramid Fred Ladd 30.65 2008 Queen Lauryn Tony Brett 29.79
1984 Currency Lass Ned Bryant   31.10 2009 Cindeen Shelby Kelvyn Greenough 29.72
1985 Rembrant John Hose 31.06 2010 Not Run    
1986 Sydney Dingaan Ned Bryant 30.83 2011 Amakler Girl Robert Stack 29.70
1987 Rothwell Keith Anderson 30.63 2012 Peggy May Jason Thompson 29.42
1988 Hogan Len Ketelaar 31.02 2013 Xylia Allen Graeme Bate 29.48
1989 Super Gun Eddie Baumgartner 30.81 2014 Oakvale Destiny Jeff Britton 29.92
1989* Dapto Brandi Darren Murray 30.77 2015 Lamia Bale Steven Collins 29.23
1990 Ravello Robert Britton 30.82 2016 Narralee Steven Creighton 29.47
1991 Heza Mullrook Keith Kent 30.42 2017 Maja Mahi Mahi Ashley Terry 29.67
1992 Dashing Eagle Bob Douglas 30.31 2018  Elevated  Harry Manolitsis  29.28
1993 Magnacarter Bill McNally 30.60 2019  Neo Cleo  Robert Britton 29.68 
1994 Stylish Raider Kevin Byng 30.33 2020  Black Opium  Jason Thompson  29.56
1995 Ben’s Surprise Len Ketelaar 30.34 2021  Quara Bale Andrea Dailly  29.27 
1996 Sarah’s Deano Marion Siakew 30.30 2022  Wow She’s Fast  Jackie Greenough  28.82
1997 Token Prince Michael Abbott 30.31 2023  Baby Jaycee  Bob Douglas  29.70
1998 Time Framer Philip Newman 30.12 2024      

Run as the Sandown Auction Classic, July 1989


Past winners the race after it was run for the first time in 2009 as the Dawson was won by Dyna Forte, 2010 Flash Of Light, 2011 Don Chendo, 2012 General Destini, 2013 Clone Your Own, 2014 Awesome Project, 2015 Fernando Bale, 2016 Dundee Osprey, 2017 Black Mumbo, 2018 My Redeemer, 2019 Orson Allen, 2020 Simon Told Helen, 2021 Tiggerlong Tonk, 2022 Rapaki Rocks, 2023 Amron Boy.


The Classic is one steeped in tradition, first being run in 1964. Directors of the Melbourne Greyhound Racing association saw fit to name The Classic after the greyhound “Silver Chief” who was whelped in 1936 and owned by Ray Herbert. Silver Chief was a “Waterloo Cup” winner in 1939 and performed admirably on the speed coursing circuit as well. He raced in both Melbourne and Sydney and was keenly sought after for stud duties once his racing career was finished.

The cream of racing have won this event referred to as the Derby of Greyhound Racing.

Champions such as Plunder Road, Black Diro, Satan’s Legend, Tempix, Chariot Supreme, Ginger, Light of Fire and Awesome Assassin to name a few.  Many have gone on to produce sons who have also won the Classic.

The mighty Tempix won in 1978 then produced sons who won in (81) Tempix Image and Bold Assail in 1982.

Australian super sire Chariot Supreme won the race in record time in 1983.  His progeny took out the honours in 1986 (Hopeful Supreme), 1989 (Autumn Chariot) and 1991 (Bomber Gleeson).

In recent years Light of Fire won in 1994 then produced greats such as Awesome Assassin and Kantarn Bale. Awesome Assassin went on to sire 2005 winner Ben’s Fury. Jason Thompson has a unique record training five winners of the great race.

Listed below is the star-studded Silver Chief honour roll.

1964 Barunah, 1965 Spartan Prince, 1966 Phantom’s Return, 1967 Lord Baden, 1968 Dupondy Two, 1969 Plunder Road, 1970 Black Diro, 1971 Michael Takiri, 1972 Getaway, 1973 Flash Gordon, 1974 Petillant, 1975 Nigger Chimes, 1976 Fritz Mactavish, 1977 Satan’s Legend, 1978 Tempix, 1979 San Remo, 1980 Mork The Stork, 1981 Tempix Image, 1982 Bold Assail, 1983 Chariot Supreme, 1984 Rumpus Pappa, 1985 Supreme Spot, 1986 Hopeful Supreme, 1987 Calamity Kid, 1988 Ginger, 1989 Autumn Chariot, 1990 Enfield, 1991 Bomber Gleeson, 1992 Nevik, 1993 Plugger Fever, 1994 Light Of Fire, 1995 Zealous Guy, 1996 Awesome Assassin, 1997 Hotshot, 1998 “Not Held”, 1999 Jamella Prince, 1999 Kantarn Bale, 2000 Dave’s Mentor, 2001Burali Bale, 2002 “Not Held”, 2003 Jimmy Neutron, 2004 Big Daddy Cool, 2005 Ben’s Fury, 2006 Closing Argument, 2007 Meticulous, 2008 Regal Thyme, 2009 Fedex, 2010 Enry Walt and 2011 Kilty Lad, 2012 Godsend, 2013 Renegade Chief, 2014 Ollie Bale, 2015 Above All, 2016 Midwinter, 2017 Lightning Frank, 2018 Out Of Range, 2019 Barooga Brett, 2020 Simon Told Helen, 2021 Lakeview Walter, 2022 (January) Zippy Tesla, 2022 (December) Amron Boy.


The Temlee, Zoom Top and Rookie Rebel became part of the Australian Cup Carnival in 2003 and listed are the past winners.

2003 Excite Ability, 2004 Hotline Hero, 2005 Paua To Burn, 2006 Closing Argument, 2007 Slater, 2008 Whippy’s Image, 2009 El Galo, 2010 Fedex, 2011 High Earner, 2012 Radley Bale and 2013 Cintiarna,  2014 Zelemar Fever, 2015 My Bro Fabio, 2016 Dalgetty, 2017 Lightning Frank, 2018 Striker Light, 2019 Barooga Brett, 2020 Whiskey Riot, 2021 Wow, 2022 Aston Rupee, 2023 Wow She’s Fast.


2003 Tears Of Jupiter, 2004 Irinka Barbie, 2005 Rocky, 2006 Slick Galore, 2007 Miss Grub, 2008 Miss Brook, 2009 Gunnadoo Magic, 2010 Drill ‘Em, 2011 Blue Lorian, 2012 Miata, 2013 Destini Fireball 2014 Cheetah Zorro, 2015 Space Star, 2016 No Donuts, 2017 Burn One Down, 2018 Fanta Bale, 2019 Tornado Tears, 2020 Just Terms, 2021 Houdini Boy, 2022 Gypsy Wyong, 2023 Stagger Out Lee.


2003 No Shame, 2004 Shamira Bale, 2005 Malfoy 2006 Paua To Burn, 2007 Train A Journey 2008 Jamazz, 2009 Bo Frazier, 2010 Flash Of Light and 2011 Symmetry, 2012 Lektra Jay, 2013 Proven Impala, 2014 Hawk Alone, 2015 Cosmic Wise, 2016 Dyna Double One, 2017 Fanta Bale, 2018 Dyna Dean, 2019 Deliver, 2020 Perfect Marshall, 2021 Fernando Cazz, 2022 Jarick Bale, 2023 Dookie Devil.


Date Winner Sire Dam Trainer Dist Boxes Margin Time Second Third Track
2013 Dirty Rich Cosmic Chief Flippin’ Cool Sam Bonaccurso 525m 6,8,4 1.23L 30.66sec Kaytown Lad Jersey Jack MEA
2014 Pappa Gallo Bekim Bale Bella Ebony Mario Cortese 525m 3,1,8 1.11L 30.30sec Dewana Lass Mepunga Hayley MEA
2015 Express Pace Kinloch Brae Punk Rock Lass Darren Pattinson 525m 5,6,7 9.85L 30.06sec Angie Rocks Lola’s Entity MEA
2016 Gilberto Barcia Bale Surfonic William McMahon 525m 7,4,9 0.19L 30.37sec Dewana Dimie Dewana Special MEA
2017 Oronsay Walk Hard Dirty Angel Jessica Sharp 525m 6,2,1 0.11L 30.13sec Brueghelino Angel Dash MEA
2018 Janali Barcia Bale Born Ali Robert Britton 525m 1,6,2 3.86L 30.29sec Yongning Annasay MEA
2019 Lektra Spring Spring Gun Lektra Scarlett Andrea Dailly 525m 3,8,5 0.91L 30.02sec Fancy Francene Spandau Ballet MEA
2020 Legendary Lad Collision Anastasia Kylee Osborne 525m 8,1,7 2.07L 30.14sec Twin Pick Captain Dynamite MEA
2021 Jazz Opera Fernando Bale Hightan Natalie Presutto 525m 6,2,7 0.84L 30.02sec Plan Ahead Ridge MEA
2022 Plaintiff Zambora Brockie Appointed Jason Thompson 525m 1,4,8 1.20L 30.02sec Red Reactor Harry MEA
2023 Al’s Entity Collision Zara’s Entity Paul Abela 525m 7,3,2 1.57L 30.23sec Tan And Black American Queen MEA


The Maturity Classic was first held at Olympic Park in 1970 when won by talented sprinter Phantom’s Heir first prize at that time was $1250. The prizemoney increased marginally until 1975 when it went to $3,500. In 77 it was $5,600 and jumped to $7000 in 79 before going to $10,000 from 1980 until 1987 the year the mighty New Tears won the race. First prize went to $15,000 for seven years then to $20,000 for two years and reached $30,000 in the year 2000. In 2001 it was worth $40,000 and the Classic was won by AGRA Hall Of Famer Brett Lee. It was elevated the next year to $50,000 then again last year the final went up to $75,000 and this year 2012 an increase to $100,000. Listed below is the Maturity Classic Honour roll highlighted by some of the many stars that enjoyed outstanding careers after winning the feature.

Year Date Dist. Track Race Name Group Winner Margin Time Trainer Runner-Up Box Sire Dam
1970 23.01.70 560y OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Phantom’s Heir 2L 30 5/16 J. Bushell Grand Snapper 1 Phantom’s Return Dasher’s Flight
1971 18.01.71 560y OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Linden Lad 2-1/4L 30 12/16 T. Jacobs Rodarin Boy 7 Clay Moss Ophir Gold
1972 24.01.72 560y OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Nulla’s Call 2L 30 10/16 R. Pyers Tal Fenek 8 Nulla View Bacall
1973 22.01.73 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Shan’s Tempest 5-1/2L 30.33sec R. Jeffrey Dougie’s Rose 1 Blue Shan Thunderella
1974 21.01.74 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Temlee 9L 30.45sec F. Cray Sylvan Prince 1 Tivoli Chief Temora Lee
1975 20.01.75 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Warranwood Girl 3L 30.56sec J. Hickson Spot Monaro 1 Plunder Road Caledonian Gem
1976 01.03.76 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Aaron King 3-1/4L 30.50sec N. Bryant Leeander Mist 1 Newmore King Here Comes Sue
1977 28.02.77 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Overflow Love 1/2L 31.06sec P. Haas Shelley O’Reilly 2 Overflow Eagle Sudden Love
1978 27.02.78 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Satan’s Legend 6-3/4L 30.26sec D. Gillard Precious Charm 7 Temlee Cyclone Liz
1979 05.03.78 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Marajax 5L 30.29sec A. Brearley Jeddy Royale 1 Agry Shane Maree
1980 03.03.80 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Worthy Weston 4-1/4L 30.39sec B. Jacobson Belmore Pride 6 Weston Pete Furore
1981 23.02.81 511m OLP Maturity Stake Final N/A Murchison Champ 2-1/2L 30.46sec K. Richards Fun Legend 5 Temlee Top Kewin
1982 18.01.82 511m OLP Arnott-Harpers Maturity Stake Final N/A Wynlee Spirit 1-1/4L 30.28sec A. Roberts Spaetzel 5 Dashing Disco Busy Sadie
1982 20.12.82 511m OLP Arnott-Harpers Maturity Stake Final N/A Rocky Pyramid 1-3/4L 30.44sec F. Ladd Superstar 3 Bowetzel Flinder’s Tiv
1984 30.04.84 511m OLP Arnott-Harper Maturity Stakes Classic Fnl N/A Broken Cup 1-1/2L 30.03sec L. Ketelaar Regional Wave 1 Go Cub Marungi Idol
1985 22.04.85 511m OLP Arnott-Harper Maturity Stakes Classic Fnl N/A Storm Glade 4-1/4L 29.80sec G. Bate Black Zephyr 2 Busy’s Chief Supreme Ocean
1986 21.04.86 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Classic Final N/A Pharaoh’s Mask 3L 29.92sec D. Connor Karen Jent 3 Roy Trease Forever Eaton
1987 25.05.87 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Classic Final N/A New Tears 2-1/2L 29.94sec S. Davies Blackman Ray 5 Pretty Short Starfire Lady
1988 23.05.88 511m OLP Arnott-Harper Maturity Stakes Classic Fnl N/A Hay Dinney 3/4L 29.80sec G. Bate Free Wheeler 1 Chariot Supreme Mary Baxter
1989 22.05.89 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final N/A Best Of Blue 6L 29.96sec A. Evans Hua 4 Nation Parade Blue Louise
1990 28.05.90 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final N/A Eureka Man 1-3/4L 29.82sec K. Patterson Immortal Flash 4 Pretty Fearless Pride Of Quanne
1991 27.05.91 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final N/A Enfield 2-3/4L 30.10sec S. Johannesen Blue Success 4 Pop Gun That’s Like Flash
1992 25.05.92 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final G2 Executive Class Nose 29.82sec M. Taylor Mr. Slick 1 Fremantle Echo All The Aces
1993 24.05.93 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final G2 Keystone 2-1/2L 29.98sec T. Brown Shaymark’s Man 2 Chariot Supreme Clever Sue
1994 23.05.94 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final G2 Refur 3-3/4L 30.03sec R. Halliday Terasaki 3 Black Pirate Borrossa Girl
1995 19.06.95 511m OLP Maturity Stakes Final G2 Northen Legend 2-1/4L 29.85sec G. Bate His True Value 1 New Tears Swift Laser
1996 24.06.96 515m SAN Eukanuba Maturity Stakes Final G2 Royal Honcho 5L 30.10sec G. Edwards Cattle Drive 8 Head Honcho Wee Sal
1997 26.05.97 515m SAN Eukanuba Maturity Classic Final G2 Running Gold 1-1/2L 30.33sec S. Sorbello Chicago Blue 7 Golden Mike Twiglet
1998 11.05.98 515m SAN Eukanuba Maturity Classic Final G2 Andrenalin Storm 3/4L 29.99sec N. Maurer Burton 1 Andrenalize Storm Vixen
1999 10.05.99 518m MEA Active For Life Maturity Classic Final G2 Coriole 2-1/4L 29.97sec D. Holmes My Mutley 3 Black Shiraz Idol Storm
2000 10.04.00 518m MEA Maturity Classic Final G2 Acacia Dee 1L 30.28sec P. Giles Connemara Lad 4 Acacia Ablaze Dee Bee
2001 24.03.01 518m MEA Maturity Classic Final G1 Brett Lee 3L 29.75sec D. McDonald Draco Star 8 Gun Law Osti Sobbing Sal
2002 02.03.02 525m MEA Maturity Classic Final G1 Rocka Cockatoo 3/4L 30.63sec P. Chaker Zazzy Princess 8 Just The Best Cockatoo Cabin
2003 17.05.03 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Hall’s Northern 5-3/4L 29.98sec K. Hunt Tut 2 Legs Ahoy Karalinga
2004 15.05.04 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Hallucinate 1L 30.10sec D. McDonald Regal Ricky 1 Brett Lee Elusive Rebel
2005 21.05.05 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Poetic Magic 1-3/4L 30.15sec K. Mugavin Plastered 5 Carlisle Jack Poetic Girl
2006 20.05.06 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Train A Journey 4L 30.11sec J. Galea Red Legend 4 Primo Uno Currency Tears
2007 19.05.07 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Run’s House 4-1/2L 29.80sec J. Thompson Axe Handle 1 Awesome Assassin Amy’s Sonnet
2008 19.05.08 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Paddy’s Flame 1-3/4L 30.03sec P. Giles Lochinui 6 Larkhill Jo Miss Holly
2009 23.05.09 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Aston Trivett 4-1/2L 29.89sec J. Thompson Nova Surf 2 Bond Miss Spicy
2010 31.07.10 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 El Grand Senor 2-3/4L 29.99sec C. Jones Arsonist 1 Where’s Pedro Elgrando Gold
2011 30.07.11 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Shereen Bale 1.50L 29.76sec G. Bate Stefan Bale 8 Over Flo Horizon Bale
2012 28.07.12 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Foods Maturity Classic Fnl G1 Barcia Bale 0.75L 30.03sec G. Bate Desalle Bale 3 Go Wild Teddy Princess Bale
2013 27.07.13 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Marcus Joe 1.26L 29.66sec B. Moloney Dyna Nalin 3 Velocette Mojo Glory
2014 26.07.14 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Mepunga Hayley 3.30L 29.78sec J. Britton Shoulders 8 Bekim Bale Mepunga Harmony
2015 25.07.13 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Maturity Classic Final G1 Fernando Bale 5.28L 29.50sec A. Dailly Dyna Double One 2 Kelsos Fusileer Chloe Allen
2016 30.07.16 525m MEA Hudson Pacific Corp Maturity Classic Final G1 Kilty Express 0.19L 30.18sec R. Drew Shima Song 6 Kilty Lad Bogie Jewel
2017 29.07.17 525m MEA Maturity Classic Final G1 Mepunga Blazer 1.53L 29.81sec J. Britton Paradiso Lass 6 Barcia Bale Mepunga Nicky
2018 28.07.18 525m MEA Maturity Classic Final G1 Dyna Patty 2.26L 29.73sec A. Dailly Orson Allen 1 Fernando Bale Unix Bale
2019 27.07.19 525m MEA Maturity Classic Final G1 Sennachie 4.19L 29.53sec S. Bruce White Whiskey Riot 8 Fernando Bale Rhonda Rocks
2020 25.07.20 525m MEA KCR Pet Transport Maturity Classic Fnl G1 Simon Told Helen 1.53L 29.60sec D. Burnett Hard Style Rico 3 Barcia Bale Who Told Lindylu
2021 24.07.21 525m MEA KCR Pet Transport Maturity Classic Fnl G1 Qwara Bale 0.56L 29.93sec A. Dailly Fernando Mick 3 Allen Deed Daithy Allen
2022 23.07.22 525m MEA KCR Pet Transport Maturity Classic Fnl G1 Wow She’s Fast 1.03L 29.84sec J. Greenough Dusty Bourbski 1 My Bro Fabio Fair Of Face


2021 525- Aston Rupee (29.59), 600 Collinda Patty (34.37), 725 Mepunga Ruby (42.60).


Listed below is the Bendigo Cup honour roll. The club first raced at the Eaglehawk circuit just out of Bendigo in the 50’s. The Cup was run over 400 yards, but for a few years in the 70’s saw it go over 528 metres. When the club moved to Lords Raceway in 1988 the race was conducted over the current sprint distance of 430 metres every year except 2001 when it was run over the middle distance of 545 metres. A number of top horse-shoe dogs have won the cup over the many years it has been the club’s flagship event. This year’s winner was the third on the new circuit at Lords Raceway over the popular distance of 425 metres.

1957 Cantee, 1958 Taranyka, 1959 Slippermee, 1960 Eager Flight, 1961 Sweet Mandy, 1962 Sweet Mandy,1963 Shan’s Jewel, 1964 Unknown, 1965 Chief Anama, 1966 Unknown,1967 Princess Kerry, 1968 Rebelaire, 1969 Unknown, 1970 Andrew Takiri, 1971 Melbourne View, 1972 Leicester Edie, 1973 Borough Cheer, 1974 Proper Duke, 1975 Sidanna, 1976 Sue Silin, 1977 Worooa Jack, 1978 Fabey Forbes, 1979 “Not Held”,1980 Slick O’Leary, 1981 Official, 1982 Welcome Jag, 1983 Meatworker, 1984 Bronze Wing, 1985 Newstone Flyer, 1986 Stamp Of Learod, 1987 Buka Sunset, 1988 Naphlio, 1989 Mets Man, 1990 Hard Rain, 1991 He’s Jake, 1992 Belmont, 1993 Tivoli Man, 1994 Thorgil Tex, 1995 “Not Held”,  1996 True Type, 1997 Sarah’s Deano, 1998 Lansley Bale, 1999 Tom’s Legacy, 2000 Whitten’s Legend, 2001 Renzo Bale, 2002 Hey Brother, 2003 Puzzle Prize, 2004 Brumby Lad, 2005 Smack Wallop, 2006 Dragway Flex, 2007 Airbourne Bale, 2008 El Galo, 2009 Taipan Bale, 2010 Latifi Jiam, 2011 Enry Walt and 2012 Peggy May, 2013 Ronan Izmir and 2014 Paw Licking (1) Warrior King (2), 2015 Fernando Bale, 2016 Aston Bolero, 2017 Landmark, 2018 Vanderworp, 2019 Crimson Vixen, 2020 Yozo Bale, 2021 Paua Of Buddy, 2022 Typhoon Sammy.


Listed below is the Cranbourne Cup honour roll. It contains the names of many champions of the track and many dogs that won several other higher ranked group races during their careers.

1975 Great Power, 1976 Ragmaker, 1977 Granulator, 1978 Elsie Belinda, 1979 Panther Bay, 1980 Brindle Pixie, 1981 Bianca Lee, 1982 Golden Impulse, 1983 Prince Of Eaton, 1984 National Star, 1985 National Star, 1986 Lightning Boy, 1987 Shining Chariot, 1988 Calamity Kid, 1989 National Asset, 1990 Spread Eagled, 1991 Eureka Man, 1992 China Trip, 1993 Kelvin’s Pride, 1994 Jamb Kid, 1995 World Champ Stan, 1996 Wild Season, 1997 Lansley Bale, 1998 Fiery Sal, 1999 Arvo’s Express, 2000 Marsha Brady, 2001 Hail A Harley, 2002 Isa Brown, 2003 Waterview Star, 2004 Smack Wallop, 2005 Pastrana Bale, 2006 Pororoca, 2007 Vapour Whirl, 2008 Sonador, 2009 Stoner Bale, 2010 Arvo’s Florence, 2011 Gold Heritage, 2012 Mystic Apple, 2013 Cintiarna, 2014 Banjo Boy, 2015 Avondale Porche, 2016 Above All, 2017 Crackerjack Choc, 2018 Mossimo Bale, 2019 Orson Allen, 2020 Often Imitated, 2021 Jax Bale (Feb), 2021 Koblenz (Oct).


After a major renovation in 2011 following the inclusion of Healesville as a TAB and SKY fixture the track in now a sand surface of 350 metres that can also conduct races over 300 metres. The new surface will allow the club to race all year round something it was unable to do due to weather conditions in the winter months on the grass track. With the support of the GRV all Victorian Country Cups became Group 2 events in 2011 paying $40,000 to the winner.

Year Date Dist. Track Race Name Status Winner Margin Time Trainer Runner-Up Box Sire Dam
1990 28-Apr 340m HVL McRae Honda Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Eureka Man 1/2L 19.52sec Kenneth Patterson Smart Onga 2 Pretty Fearless Pride Of Quanne
1991 20-Apr 340m HVL Healesville Cup Final Feat Manzanita 3/4L 19.02sec Donald Davidson Honeycup 8 New Tears Robbep
1992 11-Apr 340m HVL B&P Printing & Stationary HVL Cup Fnl Feat Bramp Head 19.03sec Donald Davidson Supa Dice 4 New Tears Robbep
1993 15-May 340m HVL Lion PTY LTD Healesville Cup Final Feat Arnie’s Charm 1/2L 19.28sec Paul Arnaud Quiet Zac 1 Walkabout Sid Royal Charm
1994 14-May 340m HVL Lion Australia P/L HVL Cup Final Feat Heading West 3L 18.89sec Michael Hardy Opal Man 4 Walkabout Sid Jaymar Queen
1995 13-May 340m HVL Lions Tools Healesville Cup Final Feat Vintage Oak 1L 19.89sec Peter Presutto Hazzari 7 New Tears Taffeta Bow
1996 11-May 340m HVL Lions Tools Healesville Cup Final Feat Flinders Magic 2L 18.90sec Marlene Schmidt Wylie Boy 1 Best Of Blue Brindle Bev
1997 10-May 340m HVL Lions Tools Healesville Cup Final Feat Koutafidamedes 3L 18.96sec Darren McDonald Cover Title 1 Head Honcho Sweet Law
1998 09-May 340m HVL Lion Products Healesville Cup Final Feat Koutafidamedes 2L 18.94sec Darren McDonald Prospect Walk 8 Head Honcho Sweet Law
1999 08-May 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Sprint Car 3/4L 18.92sec Geoffrey Dalton Korm Tigertooth 7 New Fox Winsomely
2000 20-May 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Imperial Gold 1L 19.21sec Terence McDonald Are Harvey 2 Credibility Slight Edge
2001 26-May 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Guru Jackson 1-1/4L 18.60sec Pauline Patterson Blues Clues 1 Malawi’s Prince Guru Lady
2002 25-May 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Smoky’s Chance 2-1/2L 18.66sec Marlene Schmidt Laurieadel 7 Head Honcho Nairobi
2003 07-Jun 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Where’s Boz 3L 18.61sec Alexander Reid Pete’s Billy 4 Awesome Assassin Marcy
2004 17-Apr 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Kid Chill 1-3/4L 18.67sec Cameron Bahen Rare Fuel 1 Hot Chill Roscoe Miss
2005 02-Apr 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat George’s Folly 1-1/2L 18.47sec Jason Elverd Raging Lee 5 Awesome Assassin Glamourette
2006 17-Apr 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Schwartzanager 4L 18.38sec Neville King Marungi Blaze 1 Boomeroo Azz For Now
2007 09-Apr 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Schwartzanager 1-1/4L 18.30sec Neville King Xrate 4 Boomeroo Azz For Now
2008 10-Mar 340m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Taipan Bale 1-1/4L 18.21sec Graeme Bate Sherlock Bob 1 Solve The Puzzle Arivada Bale
2009 07-Mar 350m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl Feat Holy Moley Head 18.51sec Florence Alister Vee Man Vane 6 Elite State Lady Sinade
2010 24-Apr 350m HVL Jim’s Test & Tag Healesville Cup Fnl G3 Gardam Prince 2L 18.56sec Darren McDonald Din’s Son 8 Black Enforcer She’s Travelling
2011 16-Oct 350m HVL Lion Quality Healesville Cup Final G2 Marbro Man 1/2L 19.27sec Simon Brown I’m A Fencer 3 Elite State Simerema Lass
2013 10-Feb 350m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl G2 El Brooklyn 1.95L 19.10sec Jason Thompson Farmor Las Vegas 1 El Galo Dark Marne
2014 09-Feb 350m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl G2 Frosty Jay Jay 0.73L 18.80sec Kelvyn Greenough Paw Licking 8 Knocka Norris Slick Hannah
2014 14-Sept 350m HVL Lion Quality Prod. Healesville Cup Fnl G2 Size Does Matter 0.22L 19.17sec Brooke Ennis El Grand Seal 6 Bekim Bale Size It Up
2015 13-Sept 350m HVL All 4 Paws And Claws HVL Cup Final G2 Allkel To Excel 1.11L 18.80sec Kelvyn Greenough Kayda Shae 7 Elite State Kingsbrae Di
2016 11-Sept 350m HVL All 4 Paws & Claws Resort HVL Cup Fnl G2 Zipping Arnold 0.76L 19.03sec Ian Cockerell Invictus Rapid 6 Don’t Knocka Him Yarramundi Flash
2017 10-Sept 350m HVL All 4 Paws And Claws HVL Cup Final G3 Zinzan Brooke 0.93L 18.89sec Brooke Ennis Aston Dee Bee 2 Knocka Norris All Fired Up
2018 09-Sept 350m HVL Healesville Cup Final G3 Kouta Mayhem 1.84L 18.90sec Jessica Sharp Zoom Out 4 Fabregas Belle’s Melody
2019 08-Sept 350m HVL SEN 1116 Healesville Cup Final G3 Myrniong And All 1.27L 19.01sec Anthony Azzopardi Friday Frothies 8 Kc And All Eastern Culture
2020 06-Sept 350m HVL TAB Healesville Cup Final G3 Zambora Lou 0.90L 18.98sec Jason Thompson Paua Of Oscar 4 Zambora Brockie Zambora Cross
2021 12-Sept 350m HVL SEN Track Healesville Cup Final G2 Ferdinand Boy 2.67L 18.88sec David Geall Tiggerlong Tonk 5 Fernando Bale Nayla Swift
2022 11-Sept 350m HVL Healesville Cup Final G2 Sacred Stance 0.20L 19.14sec Michelle Sultana Quinlan Bale 3 Beast Unleashed Adorable Lady


The National Straight Track Championship is a three-state event. The first final was held at Healesville in 2019 when it was a listed event. It was Queensland turn in 2021 and will move to Murray Bridge in South Australia next year. Queenslanders have raced at their only straight track at Capalaba since the 1930’s. The event promises to become an important race on the National calendar.

2019, Peter Galo (Healesville), 2020 Not Held due to Covid, 2021 Deck Fifty Two (Capalaba)


Listed below are the previous winners of the Horsham Cup, famous for many years when run as an Easter carnival. The race has been won by some of the best sprinters to ever grace Victorian racetracks.

1978 Temsonny, 1979 Chukka Khan, 1980 Tempix, 1981 Time Bonus, 1982 Satan’s Shroud, 1983 Virgo Rose, 1984 Propellant, 1985 Savage Touch, 1986 Aidan, 1987 Buka Sunset, 1988 Hay Dinney, 1989 Daisy Clover, 1990 Go Georgie, 1991 Rare Drop, 1992 Noble Stranger, 1993 Casino Tom, 1994 No Object, 1995 Midnight Flirt, 1996 True Type, 1997 Another Express, 1998 Lansley Bale, 1999 Legs Ahoy, 2000 Kantarn Bale 2001 Classic Capri, 2002 Timjim Bale, 2003 Monsters Inc, 2004 Brumby Lad, 2005 Foreign Legion, 2006 Marungi Blaze, 2007 Winsome History, 2008 Kendale Bale, 2009 Velocette, 2010 Our Toyman, 2011 Enry Walt, 2012 Dyna Tron, 2013 Peter Rocket, 2014 Crump, 2015 Margins, 2016 Zambora Brockie, 2017 Not Held, 2018 Jimmy Newob, 2019 Orson Allen, 2020 Tiggeralong Tonk, 2021 Shima Shine, 2022 Typhoon Sammy, 2023 Jungle Panther. 


1983 Tabu, 1984 Chief Sunmoon, 1985 Camona Kid, 1986 Noble Cavalier, 1987 High Wonder, 1988 Red Faces, 1989 Welcome Stranger, 1990 Rapid Shot, 1991 Ishkabaha, 1992 Got A Blue, 1993 Tantallon, 1994 Mighty Pirate, 1995 Road Safe, 1996 Shining Vialie, 1997 Burton, 1998 Tiger Metal, 1999 Nailed, 2000 Cash Us Up, 2001 Black Anvil, 2002 Excite Abilty 2003 Teddy Allfire, 2004 Gordon’s Larry, 2005 Serious, 2006 Rooney, 2007 El Masri Bale, 2008 Major Mission’s, 2009 Octane Show, 2010 Torah’s Gold, 2011 David Bale, 2012 Renegade Chief, 2013 Awesome Grunt, 2014 Clash Of Kings, 2015 He’s So Good, 2016 Fanta Bale, 2017 Jimmy Newob, 2018 Aston Kimetto, 2019 Mepunga Daniel, 2020 Catch A Thief, 2021 Aston Fastnet, 2022 Mr. Audacious.


510 metres 1975-1976 – 520 metres 1977 to Present.

1975 Cabvera, 1976 Granulator, 1977 Newmore’s Chance, 1978 Panther Bay, 1979 Gabit’s Pal, 1980 Beau Yakkaboo, 1981 Westona Earl, 1982 Danyo’s Miss, 1983 Proud Paul, 1984 Tachycardia 1985 The Monarch, 1986 Latin Melody, 1987 Dark Midori, 1988 Linden Midnight, 1989 Spread Eagled, 1990 Just A Rebel, 1991 Benjason, 1992 Adrenalize, 1993 Sid’s Son, 1994 Spot Five, 1995 Zealous Guy, 1996 Royal Honcho, 1997 Braemar Bale, 1998 Rating One, 1999 Gunnar Bale, 2000 Vino Veritas, 2001 Boomeroo, 2002 Hot Ruling, 2003 Dancing Habit, 2004 Knockabout Cher, 2005 Flying Virus, 2006 Big Time Max, 2007 Migrate, 2008 Velocette, 2009 Dyna Obelia, 2010 Pure Stealth, 2011 Yowyeh, 2012 Proven Nitro, 2013 Kiss Me Ketut, 2014 Secret Spell, 2015 Blazin Bomber, 2016 Bossin It, 2017 Zara’s Entity, 2018 Slingshot Hammer, 2019 Weblec Ace, 2020 Taken, 2021 Lala Kiwi.


2014 Dewana Result, 2015 Soda Lad, 2016 Bear’s Gold, 2017 Sure To Excite (May)Crook Me Kindly (Nov), 2018 Circus Oasis, 2019 Swift Current, 2020 Sonny Daze, 2021 Aston Flame, 2022 Rejuvenate.


2020 Tiggerlong Tonk, 2021 Music Event, 2022 Paddy Wants Pats, 2023 Mr. Beets.  


The Sandown Club introduced the DDC Launching Pad in 2003 and until 2009 it was a Group 3 feature. The race was elevated to Group 2 status in 2010 and 2011, but dropped back to Group 3 again in 2012. However, the club decided the race was worthy of Group 2 status again and elevated it back last year, which is where it will stay. The feature event has quickly become a most popular event with conditions suiting the young up and coming stars and it also provides excellent prizemoney for that level and class of lightly raced dogs. Listed below are the previous winners and their winning time.

2003 Bounty Lass 29.80, 2004 Legends 29.80, 2005 Traction Control 29.80, 2006 Path To Power 29.692007, Boris Reigns 29.802008 Teaman Titch 29.902009 Shiver Inside 29.80, 2010 Arsonist 29.88, 2011 Easy Peasy 29.702012 Five Paws 29.69 and 2013 Tomac Bale 29.23, 2014 Wynburn Wizard, 2015 Usain I’m Nutty 29.412016 Buck Forty 29.23, 2017 Suffragette 29.432018 Beast Unleashed 29.342019 Tauwitchere 29.41, 2020 Not Held, 2021 Kuro Kismet 29.41, 2022 Wow She’s Fast 28.93, 2023 Trooper Tears 29.61.


The New Year Cup inaugurated in 2000 and was held over 600 metres when won by Suellen Bale. The race changed to The Topcat Video Cup in 2009 as a Group 3 event over 600 metres. Run in January, the first event was snared narrowly by Coulta Sky. From 2010 onwards the race has been switched to the 725 metres trip and moved to September. Naturally, being a Group event – although it was downgraded to just a special event for the 2011 running – and worth $25,000 to the winner, the Topcat Video Cup has attracted some of the best stayers in the country.

Year Dist. Track Race Name Winner Margin Time Trainer Second Third Boxes Sire Dam
2000 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Trophy Fnl Suellen Bale 1-1/2L 34.70sec Graeme Bate Flood Law Waikikaweb 6,2,1 Acacia Blaze Merrilee Bale
2001 600m The Meadows New Years Trophy Fnl Nyad Power 1L 34.96sec Thomas Dailly Engadine Prince Rare Rhythm 4,7,6 Token Prince Amy Willow
2002 600m The Meadows Advent Security New Years Trophy Fnl Trewking 3/4L 34.69sec Tina Womann Restless Stan Isa Brown 8,5,3 Malawi’s Prince Cryer’s Girl
2003 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Trophy Fnl L Oh Behave 6L 34.43sec Stevan Shinners Kalimna Chief No Shame 3,2,5 Big Ginger Boy Hunter Tylo
2004 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Trophy Fnl L Little Things 2-3/4L 34.36sec Linda Bannan No Shame Shamira Bale 3,5,8 Lansley Bale Barclay Blues
2005 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Cup Fnl G3 Kalimna Rose 10-1/4L 34.43sec Ronald Giles Beilharz Gold Mepunga Assassin 7,3,6 Cry Havoc Billie Rose
2006 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Trophy Fnl G3 Paua To Burn 6-3/4L 34.26sec Steve Bruce White Cool Logistix Quidame 7,3,4 Awesme Assassin Alice Dooley
2007 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Trophy Fnl G3 Flashing Floods 5-1/2L 34.20sec Gerald Cunnold Cash Up Indian Larry 4,3,1 Bombastic Shiraz Floodfawn
2008 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Cup Fnl G3 Make You Happy 1-3/4L 34.38sec Paul Felgate Chevy Miss Bye Bye Bones 1,4,6 Just The Best Brittney Bale
2009 600m The Meadows Topcat Video New Years Cup Fnl G3 Coulta Sky Nose 34.64sec Robert Britton Regal Thyme Bo Frazier 5,1,6 Most Awesome Coulta Bandit
2010 600m The Meadows New Years Cup Final G3 Ultra Rumble 3-1/4L 34.68sec Darren McDonald Chloe Allen Aint Workin’ 6,7,2 Spirl Nikita Spiritual Rumble
2010 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Blue Lorian 1/2L 42.88sec Peter Whye So Seductive Forty Twenty 4,6,8 Surf Lorain Winsome Bluebird
2011 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Bling It On 7-3/4L 42.64sec John Westerlo Granduer Kinga Will 2,6,3 Where’s Pedro Miss Bling
2012 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Miata 8L 42.56sec Paul Stuart Irma Bale Double Jeopardy 1,7,4 Bombastic Shiraz Winsome Bluebird
2013 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Amity Flame 9.63L 42.45sec Anthony Flores Turkoglu Dyna Werribee 2,1,3 Paddy’s Flame Amity Rose
2014 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Shot To Bits 0.71L 42.76sec Paul Ryder Sweet It Is Xylia Allen 8,6,5 Bekim Bale Eye The Tiger
2015 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Seeking Justice 2.25L 42.61sec Maxwell Auld Lithgow Panther Esparza 3,5,8 Kinloch Brae Shanlyn Supreme
2016 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Burn One Down 9.00L 42.33sec Jason Thompson Come On Fantasy Ring The Bell 4,8,3 Buck Fever Fancy Jaffa
2017 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Fanta Bale 0.36L 42.54sec Robert Britton Burn One Down Cadalora 3,8,1 David Bale Ucme Typhoon
2018 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Tornado Tears 4.81L 42.42sec Robert Britton Barcali Rockstar Patriot 7,8,2 Fernando Bale Tears Siam
2019 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 She Will Bloom 5.14L 42.57sec Brendan Pursell Annie Lava Blue Shadows 5,3,4 Turanza Bale Kula Girl
2020 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Tornado Tears 1.10L 42.67sec Robert Britton Houdini Boy Jayville Slick 6,5,2 Fernando Bale Tears Siam
2021 725m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 Gypsy Wyong 1.59L 42.56sec Andrea Dailly Hank The Hustler Knicks Bale 2,4,8 Westmead Hawk Dyna Gypsy
2022 730m The Meadows Topcat Video Cup Final G3 First Picked 1.06L 42.74sec Tim Britton Alfie Moon Boom Lateral 2,1,3 Benali Erelda Bale


1995 Best Of Bev, 1996 Moonambel Prince, 1997 Lansley Bale, 1998 Not Run, 1999 Star Of Mine, 2000 Jennev, 2001 Hotshow Vintage, 2002 Walk Alone, 2003 Bombastic Shiraz, 2004 Hallucinate, 2005 Pure Octane, 2006 Go Go Ebo, 2007 Shanlyn Prince, 2008 Regal Thyme, 2009 Turanza Bale, 2010 Greywinds Doll, 2011 Shereen Bale, 2012 Grigorieva Bale, 2013 Farmor Las Vegas, 2014 Keybow, 2015 Dalgetty, 2016 Aston Bolero, 2017 Bewildering, 2018 Poke The Bear, 2019 Barooga Brett, 2020 Hard Style Rico, 2021 Lakeview Walter, 2022 Kelsey Bale.             


Records of past Warragul Cup winners are a bit sketchy, however we do know the first cup run under non-proprietary racing was won by Melbourne Cup winner Rocketeer and again in 1958 as a lead up race to the Melbourne Cup Marine Jet completed the double. In the 50’s Warragul was a very popular Saturday afternoon meeting that later moved to Friday night racing for many years. The race has been won by some of the sports finest sprinters and listed below is the honour roll as we currently know it.

1956 Rocketeer, 1958 Marine Jet, 1960 Flash Dasher, 1962 Coma’s Pride, 1969 Sunday Punch, 1970 White Post, 1971 Red Velore, 1972 Make The Scene, 1973 Half Your Luck, 1974 Sylvan Prince, 1975 Plain Stage, 1976 Golden Spur, 1977 Simon’s Twin, 1978 Newmore Glenn, 1979 Glen’s Elect, 1980 Tempix, 1981 Shamrock Flight, 1982 Sartorius, 1983 Salem’s Pride, 1984 Chariot Supreme, 1985 Broken Cup, 1986 Chariot Of Gods, 1987 Peppaloa, 1988 Trumbry Ace, 1989 Hua, 1990 Pure Talent, 1991 Sheedy, 1992 Brudge, 1993 Indoor Boy, 1994 Gipsy General, 1995 Bonjase, 1996 Best Of Bev, 1997 Applaud, 1998 Hotshot, 1999 Fibba, 2000 Labyrinth, 2001 Big Smig, 2002 Carlisle Jack, 2003 Knockabout Wok, 2004 Puzzle Prize,  2005 Sun Hero, 2006 Vapour Whirl, 2007 Magnificent Love, 2008 North Sea, 2009 Major Mission, 2010 Race Not Held, 2011 El Grand Senor, 2012 Stagger, 2013 Nitro Cee, 2014 Walk Hard, 2015 Ronray Spirit, 2016 To The Galo’s, 2017 Ando’s Mac, 2018 Aston Dee Bee, 2019 Dyna Hunter, 2020 La Grand Quality, 2022 Robbie Rotten, 2023 Mobile Legend.


Listed below are the past winners of the Warrnambool Cup. It is believed the Cup was conducted on the old Warrnambool track as far back as 1961 but records since 1972 show that many a top performer has won the feature event over the years.

1972 Tien Shan, 1973 Natural Power, 1974 Uba Lass, 1975 Sylvan Prince, 1976 Busy Penny, 1977 Tem Dasher, 1978 Roisheen’s Son, 1979 Imaturner, 1980 Tempix, 1981 Kuda’s Talent, 1982 So Blue, 1983 Lady Lilly, 1984 Super Mira, 1985 Kilmarney Lad, 1986 Larrikin Lewis, 1987 McWilliam Boy, 1988 High In Space, 1989 Gun Fury, 1990 Hard Rain, 1991 McGuane, 1992 Bomber Gleeson, 1993 Nova Express, 1994 Fitzroy Express, 1995 Midnight Flirt, 1996 Morrant, 1997 Another Currency, 1998 Macorna Lad, 1999 Honcho Classic, 2000 Kantarn Bale, 2001 Sweet Silkab, 2002 Kantarn Bale, 2003 Francesca Bale, 2004 Harvey Bale 2005 Sun Hero, 2006 Brilliant Lee, 2007 Axe Handle 2008 El Galo, 2009 Hanify’s Impact, 2010 Nova Surf, 2011 Arsonist, 2012 Dyna Bert, 2013 Ronan Izmir and 2014 Black Magic Opal, 2015 Ronray Spirit, 2016 Zambora Brockie, 2017 Leo’s Gift, 2018 Striker Light, 2019 Dyna Patty, 2020 Zambora Smokey, 2021 Qwara Bale, 2022 Ferdinand Boy, 2023 Kelsey Bale.


The Warrnambool Classic was first conducted by the club in 1991 with greyhound pups nominated in record numbers during early 1990. Like any event of its type the actual race is very difficult to win given the length of time involved from rearing to racing. The Honour roll contains some outstanding winners some of which have gone on to win group one features and in the case of Brett Lee inducted into the AGRA Hall Of Fame. The Classic was discontinued in 2018.

1991 Kinta’s Way, 1992 Wild Pirate, 1993 Dinney’s Host, 1994 New Locomotion, 1995 Prince Of Thiefs, 1996 Blue Volcano, 1997 Fine Carousel, 1998 Witch Honcho, 1999 At The Helm, 2000 Our Daisy, 2001 Brett Lee, 2002 Zed Three, 2003 Brumby Lad, 2004 That’s Critical, 2005 Ace Hi Rumble, 2006 Auf Wiedersehen, 2007 Deception Bay, 2008 Lynlea’s King, 2009 Bordain, 2010 Cosmic Chief, 2011 Compacto, 2012 El Brooklyn, 2013 Premier Event, 2014 Magic Diva, 2015 Nunya Tron, 2016 One For Me, 2017 Bewildering. (Discontinued)


The Ballarat Cup was first held at the old Broadway Park complex in 1960 over 496 yards. The first winner was Rebby Boy a greyhound sired by Rookie Rebel listed below is the honour Roll of past winners.

1960 Rebby Boy, 1961 Dalemee, 1962 Eerie Town, 1963 Alrarniv 1964, 1965 Unknown, 1966 Unknown, 1967 Unknown, 1968 Baytown’s Son, 1969 My Gina, 1970 1971 Fawn Metal, 1972 Master Caleb, 1973 She’s My Girl, 1974 Fawn Capri, 1975 Ben Boro 1976 Ernie Diro, 1977  “Not Held”, 1978 “Not Held”, 1979 Nelson’s Mate, 1980 Swift As Light, 1981 Johnny’s Monaro, 1982 Satan’s Shroud, 1983 Total Claim, 1984 Lady Lilly, 1985 Trisun, 1986 “Not Held”, 1987 Shining Chariot, 1988 Kepler, 1989 Hay Dinney, 1990 Welcome Stranger, 1991 Malawi’s Prince, 1992 Wild Pirate, 1993 Dallas Duo, 1994 Tivoli Man, 1995 Malawi Law, 1996 King Of Talent, 1997 Young Darren, 1998 Lansley Bale, 1999 Tom’s Legacy, 2000 Puff Daddy,  2001 Carlisle Jack, 2002 Knockabout Wok, 2003 Puzzle Prize, 2004 Whisky Assassin and 2005 Magic Trance, 2006 Witch Magic, 2007 Go Wild Jack, 2008 Vee Man Vane and 2009 Dyna Lachlan, 2010 Greta Bale, 2011 Up and Away and 2012 Maverick Tiger and 2013 Ronin Izmir, 2014 Luca Neveelk, 2015 Shared Equity, 2016 Zambora Brockie, 2017 Aston Dee Bee, 2018 Aston Kimetto, 2019 Western Envoy, 2020 Yozo Bale, 2021 Ferdinand Boy, 2022 Compliance, 2023 Kelsey Bale. 


Listed below are the many outstanding dogs that have won the Geelong Cup.

1962 Darkie Bobs, 1963 Mardec, 1964 Silver Cadet, 1965 Amasta, 1966 Billy Vee, 1967 Haydale, 1968 The Apprentice, 1969 Miram Miss, 1970 Phantom’s Heir, 1971 High Volant, 1972 Ranee’s Magic, 1973 The Little Gent, 1974 Ty Court, 1975 Zero Ranger, 1976 Tivashley 1977 Smart Roman, 1978 “Not Held”,1979 Rustic Star, 1980 Tempix, 1981 Worthy Weston, 1982 Satan’s Shroud, 1983 Diamond Tempix, 1984 Pomona’s Tigress, 1985 Dublin Flyer, 1986 Thorgil Magic, 1987 Modern Gossip, 1988 Benito’s Boy, 1989 Fair Sentence 1990 Ravello, 1991 Honourly, 1992 Golden Ridge, 1993 Golden Currency, 1994 Tantallon, 1995 Painted Wish,1996 Sobbing Sal, 1997 Power Zone, 1998 Cerin Bale, 1999 Pete’s Boss, 2000 Suellen Bale, 2001 Modern Assassin, 2002 Bear Creek, 2003 Puzzle Prize, 2004 Whisky Assassin and 2005 Brilliant Lee, 2006 Dyna Checa,2007 Cool Effort, 2008 Birthday Boy, 2009 Gripen Bale, 2010 No Race, 2011 Dyna Tron, 2012 Hurunui Hitman, 2013 Black Magic Opal, 2014 Luca Neveelk, 2015 Dalgetty 2016 Shima Song, 2017 Thirty Talks, 2018 Aston Kimetto, 2019 Hooked On Scotch, 2020 Simon Told Helen, 2021 Weblec Jet, 2022 Yozo Bale, 2023 Kelsey Bale.


Prior to being named The Great Chase the race was called The Provincial Cup and greyhounds as they do now qualified on Country tracks before racing in a final a a City venue. Listed below are the talented previous winners and the tracks they won the event on.

1989 Provincial Cup Opk 511m Daiwa
1990 Provincial Cup Opk 511m Fall Out 30.26
1991 Provincial Cup Opk 511m Brian Vince 30.50
1992 Provincial Cup Opk 511m Vindoza 30.25
1993 Provincial Cup Spk 511m Wild Tears 30.73
1994 Provincial Cup Opk 511m Digger’s Hope 30.14
1995 Provincial Cup Spk 511m Thorgil Hooper 30.43
1996 Provincial Cup Spk 515m Wild Season 30.40
1997 Provincial Cup Spk 515m Shannen’s Storm 30.06
1998 Provincial Cup Spk 515m Power Zone 30.26
1999 Provincial Cup Spk 515m Tom’s Legacy 29.97
2000 Provincial Cup Mea 518m Hot Cruise 30.14
2001 Provincial Cup Spk 511m Carlisle Jack 30.07
2002 Provincial Cup Mea 518m Tornado Alarm 30.59

2003 Brumby Lad (Bendigo 24.38), 2004 Our Barney (Warragul 23.84), 2005 Semaphore (Warrnambool 25.44) 2006 Slater (Shepparton 24.82) 2007 Wot Price Harold (Meadows 30.32) 2008 Pharoah King (Meadows 30.31), 2009 Sheoak Ian (Meadows 30.05), 2010 Up And Away (Meadows 30.17), 2011 Fully Advanced (Meadows 30.77), 2012 Boris Fields (Meadows 29.59), 2013 Living Proof, 2014 All Strung Out (Meadows 30.04), 2015 Unlawful Entry (Meadows 29.83) 2016 Promises Kept (Meadows 30.09) 2017 Despacito (Meadows 30.05), 2018 Go Commando (Meadows 30.14), 2019 Simon Told Helen (Meadows 30.01), 2020 Dr.Tucker (Meadows 30.05), 2021 Ridge (Meadows 30.01), 2022 All Spritzed Up (Meadows 29.88).


Recognized Australia wide as the pinnacle age restricted bitches classic the Laurels was first conducted by the Sandown Club in 1964 when won by Tara Princess. It is a very much sought-after Group 1 event with the winner usually acknowledged as a very valuable brood bitch as well as most carve out a successful race career. It has also been proven over the years that most of the finalists are bitches that produce when they go to stud and some have become household names after producing some of the superstars of the sport.

The Classic has found some outstanding winners over the years none the least 1965 champ Cheltenham Lass who later in her career was runner up and won a Melbourne Cup as well as runner up in an Australian Cup. Odious who went on to win an Australian Cup in 1976, Carrington Jade won a Melbourne Cup in 1976. Cavalier Queen won the Adelaide Cup in 1977. Paua To Burn won the 2005 Easter Egg and 2004/ 2005 Group 1 Sapphire Crown.   Plus two other winners are Hall of Fame superstars Winifred Bale and Sandi’s Me Mum. The race will now continue to be staged in December after a revamp of the AGRA Group Race calendar commenced in July 2010. It considered a better age time for the young bitches and it will also coincide with the running of the Silver Chief for the same aged dog pups. Listed below is the Laurels Classic Honour roll highlighted by so many stars that enjoyed outstanding careers.

1964 Tara Princess, 1965 Cheltenham Lass, 1966 Ever Present, 1967 Magic Fuel, 1968 Enapetic, 1969 Watch A Flash, 1970 La Rate, 1971 Lady Of Rome, 1972 Blackliner, 1973 Crete, 1974 Vibrant Lass, 1975 Odious, 1976 Carrington Jade, 1977 Cavalier Queen, 1978 Debbie’s Wood, 1979 Jewel Of All, 1980 Sharonlee Girl, 1981 Sarah Kuda, 1982 Winifred Bale, 1983 Wee Rua, 1984 Select Girl, 1985 Little Nola, 1986 Autumn Leaf, 1987 Playgirl Bonnie, 1988 Dancing Vixen, 1989 Sandi’s Me Mum, 1990 Witchery, 1991 Barb’s Tune, 1992 To Perfection, 1993 Suzy Also, 1994 Victorious Road, 1995 Little Promise, 1996 Hanson Kelly, 1997 Moonambel Gem, 1998 Chersam Honcho, 1999 Labyrinth, 2000 Creative Whisky, 2001 Hail A Harley, 2002 Katella Bale, 2003 Dance Portrait, 2004 Paua To Burn, 2005 Maureen Shirly, 2006 Pure Burst, 2007 Miss Hot Gossip, 2008 Hybrid Theory, 2009 Boozeroo and 2010 C’est La Vie (June) and Up And Away (December) 2011 Stetson Donna, 2012 Gunda Bale, 2013 Ritz Hattie, 2014 Lamia Bale, 2015 Fantastic Skye, 2016 Up Hill Jill, 2017 Dr. Mino, 2018 Circle Of Dreams, 2019 Oakvale Beauty, 2020 Aston Gwen, 2021 Idolize.


2021 8/7/21 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Christo Bale 34.10 2 Mark Delbridge Barcia Bale Houston Bale
2020 9/7/20 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Christo Bale 33.86 3 Mark Delbridge Barcia Bale Houston Bale
2019 11/7/19 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Often Imitated 33.92 6 Jackie Greenough KC And All Sweet It Is
2018 12/7/18 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Out Of Range 34.23 5 Seona Thompson Fernando Bale Nicki Fields
2017 13/7/17 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Shima Song 34.33 1 Andrea Dailly Dyna Tron Shimaguni
2016 14-Jul 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Bruce Tycoon 34.10 2 R Britton Cosmic Rumble New Year’s Punch
2015 09-Jul 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Lady Toy 34.05 2 B ENNIS Our Toyman Railway Shiraz
2014 10-Jul 595m 2 McKenna Memorial Xylia Allen 34.11 1 J HUNT Turanza Bale Tayah Bale
2013 11-Jul 595m 2 John McKenna Memorial Proven Impala 34.36 5 J BORG Velocette Thanks Blue
2012 12-Jul 595m 2 John McKenna Memorial Irma Bale 34.99 3 G BATE Bartrim Bale Amelia Bale
2011 14-Jul 595m 2 John McKenna Memorial Strong Intention 34.27 5 J ENNIS Brett Lee So Busy
2010 15-Jul 595m 2 John McKenna Memorial Flash Of Light 34.24 2 M DELBRIDGE Premier Fantasy Trendy La Maze
2009 25-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Mantra Lad 41.91 5 G JOSE Pure Octane Al Fresco
2008 26-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Fallen Zorro 42.06 4 S WHITNEY Lilli Pilli Lad Chinatown Babe
2007 28-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Miss Grub 42.47 8 K GREENOUGH Solve The Puzzle Arenia Miss
2006 29-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Token Arrow 42.60 5 L MORSHEAD Token Prince Yarrowmay
2005 30-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Malfoy 42.31 3 C OLDFIELD Token Prince Many Tricks
2004 24-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Arvo’s Athena 42.08 1 G ARVANITIS Brett Lee Young Daisy
2003 26-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Arvo’s Junior 42.21 6 G ARVANITIS Arvo’s Express Arvo’s Alarm
2002 27-Jun 715m 2 John McKenna Memorial Boomeroo 42.50 M EDWARDS World Title Pali Gap
2001 30-Jun 715m 3 John McKenna Memorial Pearl Larricki 42.46 L ROSS Token Prince Tell Hannah
2000 22-Jun 715m 3 John McKenna Memorial Osti’s Joker 42.60 S BARKER Gallant Ruler Versatile Osti
1999 24-Jun 715m 3 John McKenna Memorial Kobble Creek 42.52 P GILES Gun Law Osti Trojan Tears
1998 25-Jun 715m 3 John McKenna Memorial Totally Ablaze 42.73 R NODZIO Acacia Ablaze La Dancer
1997 26-Jun 715m 3 John McKenna Memorial Sam’s Idol 42.98 L MORSHEAD Osti’s Idol Fast Dolomite
1996 27-Jun 715m 3 John McKenna Memorial Wiljaver 43.21 W VERDOORN City Skopos Eaglehawk Midge
1995 29-Jun 716m L John McKenna Memorial Keon Star 43.39 R CRISAFI Amerigo Man Starlite Spirit
1994 30-Jun 716m L John McKenna Memorial Minyama 44.05 J HILI Club Edition Dancing Gem
1993 716m John McKenna Memorial Havadip 43.71 Pop Gun Sharon Margaret
1992 716m John McKenna Memorial Pace Galore 43.76 Buka Sunset Swanky Galore
1991 716m John McKenna Memorial Pleasure 44.04 Pharaoh’s Mask Wild Hope
1990 716m John McKenna Memorial National Honour 44.19 National Star Be A Dream
1989 716m John McKenna Memorial Rules 43.68 National Star Tyreen Band
1988 716m John McKenna Memorial Lady Paragon 43.76 Roy Trease Paragonina
1987 716m John McKenna Memorial High Intensity 44.39 Tangairn Club Stroller
1986 718m John McKenna Memorial Plunderer 44.39 Chief Dingaan Ima Card
1985 718m John McKenna Memorial Doris Lee 43.84 Shamrock Point* Tennille Lee
1984 718m John McKenna Memorial Sheila’s Teresa 43.54 Dashing Disco Kathleen Amour
1983 718m John McKenna Memorial Quick Pulse 44.13 Temlee No Pashran
1982 718m John McKenna Memorial Supplier 44.31 Darville’s Flyer Noble Belvet
1981 718m John McKenna Memorial Leader’s Jester 44.01 Leader’s Champion Tudor Jester
1980 718m John McKenna Memorial Tarmoor Eagle 43.83 Overflow Eagle Bobby’s Pride
1979 718m John McKenna Memorial Precious Charm Rusty Charm Belabour
1978 718m John McKenna Memorial Irish Temptress Benjamin John Court Rossie
1977 718m John McKenna Memorial Miss O’Dare 44.46
1976 718m John McKenna Memorial Bolta’s Gift 43.55
1975 718m John McKenna Memorial La Sierra 43.85 Mister Moss Mayo Gold
1974 718m John McKenna Memorial Audiro Black Diro Audit Lass
1973 718m John McKenna Memorial Lizrene
1972 785y John McKenna Memorial Binica Venetian Court Sunny Manda
1971 785y John McKenna Memorial Saki Dasher B PRATT


2022 26-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Dookie Devil 33.89 3 Glen Dainton Fernando Bale Nicky Neo
2021 26-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Graclyn Bale 34.08 5 Mark Delbridge Allen Deed Houston Bale
2020 27-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Weblec Ace 33.88 1 Jeff Britton
2019 29-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Kessler Bale 34.35 5 Andrea Dailly
2018 23-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Juniper Pearl 34.36 7 Brett Mackie My Bro Fabio Sorcha
2017 24-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Shadale 34.07 2 Jim Redenbach Barcia Bale Budgie Lass
2016 09-Dec 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Star Torana 34.51 6 S EVANS Collision Redskin
2015 10-Dec 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Lithgow Panther 33.90 1 R BRITTON Milldean Panther Mrs Trcikett
2014 11-Dec 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Lamia Bale 34.08 2 S COLLINS High Earner Maple Bale
2013 07-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Dashing Man 34.20 4 B ENNIS Dashing Corsair Razolin Bond
2012 08-Nov 595m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Shelly Shelby 34.29 6 J ENNIS Brett Lee So Busy
2011 20-Oct 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Bling It On 42.00 3 J WESTERLO Where’s Pedro Miss Bling
2010 28-Oct 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial So Seductive 42.20 5 K GREENOUGH Go Wild Teddy Smiles Are Free
2009 15-Oct 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Amity Bale 42.24 1 G BATE Sonic Flight Evonne Bale
2008 16-Oct 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Fallen Zorro 42.68 3 S WHITNEY Lilli Pilli Lad Chinatown Babe
2007 18-Oct 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Kulu Magic 42.51 5 R BRITTON Token Prince Spilt Ink
2006 19-Oct 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Miss Brook 42.35 3 P FELGATE Ballistic Jet Brandon Sky
2005 22-Sep 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Texas Gold 42.13 8 J MACKAY Flying Penske Sheza Swifty
2004 23-Sep 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Arvo’s Athena 42.34 1 G ARVANITIS Brett Lee Young Daisy
2003 25-Sep 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Arvo’s Junior 42.50 3 G ARVANITIS Arvo’s Express Arvo’s Alarm
2002 26-Sep 715m 2 Sir John Dillon Memorial Westend Prince 42.26 6 P GILES Malawi’s Prince Louisiana Lass
2001 20-Sep 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Bentley Babe 42.27 P DAPIRAN Head Honcho Malawi Blue
2000 21-Sep 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Osti’s Joker 42.25 S BARKER Gallant Ruler Versatile Osti
1999 16-Sep 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Paparazzi 42.79 R NODZIO Acacia Ablaze La Dancer
1998 17-Sep 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial John Beam 42.58 2 T ASTBURY Denver Lyns Bourbon
1997 18-Sep 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Red Mystique 42.45 1 F KOSOWSKI Warren’s Flyer Mystery Pearl
1996 25-Jul 715m 3 Sir John Dillon Memorial Shirlabella 42.92 6 B DAVIES Shining Chariot Shirleen
1995 27-Jul 716m L Sir John Dillon Memorial Joint Mission 43.66 L GREEN Walkabout Sid Bev’s Mission
1994 21-Jul 716m L Sir John Dillon Memorial Hypa Din 44.22 A BRITTON Hay Dinney Calcutta Kid
1993 716m Sir John Dillon Memorial Rich Return 43.99 1 Hay Dinney Hoppy’s Girl
1992 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy Hanson Blaze 43.86 Buka Sunset Treb Lass
1991 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy Modern Express 43.42 Tangairn Blue Lightening
1990 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy La Dancer 43.79
1989 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy Rules 44.04
1988 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy Blazing Bub 43.96 Tangaloa Leader’s Blaze
1987 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy Bold Trease 43.63 Roy Trease Irish Temptress
1986 716m Sir John Dillon Tphy Pharaoh’s Mask 43.86 Roy Trease Forever Eaton
1985 718m Sir John Dillon Tphy Caddie’s Champ 43.87 Leader Champion* Pennie’s Galore
1984 718m Sir John Dillon Tphy Sheila’s Teresa 43.61
1983 718m Sir John Dillon Tphy Madam Cecie 44.71 Temlee Precious Charm
1982 718m Sir John Dillon Tphy Supplier 43.99 Darville’s Flyer Noble Velvet
1981 718m Sir John Dillon Tphy Lone Voice 44.11 Overflow Eagle Marungi Idol
1980 513m J.V.Dillon Tphy Blue Brew 30.60 Tivoli Chief Lirta Lass
1979 513m J.V.Dillon Tphy Traduce 31.37 Fawn Roamer Tudor Jester
1978 513m J.V.Dillon Tphy Darville’s Flyer 30.24 Dynamic Dean Darville Lee


2022 12-Nov 515m 3 Shootout Wow She’s Fast 29.28 3 Jackie Greenough My Bro Fabio Fair Of Face
 2021 11-Nov 515m 3 Shootout Aston Rupee 29.10 3 Glenn Rounds KC And All Aston Miley
 2020  12-Nov 515m 3 Shootout Tiggerlong Tonk 29.03 5 Correy Grenfell Dyna Double One Tiggerlong Dot
2019 14-Nov 515m 3 Shootout Hooked On Scotch 29.16 3 Jason Thompson Barcia Bale Nicki Fields
2018 08-Nov 515m 3 Shootout Orson Allen 29.19 3 Correy Grenfell KC And All Desalle Bale
2018 01-Jan 515m 3 Shootout Aston Dee Bee 29.18 3 Seona Thompson Barcia Bale Aston Elle
2016 04-Nov 515m 2 Sandown Shootout Zambora Brockie 29.17 5 Anthony Azzopardi Nitro Burst Flying Liddy
2015 06-Nov 515m 2 Sandown Shootout Kayda Shae 29.32 5 Kelly Bravo Kilty Lad Cosmic Aphrodite
2014 06-Nov 515m 2 Sandown Shootout Iva Vision 29.26 3 Peter Young Ivan Brown Visuliation
2013 07-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Xylia Allen 29.07 5 Jenny Hunt Turanza Bale Tayah Bale
2012 08-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Proven Nitro 29.14 3 Jason Thompson Nitro Burst Proven Cobalt
2011 03-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Bekim Bale 29.13 5 Andrea Dailly Batrim Bale Amelia Bale
2010 04-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Cosmic Chief 29.33 5 Darren Brown Brett Lee Cosmic Goddess
2009 12-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Velocette 29.66 1 Graeme Bate Bombastic Shiraz Texan Lady
2008 13-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Mantra Lad 29.86 7 Graeme Jose Pure Burst Al Fresco
2007 15-Nov 515m 2 Sandown Shootout Cool Effort 29.71 1 Darren McDonald Big Daddy Cool Token Effort
2006 16-Nov 515m 2 Sandown Shootout Jaimandy Coops 29.63 1 Paul Donohue Awesome Assassin Speedy Chaos
2005 10-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Bond 29.38 7 Darren McDonald Brett Lee Thai Magic
2004 11-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Whisky Assassin 29.69 7 Jason Thompson Awesome Assassin Princess Whisky
2003 13-Nov 515m 3 Sandown Shootout Bombastic Shiraz 30.17 5 Darren Cairns Black Shiraz Bombastic Blonde
2002 14-Nov 515m SE Sandown Shootout Silver Saul 29.9 3 Angela Modra Oak Raider Sudden Magic
2001 15-Nov 515m SE Sandown Shootout Junior Whisky 30 1 Judy Hayley Golden Currency Whisky’s Jewel
2000 16-Nov 515m SE Sandown Shootout Go Wild Teddy 29.83 5 Michael Bell Head Honcho Web Of Silence
1999 04-Nov 515m SE Sandown Shootout Great Wish 29.74 5 George Kantzidis Billy Binjang New Wish
1998 03-Dec 515m SE BMDI Shootout Reggemite 29.74 5 Allan Britton Real Blast Benny’s Delight


The Fireball was first conducted in 2017 and 2018 as a listed event becoming a Group 3 in 2019. The feature is named after champion all distance star Destini Fireball. He had a wonderful record at the Meadows where he won 12 races over 600 and  725. They including four Group 1’s The Superstayers twice in 2013 and 2014, the 2013 Zoom Top and he also won a Group 2 AWM Distance Championship. During his 65 start carreer he won 25 races and was placed 18 times for $631,195 in prizemoney 19th on the all time list currently. Destini Firball also won a Group 1 Sale Cup and run third in a Cranbourne Cup. He won over all distances at Sandown Park as well as winning at Albion Park and Wentworth Park. In one purple patch of form he won seven races straight at the Meadows from January to March 2013. The White and Black dog whelped March 2010 was by Where’s Pedro from American dam Grey’s Destiny. He was raced by the Riverwalk Syndicate and trained by popular Lethridge mentor Norm Rinaldi.

Year Date Dist. Track Race Name Status Winner Margin Time Trainer Runner-Up Box Sire Dam
1967 ? 800y OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Magic Zephyr ? ? ? ? ? Chief Zephyr Magic Dash
1968 ? 800y OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Carbon Lass ? ? ? ? ? Black Top Ebony Babe
1969 ? 800y OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Zoom Top ? ? ? ? ? Black Top Busy Beaver
1970 ? 800y OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Tev’s Button ? ? ? ? ? Chief Anama Trev’s Drean
1971 ? 800y OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Paul’s Thunder ? ? ? ? ? Clay Moss My Mercedes
1972 ? 800y OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Lizrene ? ? ? ? ? Prince Kua Joanne Lu
1973 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Thurmiss ? ? ? ? ? Worthing Thurmak
1974 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Alveray ? ? ? ? ? Plunder Road Hepburn
1975 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A La Sierra ? ? ? ? ? Mister Moss Mayo Gold
1976 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Chevron Lass ? ? ? ? ? Ragsie Haybit
1977 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Oakwood Moss ? ? ? ? ? Melody Moss Thelzana
1978 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Lindsay’s Pick ? ? ? ? ? Benjamin John Dark Kelly
1979 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Mixed Blessings ? ? ? ? ? Benjamin John Miss Franjon
1980 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1981 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1982 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1983 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1984 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Sheila’s Teresa ? ? ? ? ? Dashing Disco Kathleen Amour
1985 ? 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist C’Ship Final N/A Suzanne Gwenda ? ? ? ? ? Stoney Gwenda Maree
1986 10.02.86 732m OLP Toyota Trophy Final N/A Linton’s Ace 4L 44.30sec ? Tempix Sue 8 Shamrock Point Linton’s Luck
1987 09.02.87 732m OLP Toyota Cup Final N/A Golden Ambition 2L 43.42sec ? Bold Trease 3 Golden Hazden Gallant Triumph
1988 15.02.88 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist Title Final N/A Strolling Benja 1/2L 43.80sec ? Summer Jade 2 Busy’s Chief Tivoli Stroller
1989 13.02.89 732m OLP Olympic Park Dist Title Final N/A Julep 6L 43.61sec ? Billy Dean 5 Red Flag Leader’s Pledge
1990 05.02.90 732m OLP Diamond Distance Title Final N/A Malmar Magic 1-1/4L 44.11sec ? Kari’s Luck 3 Eaglehawk Star Impetuous
1991 04.02.91 732m OLP Diamond Distance Title Final N/A Witchery 1-1/2L 43.97sec Ross Miller Magic Stroller 4 Pop Gun Quasna
1992 03.02.92 732m OLP Diamond Distance Title Final N/A Modern Express 9-1/4L 43.66sec Kevin Mugavin Flash Maggie 6 Tangairn Blue Lightning
1993 26.04.93 732m OLP Diamond Distance Title Final N/A Brijon Bell 1-3/4L 44.06sec Brian Alton Solar Gossip 1 Walkabout Sid Brijon Lass
1994 25.04.94 732m OLP ANZ Distance Title Final N/A Athjoy 2L 44.05sec Joe Hili Gold Roulette 8 Malawi Inver May
1995 24.04.95 732m OLP ANZ Distance Title Final N/A Johnny Glenoban 6L 43.90sec Douglas Weeding Sheena Lass 5 Eureka Man La Pursue
1996 11.11.96 715m SAN AWM Distance Title Final N/A Happy Reuben 1L 42.84sec Wayne Armistead Northern Legend 5 Iago Proven Valvet
1997 28.07.97 715m SAN AWM Distance Title Final N/A Ringside Fire 3L 42.46sec Philip Smith Phantom Rock 7 Fire Cape Pretty Pretty
1999 02.08.99 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final N/A Long Shadow 1L 43.01sec Peter Giles Sabryn Bale 6 Gun Law Osti Trojan Tears
2000 20.11.00 725m MEA AWM Electrical Elite Eight N/A Jedi Lightsabre 1-3/4L 42.76sec Dominic Crisafi Bentley Babe 8 Zealous Guy Bindari Babe
2001 21.07.01 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Hotshow Vintage 3/4L 42.89sec Jason Thompson Ima Duke 1 Black Shiraz Hot Show Deb
2002 03.08.02 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Westend Prince 1/2L 43.31sec Peter Giles Why Complain 4 Malawi’s Prince Louisiana Lass
2003 02.08.03 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Arvo’s Junior 4-3/4L 42.98sec George Arvanitis Waiting List 7 Arvo’s Express Arvo’s Alarm
2004 31.07.04 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Classy Customer 1-1/2L 42.67sec Jason Mackay Doug 5 Token Prince Classy Cara
2005 30.07.05 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Zarbo 1/2L 42.75sec Darren McDonald Malfoy 3 Bright Ebony Gold Serenade
2006 29.07,06 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Mid City Mandy 1/4L 42.66sec Lauren Gorman Rocky 5 Awesome Assassin Ashlee Jeannine
2007 28.07.07 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G2 Sky Hazzard 1/4L 42.86sec Donald Hazzard Cash In Transit 5 Bombastic Shiraz Blue Sky Hazzard
2008 26.07.08 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G2 Sky Hazzard 1L 42.87sec Donald Hazzard Fallen Zorro 2 Bombastic Shiraz Blue Sky Hazzard
2009 25.07.09 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G2 Amity Bale 7-1/4L 42.56sec Graeme Bate Beware 4 Sonic Flight Evonne Bale
2010 31.07.10 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G2 Blue Lorian 2-1/4L 42.86sec Peter Whye Reign Over Me 7 Surf Lorian Winsome Bluebird
2011 30.07.11 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 Shimaguni 3L 42.57sec Robert Redenbach Echelon 4 Primo Uno Messines
2012 28.07.12 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G3 He Knows Uno 1-1/2L 42.75sec Michael Patterson Fyna Bale 5 Primo Uno Honeymoon’s Over
2013 27.07.13 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G2 Destini Fireball 1.06L 42.71sec Emilio Rinaldi Proven Impala 5 Where’s Pedro Greys Destiny
2014 26.07.14 725m MEA AWM Distance C’Ship Final G2 Mepunga Tiara 1.00L 42.66sec Jeffrey Britton Dyna Willow 6 Premier Fantasy Mepunga Opal
2015 25.07.15 725m MEA Destini Fireball Stayers Final L Zipping Maggie 0.76L 43.02sec Peter Dapiran Lady Toy 3 Turanza Bale Natalie Rass
2016 30.07.16 725m MEA Destini Fireball Stayers Final L Ring The Bell 0.33L 42.88sec Gerard O’Keeffe Burn One Down 6 Kinloch Brae Absolute Stunna
2017 29.07.17 725m MEA Destini Fireball Stayers Final L Burn One Down 6.00L 42.59sec Seona Thompson Mick’s Angel 5 Buck Fever Fancy Jaffa
2018 21.07.18 725m MEA Destini Fireball Stayers Final L Tornado Tears 9.40L 42.02sec Robert Britton Billy’s Bake 4 Fernando Bale Tears Siam
2019 27.07.19 725m MEA The Fireball Final L Tornado Tears 8.13L 42.20sec Robert Britton Annie Lava 8 Fernando Bale Tears Siam
2020 25.07.20 725m MEA The Fireball Final G3 True Detective 2.50L 42.70sec Jeffrey Britton Sunset Bourbski 2 Black Magic Opal Little Grey
2021 24.07.21 725m MEA The Fireball Final G3 Hank The Hustler 3.63L 43.01sec Jeffrey Britton Star Blazer 1 Fernando Bale Oakvale Destiny
2022 23.07.22 730m MEA KCR Pet Transport Fireball Fnl G3 Drako Bale 2.86L 43.07sec Andrea Dailly Jarick Bale 6 Dyna Villa Fanta Bale


Elevated to Group 2 status in 2007 the race then dropped back to Group 3 in 2011 and 2012 but then was elevated back to Group 2 2013. The AWM Distance Championship has had plenty of different names. First run in 1967 when won by Magic Zephyr the race was staged over the 800 yard at Olympic Park and was known as the Olympic Park Distance Championship. In those early years the race was won by some outstanding stayers including AGRA Hall of famers Zoom Top (1969) Lizrene (1972). It remained the Olympic Park Distance Championship until 1988 apart from 1978 when it was called the Victorian Distance Title and in 1986 it was called the Toyota Trophy and 1987 Toyota Cup. In 1989 the race was called the Olympic Park Distance Title before becoming the Diamond Distance Title from 1990 to 1993 and the ANZ Distance Title 1994-95. From 2017 the race is now a Group 3 and called the Fireball. The race first became the AWM Distance Title in 1996 when the M.G.R.A. was racing at Sandown and the company has continued the race sponsorship through to the Meadows. Listed below are the previous winners.

1967 Magic Zephyr, 1968 Carbon Lass, 1969 Zoom Top, 1970 Trev’s Button, 1971 Paul’s Thunder, 1972 Lizrene,1973 Thurmiss,1974 Alveray,1975 La Sierra, 1976  Chevron Lass, 1977 Oakwood Moss, 1978 Lindsay’s Pick, 1979 Mixed Blessings,1980-1984 Not RunSheila’s Teresa 1985, Suzanne Gwenda, 1986  Linton’s Ace, 1987 Golden Ambition, 1988 Strolling Benja, 1989 Julep, 1990  Malmar Magic, 1991 Witchery, 1992 Modern Express, 1993 Brijon Belle, 1994 Athjoy, 1995 Johnny Glenoban,1996 Happy Reuben, 1997 Ringside Fire, 1999 Long Shadow, 2000 Jedi Lightsabre, 2001 Hotshow Vintage, 2002 Westend Prince, 2003 Arvo’s Junior, 2004 Classy Customer, 2005 Zarbo and 2006 Mid City Mandy, 2007 Sky Hazzard, 2008 Sky Hazzard, 2009 Amity Bale, 2010 Blue Lorian, 2011 Shimaguni 2012 He Knows Uno, 2013 Destini Fireball, 2014 Mepunga Tiara 2015-2016 (Not Held) (Discontinued and run as the The Fireball).  


The Shepparton Cup has always been a well sought after country cup and a one time a very important lead up race for the Melbourne Cup. It has been won by some brilliant greyhounds over the years none better than Hall of Famer and local superstar Highly Blessed. Other Melbourne Cup winners included Master Giant and Kantarn Bale. While like Highly Blessed, Bahama Image went on to win an Easter Egg. The race was run over 440 metres at the old Shepparton Showgrounds until its closure in 2004.

1973 Garner Bin, 1974 Morning Glow, 1975 Tivashley, 1976 Marungi Boy, 1977 Near History, 1978 Relle Louise, 1979 Mannerism, 1980 Proven Bold, 1981 First Question, 1982 Golden Impulse, 1983 Blue Echo, 1984 Blitzem Bill, 1985 Thorgil Magic, 1986 Thorgil Magic, 1987 Nan’s Pal, 1988 Fantasy Boy, 1989 Pure Talent, 1990 Highly Blessed, 1991 Bomber Gleeson, 1992 Master Giant, 1993 Head Honcho, 1994 Thorgil Tex, 1995 Hanson Diamond, 1996 Bahama Image, 1997 World Title, 1998 Ashigga, 1999 Star Of Mine, 2000 Kantarn Bale, 2001 Salong Bale, 2002 Knockabout Wok, 2003 Puzzle Prize, 2004 Whisky Assassin, 2005 not run, 2006 Slater, 2007 Overflow Breaker, 2008 Hanify’s Impact, 2009 Gardam Prince, 2010 Din’s Son, 2011 El Grand Senor, 2012 Blackall’s Boss and 2013 Paw Licking, (2014 Not Held)2015 Azza Azza Azza 2016 (February) Gotta Get Back (September) Aston Bolero, 2017 Zinzan Brooke, 2018 Peter Galo, 2019 Not Held, 2020 Hard Style Rico, 2021 Ferdinand Boy, 2022 Substantial, 2023 Lektra Heckler.


Previous Winners of the Top Gun stayers. Group 2 2015 – 2017. Group 1 2018 onwards. 

2015 Sweet It is 42.55, 2016 Burn One Down 42.27, 2017 Bogie Bekim 42.61, 2018 Champagne Sally 42.36, 2019 Blue Moon Rising 42.74, 2020 Tornado Tears 42.59, 2021 Gypsy Wyong 42.75, 2022 Moraine Suzie.                


The Traralgon Cup was first known as the Latrobe Valley Cup from 1974 until 1980 when it changed its name, listed below is the Honour Roll of past winners. This year’s Cup will be the last on the old track as we know it, with a total rebuild to start later in the year.

1974 Lady Anthia, 1975 Jaymar’s Pride, 1976 Dunmain Scholar, 1977 Bolta’s Gift, 1978 Elsie Belinda, 1979 Newmore’s Heart, 1980 Weona Swinger, 1981 Select Band, 1982 Harry Shamrock, 1983 Drop Of Wine, 1984 Forever Alert, 1985 Rumpus Pappa, 1986 Lightning Boy, 1987 Star Affair, 1988 Ray Bon Miss, 1989 Devastate, 1990 Witchery, 1991 Malawi’s Prince, 1992 Tough As Tears / Worth Backing (DH), 1993 Lash’s Choice, 1994 Light Of Fire, 1995 Wylie Boy, 1996 Flash Monarch, 1997 Shannen’s Storm, 1998 Power Thriller, 1999 Four Amigos, 2000 Dutchy’s Angel, 2001 Floodfawn, 2002 Elgrando, 2003 Our Barney 2004 Amaroo Gift, 2005 Zaar, 2006 Cromlah Bale, 2007 Meticulous, 2008 Keeko Bale, 2009 Remo Rubik, 2010 Dee Winter, 2011 El Grand Senor, 2012 Dyna Lowell, 2013 Paw Licking, 2014 Not Held, 2015 Fernando Bale, 2016 Pantera Nera, 2017 Jesaulenko, 2018 Poke The Bear, 2019 – 2021 Not Held, 2022 Typhoon Sammy (New Track), 2023 Mobile Legend.


2014 Speed Series 29.74, 2015 My Bro Fabio 29.26, 2016 Polijuice Potion 29.51, 2017 Big Flood 29.18, 2018 Up Hill Jill 29.29, 2019 Orson Allen 29.65, 2020 Snags McKenzie 29.29, 2021 Fernando Bluey 29.14, 2022 Nokoli Bale 29.25, 2023 Modern Colinda 29.38.


2023 26-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Black Sail 33.99 5 Ned MacDonald Superior Panama Trixta Rox
2022 27-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Jarick Bale 33.77 5 Mark Delbridge Allen Deed Houston Bale
2021 21-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Fernando Cazz 33.83 1 Kayla Cottrell Fernando Bale Naughty  Cazza
2020 24-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Rajasthan 33.998 6 Robert Camilleri Kinloch Brae Telling You
2019 24-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Deliver 33.954 1 Seona Thompson Fernando Bale Veetee Saharrah
2018 25-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Hecton Bale 34.2 4 Andrea Dailly Fernando Bale Searle Bale
2017 25-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Lithgow Panther 34.3 4 Allan Britton Milldean Panther Mrs Trickett
2016 21-Jan 595m GL Maidment Memorial Moreira 34.07 4 Jason Thompson Kinloch Brae Donna Ricca
2015 22-Jan 595m GL Roy Maidment Memorial Lady Toy 34.13 1 Brooke Ennis Our Toyman Railway Shiraz
2014 23-Jan 595m GL Roy Maidment Memorial Bookkeeper 34.25 1 Glenn Dainton Bombastic Shiraz Smashing Amy
2013 24-Jan 595m SE Roy Maidment Memorial Metz Magic 34.10 1 Ron Ball Bombastic Shiraz Witheren’s Girl
2012 26-Jan 595m SE Roy Maidment Memorial Strong Intention 34.58 1 Jamie Ennis Brett Lee So Busy
2011 27-Jan 595m SE Roy Maidment Memorial Posh Di 34.42 7 A Bullock Bombastic Shiraz Posh Zoya
2010 28-Jan 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Forty Twenty 42.45 6 John Heard Big Daddy Cool Westend Kaitlyn
2009 29-Jan 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Gunnadoo Magic 42.37 3 Rob Britton Token Prince Go Shoopa
2008 31-Jan 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Gunnadoo Magic 42.17 2 Rob Britton Token Prince Go Shoopa
2007 01-Feb 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Miss Grub 42.25 7 Kel Greenough Solve The Puzzle Arenia Miss
2006 02-Feb 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Mid City Mandy 42.22 6 L Gorman Awesome Assassin Ashlee Jeannine
2005 03-Feb 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Last Quoted 42.54 4 J Mooney Token Prince Miss Quoted
2004 05-Feb 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Arvo’s Junior 42.10 2 G Arvanitis Arvo’s Express Arvo’s Alarm
2003 06-Feb 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Oh Behave 42.48 1 S Shinners Big Ginger Boy Hunter Tylo
2002 31-Jan 715m 2 Roy Maidment Memorial Jedi Lightsabre 42.65 1 D Crisafi Zealous Guy Bindari Babe
2001 04-Jan 715m 3 Roy Maidment Memorial Fairy Wings 42.44 B Proctor Zealous Guy Ebony Park Lass
2000 06-Jan 715m 3 Roy Maidment Memorial Kobble Creek 42.53 P GILES Gun Law Osti Trojan Tears
1999 07-Jan 715m Roy Maidment Memorial Feel The Magic 42.76 7 R NODZIO Acacia Ablaze La Dancer
1998 08-Jan 715m Roy Maidment Memorial Tonight’s Wish 42.81 4 A BRITTON Dilston Prince New Wish
1997 02-Jan 715m Roy Maidment Memorial Tassie Park 42.84 G ARMSTRONG Welcome Stranger Tanga Park
1996 04-Jan 732m Roy Maidment Memorial Favoured Spirit 43.89 K ASHTON Elusive Action Wong’s Delight
1995 12-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Accolade 43.6 M STEPHENS Chariot Supreme Milluna
1994 13-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Kennel Master 43.71 Shining Chariot Never In Doubt
1993 14-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Saltwater Sid 43.93 Walkabout Sid Mystic Hope
1992 16-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Judy Takair 44.01 Eaglehawk Star Rap Dancer
1991 10-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Magic Stroller 43.68 Tangairn Club Stroller
1990 11-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Magic Stroller 43.86 Tangairn Club Stroller
1989 12-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial High Intensity 43.65 Tangairn Club Stroller
1988 14-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial High Intensity 43.78 Tangairn Club Stroller
1987 08-Jan 716m Roy Maidment Memorial Stock Agent 44.31 Satan’s Shroud Rawpack
1986 09-Jan 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Club Stroller 43.77 Busy Chief Tivoli Stroller
1985 10-Jan 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Innocent Man 44.19 Chief Dingaan Del Bairn Babe
1984 12-Jan 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Cee Mee Lass 44.49 Temlee Cee Mee Girl
1983 13-Jan 718m Roy Maidment Memorial The Gallows 44.26 Rebel Attack Royal Deb
1982 14-Jan 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Lone Voice 44.02 Overflow Eagle Marungi Idol
1981 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Earth Humour 44.88 Cheers For Akii* Pearly Midnight
1980 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Collis Queen 44.06 Temlee Copy Queen
1979 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Vanadium 43.64 Tivoli Chief Princess Imp
1978 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Mariner’s Joy 44.9 New Mariner Chrissy Leanne
1977 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Delbairn Babe 44.3 Delbairn Mandalass
1976 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Bolta’s Gift 43.68 Second Stage Bolta
1975 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Rellarena 43.76 Edison Record Natreena
1974 718m Roy Maidment Memorial Rellarena 44.65 Edison Record Natreena
1973 718m Roy Maidment Memorial He’s Some Boy 43.95 Worthing Dixie Skip
1972 785y Roy Maidment Memorial Bubbles’ Luck 44.31 Worthing Bubbles View
1971 785y New Year Stake Miss Kewin Kewin Mon’s Cope
1970 785y New Year Stake Delacombe Boy Which Chariot* Shan’s Blossom
1969 785y New Year Stake Fawn Roamer Chief Zephyr Rayl’s Roamer
1968 785y New Year Stake Lyrette Shan’s View Old Berry Emerald*
1967 785y New Year Gift Charlie Lee
1966 785y New Year Hdcp Kewin
1965 785y New Year Hdcp Rare Grand Rare Rabbit Calypso Sal
1964 785y New Year Hdcp Shan’s Blossom Shan’s View Tebessa
1963 785y New Year Hdcp Lady Cantee
1962 785y New Year Hdcp Lady Cantee Cantee Edna’s Lady
1961 785y New Year Hdcp Sprig O’Heather
1959 565y New Years Gift Montgrove Special
1957 555y New Year Hdcp Red Salmon Accelerate Lad Phantom Minda


2023 7-Apr 515m 3 Easter Gift Mepunga Warrior 29.40 3 Jeff Britton Fernando Bale Mepunga Rosie
2022 14-Apr 515m 2 Easter Gift Knicks Bale 29.65 2 Samantha Grenfell Kinda Cruel Red Dyna Willow
2021 1-Apr 515m 3 Easter Gift Barooga Smoke 29.41 1 Brett Nye Fernando Bale No Sparkle Leica
2020 9-Apr 515m 3 Easter Gift Tiggerlong Tonk 29.140 2 Correy Grenfell Dyna Double One Tiggerlong Dot
2019 18-Apr 515m 3 Easter Gift Neo Cleo 29.386 1 Robert Britton Cosmic Rumble Ruby Ha Ha
2018 29-Mar 515M 3 Easter Gift Jimmy Newob 29.527 8 Kel Greenough Cosmic Rumble Nosey Rozy
2017 13-Apr 515M L Easter Gift Worm Burner 29.224 2 Seona Thompson Oaks Road Little Looper
2016 24-Mar 515M L Easter Gift Dalgetty 29.087 4 Jason Thompson Stagger Rockin’ Along
2015 02-Apr 515M L Easter Gift Azza Azza Azza 29.658 7 Wayne Vassallo Collision Alotta Mojo
2014 17-Apr 515M L Easter Gift Bazza’s Gift 29.758 2 Neil Bell Velocette Mojo Glory



2022 26-May 515m 3 Bill Collins Speed Star Wow She’s Fast 29.11 3 Jackie Greenough My Bro Fabio Fair of Face
2021 02-June 515m 3 Bill Collins Speed Star Aston Rupee 29.06 7 Glenn Rounds KC And ALL Aston Miley
2019 05-May 515m 3 Bill Collins Speed Star Flynn 29.083 9 Harry Manolitsis Kinloch Brae Jubilation
2018 10-May 515m 3 Bill Collins Speed Star Dyna Patty 29.441 4 Andrea Dailly Fernando Bale Unix Bale
2017 11-May 515m 3 Bill Collins Speed Star Bewildering 29.12 4 Seona Thompson Black Magic Opal Outlandish
2016 05-May 515m 3 Bill Collins Speed Star Blazin’ Bomber 29.09 2 D Pattinson Kinloch Brae Absolute Stunna
2015 21-May 515m 3 Bill Collins Memorial Fernando Bale 29.22 1 A Dailly Kelsos Fusileer Chloe Allen
2014 01-May 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Hooksy 29.25 6 T Auld Hondo Black Uno Witch
2013 02-May 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Fully Advanced 29.7 3 G Bate Collision Okay Supreme
2012 03-May 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Imry Bale 29.57 3 G Bate Go Wild Teddy Amity Bale
2011 12-May 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Smoke Home 29.85 8 L Gorman Bombastic Shiraz Daintree Lady
2010 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial
2009 08-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Cosmic Rumble 29.58 2 D McDonald Spiral Nikita Spiritual Rumble
2008 09-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Violet Crumble 29.95 5 S Ralph Where’s Pedro Belron Blue
2007 11-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Shanlyn Prince 29.81 3 D McDonald Token Prince Shanlyn Maddy
2006 12-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Oxley Gazelle 29.71 5 T Womann Brett Lee Magical Omen
2005 13-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Go Forever 29.91 7 T Womann Brett Lee Chloe Jones
2004 14-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Panicked 29.58 8 F.Kirkham Four Amigos Mrs. Cryovac
2003 16-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Bombastic Shiraz 30.05 8 D Cairns Black Shiraz Bombastic Blonde
2002 17-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Rare Aussie 29.94 4 E Lineham Big Ginger Boy Baffin Island
2001 18-Oct 515m SE Bill Collins Memorial Henerik Bale 30.1 2 G Bate Big Ginger Boy Louisa Porta
2000 08-Jun 715m SE Bill Collins Memorial Jessica Can 42.49 3 P GILES Acacia Ablaze Can Hardly Dance