Sir W.J Clark

17 July 2023 Neil Brown 0

The first President of the National Coursing Club of Australasia Sir W.J. Clark 1877. Plus who said we didn’t have toffs running Coursing here is […]

Back Page Herald Sun

17 July 2023 Neil Brown 0

Here is a couple of interesting Daily Newspaper articles. Back page of the Sun on Wednesday November 26, 1952. Opening day of the revamped Sandown […]

Miss Heller

11 May 2023 Neil Brown 0

The Victorian Waterloo Cup is 150 years old in August. It was famously won by Miss Heller. However, according to reports of the time the […]

The Reviver & Grey Bob

26 January 2023 Neil Brown 0

They certainly sent their dogs around in the 1950’s. Here is reports from the Sporting Globe. Two starts of the Victorian scene The Reviver 248 […]