Keysborough Old Days and the New

Member Brian Kutner recalled his childhood days in the South Eastern suburb of Keysborough. This how it is today.
When I was a kid my family lived in Keysborough, in our street was Roddy Deakin, Jock Everett and us. Just off our street was Johny Rowan, Joe Hili and Norm Denerauz.
We were on acreage properties backing on to the Keysborough golf course. My dad would often hand slip on a fairway behind our place.
It was the home of many great dogs for years and years. Roddy had Plunder Road at stud, Joe had Tangaloa.
I recently went back for a look, omg.
Hard to believe the development.
Wondering if similar stories are to be heard, certainly Kellyville in NSW was the home of Paul Cauchi and his track etc,


Neil Brown. Hi Brian, I have lived in Keysborough since 1978 and drove down Chapel Road today you’re not wrong it’s quite unbelievable how much it has changed. What about the shopping complex opposite Barry Gaze’s old place. It will always be remembered as it was in your dad’s day. The suburb of champion dogs and champion people.
Brian Kutner – Neil Brown Just Incredible, Barry bought that from Dad. Barry passed a few years ago. The property opposite was 20 acres used by Dave Willems horse riding ranch Alameeda.
Marg Sallows -Neil Brown gosh your bringing back memories….I’m feeling very old after reading that..🤦🏻‍♀️
Howard Gray– Neil Brown Hope you never ventured into Barry’s chook sheds, never seen so much chook shit in my life…Fertiliser LOL.
Neil Brown– Howard Gray I did venture in on a couple of occasions and you’re not wrong. Pretty sure we won’t mention the major purpose of the chook sheds. That’s a secret.
Heather Villinger– I guess you did not recognize keysborough..then versus now.
Brian Kutner– Heather Villinger 💯 percent it was rural back then. We moved to the Gold Coast in 74 and omg x that by 100 development here.
Brian Kutner– Bob Watkins Bill Fletcher also lived in Kellyville. He was more than a mediocre pugilist in his day but was also a very good greyhound trainer and muscle man. All his dogs had ‘ Moss ‘ in their names. Mr. Moss. Mustard Moss are two I remember. Being new to the industry, I was introduced to him to get my dogs checked. If he found a sore spot, it was marked with a Nikko pen and I’d be told to go to see Young Joe Power the vet in Blacktown to have it treated. ( Old Joe Power, Young Joe’s dad, was a Vice President of the NCA and a good greyhound man in his own right ) Bill Fletcher would not needle a dog himself.
Peter Dawson- Bob Watkins yes and Frank Holmes, Bob Doak were amongst the abundance of extremely talented breeders and trainers around Kellyville.
Brian Kutner– Peter Dawson the dog areas of today will be residential developments in the future id say
Peter Dawson – Brian Kutner yes it’s called progress the good thing about it is the land values escalate and the trainers are adequately compensated and happy to move on. Another area that comes to mind is areas of Campbelltown where the urban sprawl has engulfed previous greyhound establishments. Minto, Catherine Fields, Narrellan,St Hellen’s park, Leppington,Rossmore, Austral, Appin etc
Ray Klein– Peter Dawson Bob Doak and his Monaro breed were the cream of the crop in his day. The best man with a collar and lead in his day.
Peter Dawson– Ray Klein yep Kim’s Monaro comes to mind and not to forget the fabulous producer Secretly.
Brian Kutner– Many properties between Brisbane and the Gold Coast were previously dog training establishments and the trainers were compensated handsomely as you have described$
Ray Klein– Bob Watkins You forgot World Acclaim. What a sire he was.
Scott Landry– Havnt been there for years was quiet friendly with norm he had so many dogs I presume norm is no longer with us ???
Brian Kutner– Scott Landry Yes Norm has passed. His wife lives at Patterson Lakes. We stay in touch with daughter Leeanne.
Scott Landry– Brian Kutner he was a nice man I was also close to clem and issabell Adamson
Wayne Franklin– Just great memories you will never forget my dad and mum would put 4 or 5 kids and 3 greyhound in the back of panel van and go racing all the time and we loved it
Brian Kutner– Greyhounds, Great memories that’s for sure, once they’re in your blood they are always in your blood.
Howard Gray– Chapel Road, Barry Gaze was just up the Road too, had some handy dogs over the years, Joe Hili just over the road from Roddy in Homeleigh Road. Spent several Summer holidays along with an old mate Peter Player staying with Roddy, great memories. Champion breeder, champion rearer, champion trainer and a champion bloke. Roddy had Fawn Scout and Second Stage at stud at the time. Jock Everitt what a character, never forget his pet fox and pet Eagle.
Brian Kutner– Howard Gray Yes Barry bought our house on the corner of Hutton and Chapel rd. The deakin kids were great friends of mine always mischievous Ross, Paul. Craig, I went to school with Ross Deakin, i’m pretty sure Paul became a steward in South Australis
Howard Gray– Brian KutnerHaha, what little bandits the kids were, the swimming pool out the front of the games room was interesting, I know one summer there was the motor bike Roddy had bought them at the bottom of it along with sundry other items. Another time Craig then a very young age decided to take Wonoka for a walk probably the most valuable broodie in the land at the time. Was their sister’s name Jodie? I can’t quite remember. I remember Maureen driving Peter and myself to Olympic Park one night in that big old Dodge I think it was…frightening. LOL.
Sharee Wyatt– Howard Gray yes the Deakin kids were Ross , Paul and Jodie . My father( Ned Bryant ) and Roddy were great mates 👍. Miss those days
Brian Kutner– Howard Gray Yes Jodie and Natalie were the girls. I could tell you a million stories 😜
Brian Kutner– Howard Gray Roddy had a range rover
Graham Fischer– Howard Gray Craig Deakin has been a race steward in SA for quite some time.
Stuart Brown– Wish the people of today would be more upto date with the way owners and most of all Trainers feed and care for these beautiful and fast animals most people havent been brought up with the knowledge how to look after themselves and jump on a band wagon of disbelief and think antis know best well the best you feed a dog the faster it will run for you and you also need a very big bottle of the main ingredient you can give adog T L C whoch costs nothing .
Mark Small– Absolutely Brian, great trainers and champion dogs you’ve mentioned 🌈 💫 … some wonderful “greyhound areas in Sydney also”, you mentioned Paul at Kellyville, not far from Box & Rouse Hill, Riverstone, Londonderry but another huge are was Bringelly, Luddenham & Rossmore – Jack Irwin, Sam Fleville, Harry Waters, Hec/Leah & Geoff Watt, Stan Cleverly just to name a few…. Obviously “too many” champions through the golden era trained by these doyens of the industry and memories that last a lifetime 🙏🏻
I reckon we are a pretty lucky group of people to have experienced knowing and associating with all of our industry friends ⭐️ 🫡 🙏🏻 🤝
Greg Hore- I leased the Kellyville straight track from Paul for most of the 1980’s along with the circle for a couple of years also. Used to trial every day of the week and regular locals were Bill Fletcher, Bob Doak and daughter Shirley Watkin, Les Brien, Harry Hampson, Lola Burgess, Max Burdekin, Ted Curran, Gary Young, Mick Blissett, the Sultanas, Ron & Mavis Brown, Jim & Christine Coleman, the Finns, Stamenkovics, Pethybridges, Vanderburgs and the rest of the Cauchi’s along with many others. A drive through Kellyville today resembles nothing like it did back then. There is a road where the straight track was, a school on the Seven Hills side of it and a service station, car wash and restaurant where Paul’s kennel complex was. Wall to wall housing all around and the old one lane dirt road from Seven Hills to the front gate is now a four lane freeway.
Greg Hore– I forgot to mention a couple of the notable locals Jack Snodgrass and Roger Arncliffe. Also liiving on opposite sides of the track in those days were Carrie Clarke, who ran the successful Windsor Auctions and his nephew Roger and the one and only and very colourful Jimmy Price. It was never surprising to see the well travelled Victorians Les Merry or Max Wintle pop in to trial on their way through to somewhere. Les’ trials were almost always on the tick till next visit then the next but his stories were payment enough. Brian and Yvonne Kutner along with Ray and Mary Orchard used to often park their caravans at Kellyville for a few weeks on their pilgrimages to QLD and back each year.
Jeff Holland– Greg Hore when I first started bookmaking, i was suprised that quite a few races at mainly Harold Pk, sometimes Wenty, had all the hallmarks of co=operation, and wondered how it was being done, as racenight most of the trainers were very busy, they didnt really socialise outside their small groups, and didnt mix at all with the bookies or most of the big punters. Then one day I went to Kellyville and saw all trainers standing around chatting……
Greg Hore-Jeff Holland 😂 I recall breaking in a few handy dogs at the time for you and Roy Heath. Kedo’s Image and Kedo’s Oscar were two if memory serves me right.
Sharee Wyatt– Oh the memories, sometimes i would go to Roddy Deakins house with my dad Ned Bryant and often went with my sister and my brother in law Bill VanPolen to Joe and Sophie Hili’s house ( Bill and Sophie are brother and sister) . Was it Homeleigh road that they lived in ? ( testing my memory now 😂) They were great days
Brian Kutner– Sharee Wyatt Chapel rd I knew Bill and Sophie and of course Ned! Also Michael your brother.
Kay King– Yes I was in amazement went I went past a month or so back
Sharee Wyatt– I miss the good old greyhound trainers !