Plunder Road

Rod Deakin’s multi feature winner Plunder Road. Very versatile Rod also put him the Sandown Hurdle Championship heats.

Doug Scott – Rod had hurdles in all his puppy runs and most of his dogs could jump.

Ken Mccann– had a handy bitch out of him Panella lass.

Des Dooley – I remember an article in the Sunday Paper prior to the Silver Chief final where Rod Deacon said regardless of the result Plunder Road would be going over the hurdles. Happy to be corrected but I believe he won the Silver Chief and went over the brooms the next start.

Howard Grey – Spent several summer holidays as a teen staying at Roddy’s Keysborough property. Great man, fond memories of him hooking up his 24 dog open caged trailer on the tractor and heading down the road to Jock Everett’s trial track to educate the pups. A lot that went onto be absolute stars of the track. Roddy used to call the old box he sat on while serving bitches with his stud dogs his “money box”, Fawn Scout and Second Stage were a couple I remember handling at the time. Learnt a lot from Rod that held me in good stead for the future.
Howard Gray– Jock Everett is another story well worth being told, not the least of his pet fox and eagle.
Doug Scott– Howard Gray Hi howard gray don’t know if you remember me I think we played football together and I worked at dimmeys I am 86.