Ray Byron

Howard Gray brought up Sandown’s oldest current living life member Ray Bryon. I think Ray’s 95 I went to his 90th. Joan is still going strong she is about 93 looks 75. Long serving Sandown Director a great bloke. I have fond memories at Sandown Horse track every Sunday morning slipping our dogs up the Steeple track behind Ray’s battery lure. John Reid would run up and back like he was 25 years old. Somehow Ray was sweet with the Track manager and had his own Key to the back gate. Here’s Ray and Joan after winning the National Distance with All Promise, Joan’s giving the dog a Kit Kat they would throw her in jail for doing that these days. Biro gave me this pass which was handy for a number visit’s to the Committee room.

John Reid – I remember you running the lure on one occasion,Byron sacked you,and sail let the old bloke do it,great Sunday mornings mate,
Howard Gray – Fair chance Ray might have had charge of Sandown gallops water allocation? 😉