New track for South Australia at Barmera 1972

Michael Bevo Evans – I remember Barmera
John Vivian– Home of the ~ Great ‘ Ginger
Joe Baldacchino– Where? Obviously still not in use.
Michael Bevo Evans – Joe Baldacchino there is no country tracks in SA all closed 😢 last one port Augusta closed maybe two years ago
Joe Baldacchino – Thanks. Shame that.
Michael Bevo Evans– Very much tracks they have lost are Port Lincoln Whyalla…
Greg Hore – It was for about thirty years. Been closed for a while now
Graham Fischer – I had a greyhound called Geisha Girl who won her maiden over 733m and broke the track record.
June Whyte– The best home-cooked cakes you could find anywhere always available at the Barmera Track while waiting to get your dog out of the kennel-house for your race.
Howard Gray – Had a lot of success over the years training hounds bred/reared/owned in the Riverland, sadly with the closing of the local Barmera track almost all breeding/rearing in the district ceased as a result. Big loss all round IMO.
Graham Fischer– Howard Gray Very true. Close a track and there is less reason for people to stay involved. All 3 codes have suffered here in SA.
Jim Lee – I liked racing there, won a Barmera Cup with Rocky’s Son for M Bland from Mildura. We used to put on Hurdle races they were very well received, So sad when it closed.