71 Melbourne Cup Heat

17 Teen year old Maureen Schofield with her1971 Melbourne Cup finalist Jecadus which from memory was raced by iconic race caller Bert Bryant, correct me if I am wrong. It was a red-hot field won by Herb Siakew’s Gerard The Gent.

Doug Scott – Yes and Gerard the gent was a beauty.

Des Dooley – Correct Neil. Bert Bryant did own Jecadus. Jecadus went around the following year on Cup night over the long trip.

John Stephens – No Des never a stayer

Maureen Stephens – I remember that so well. John watched from the catching pen, picking up for me, but backed Pasadena! Women were not allowed to handle their dogs until sometime between July and November ‘71. I was lucky enough to be the first lady handler in a Melbourne Cup final. Great memories!

Maureen Stephens – Neil, can you help me out with the field for the Cup heat that Jecadus won. I can remember all but two (I think). Little John, trained by Stan Cleverly. Shapely Escort, her last start broke a NSW track record. Pasadena, Gary Ennis. Credence, Ray Jennings. Regal Roamer, Paul Hogan and handled by Sandra Hogan (Reed). I am thinking Sandra and I were the first two ladies to handle their dogs in “town”. Maybe we could find out officially when ladies where allowed to handle in races!

Maureen Stephens – I’m wrong with Shapely Escort, she was in the final. It was another crack NSW bitch that had broken a track record her previous start.

Neil Brown – Heat two of the Cup saw the downfall of heavily backed NSW greyhounds Little John and Petite Panther. And a slip of a girl not yet old enough to officially train a greyhound, led in the winner at 100-1 after bookmakers bet as much as 150-1 about it’s chances- the black and white dog Jecadus. Officially Jecadus is owned by Bert Bryant and trained by George Schofield a prominent breeder and trainer for many years. But “everybody” knows his 17-year-old daughter, Maureen, has reared, walked, trained and lavished attention on Jecadus and eagerly waits for her 18th birthday when she can hold a trainer’s licence of her own.