Alec Reid


Here is a trainer’s profile on Victorian Hall Fame mentor the late, great Alec Reid. Wonderful record as a trainer and an even better bloke. One of the best Alec.

Calven Russell- the best Miss this bloke so much The banter, the stories
Rough as guts but just kept getting winners On the Payroll What a dog

Coral Scott– One of a kind…doug

Petra Marek – Great man funny and had some good dogs

Brenda Kinder – Great man and top trainer

Jason Whybrow– Nicole Nicnac Lummas great man with a dog

Trevor Smith – Great trainer and even better bloke!

Graham Fischer– Wonderful trainer and champion bloke.

Mal Cuneo– Met alec when I was 19 through Brian lamb and Eric lansdown and stayed friends forever what a great trainer so simplistic and what a funny prick some of the best times I’ve had in my life and you don’t find people like him and others in this sport today

Mick Haskas– Used to come to wenty with good dogs

Heather Cooke-The man the myth the legend. One of the larrikins of our sport, many a night spent with Alec and My dad John (bluey) Bushell. At the dogs. Sometimes I wondered whom lead whom astray, but wow those stories

Ann Lawson– Heather Cooke he was a very interesting man and so very funny

Heather Cooke-Ann Lawson that he was.

Raymond Robey– So bittersweet to watch that video, I would not dispute the fact that there are (and were) trainers the equal of Alec,but i doubt that there were many better. So many great chasers ,( Buka Sunset, On THe Payroll, Where’s Boz, Gold Roulette,etc., and good times with him, culminating with the Dapto $100k win with Sir Camelot (Henry).Loved and missed by all who knew him,esp. Jarod Sharp,Brittons ,Dailys,etc.and of course Deborah Shell. RIP mate, Thx for the memories.

Calven Russell-Raymond Robey 100% mate was rough around the edges and had different training methods but was both hilarious with 1 million stories
But would offer advice anytime u needed it

Heather Cooke– Raymond Robey well said many people walk into our lives but only certain people make an impact

Jarrod Sharp– Raymond Robey Still and always will be the main man So good to actually see and hear his voice again… See more

Calven Russell– Jarrod Sharp he had that something about him that made u listen
Whether it be advice or just a story Always remember him fondly

Jarrod Sharp– Calven Russell When he spoke we listened and learnt

Raymond Robey– And of course his great mate,and neighbour, Ray drake and family.