Alpine Raider

Smart sprinter Alpine Raider for Leigh Smith. Former Kiwi dog raced by David Fahey he had won 14 of his 25 starts there before arriving here. He won at Sandown, Olympic, Geelong, Ballarat and Warragul. I seem to remember one night at Sandown he was favourite, I think off the red. He got his muzzle caught in the boxes grill and was dragged into the air. Never seen it happen before or since. Hope Leigh can confirm that.

Leigh Smith – Browny they watched replay heaps of times and thought he had got a toe caught in the cnr of boxes. They put a piece of perspex on front of boxes after that. Did a little bit of money that nite.
Neil Brown-Leigh Smith just another way to leave it in. In was unique.
Leigh Smith– Neil Brown when you think you might lead all the way. And then u come out 20 behind.😂
Kerry Chalker– Leigh Smith You wouldn’t miss it Leigh -stay well.