Amerigo Lady

I am still on the hunt for a better Pic of Amerigo Lady, there is one here for now Gary this will have to do.

Jeff Collerson – Wonderful people Buck & Lileas his charming wife. Their daughter Karen was married to a Frenchman called Patrick Vivien & through that Buck introduced me to his sister Catherine when I visited Paris in 1972. We have been married since 1974 and she is the best winner I have ever backed. So I owe Buck heaps! Remember when Buck took Killanahan a champion coursing bitch from Ireland to Wyong for a maiden straight race and she was backed off the map and bolted in. Because she had not won behind the mechanical or drag lure she was eligible for a maiden in Australia yet shr was one of Ireland’s best coursing bitches. Smart operator old Buck.

Doug Scott – Buck Buchanan’s children have one of her winning the first national distance championship