Briel Lass

Here is top little chaser Briel Lass trained by Keith Terry. She won the Courage Cup at Olympic. One thing I do remember Courage beer was rubbish. Sandown at one stage sold out to that mob and made it exclusive throughout the venue. It nearly finished us off drinking that for about two years.

Shane Hookey – Led by 5 around the back at sandown,Melbourne cup,Carrington Jade ran her down
Anne Gent – Wayne & I raced against Keith and Pearl many times around Gippsland tracks, Olympic Pk etc. Lovely couple, always had a handy dog. Great memories.
Howard Gray – Handy litterm Golden Spur, Leeander Mist and Briel Lass, Leeander Lass etc. Bred by Dutchy Hellingman I think who had great success with members of the litter?
Neil Brown – As always Howard dead right.
Coral Scott – Yes great litter…doug
Ashlee Terry – Steven Van Oirschot thanks steve
Yvonne Smith – I remember Keith Terry living in Launceston in the early seventies . He had a greyhound called Black Nulla ( I think that’s the spelling)