Capalaba Greyhounds

A favourite track to race in Queensland is up the straight at Capalaba. Rich in history the club has been around for a long time and has been graced with many stars over the years. I have fond memories of a handful of visits to meetings there when it was non-Tab on a Saturday afternoon. One in particular with popular Queenslander Luke Gatehouse who was a regular there before taking up employment with the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club.

1987-1990 – From the David Brasch Collection –
Left – William Hutchinson (former trainer and assistant to Bernie Culey when Bernie assumed the role as Manager at Capalaba) Mr Hutchinson is now an avid lawn bowler living on the north side of Brisbane – (he is no relation to Billy Hutchinson father of John Hutchinson) Bernie Culey, Paul Felgate former trainer and owner of the legendary “Just The Best” and Owner of Brandon’s Electrical who was a sponsor at Capalaba, Paul was also a member of the Greyhound Control Board. Far Right – Brian Bretherton often referred to as “6 Caps” as he undertook a number of roles at Capalaba maintaining the track, driving the lure, starter , trials and managed the bar at one time. Sadly Brian moved to the Grafton area approximately 10 years ago and has past since.