Casino Tom

1993 National Sprint Champ Casino Tom. Proved a handy stud dog producing 224 litters for over 900 pups. Best from memory Tommie Streaker, Spoken Joe, Basil Jackson, Jenke and Riverboat Sam.

Jeff Collerson – Spoken Joe was a WP 520m record holder one of many track record breakers trained by Harry Sarkis
Larry Warren– Jeff Collerson John Little trained it first and the owners took it off him. 😡
Jeff Collerson– Larry Warren Didn’t realise that. Great bloke and top trainer John Little
Larry Warren– He wasn’t very happy having done all the ground work. The dog wouldn’t break in to begin with. Then after it won a few races the owners rightly or wrongly sent it to Harry. He did do a good job with it though.
Larry Warren– Jeff Collerson There were two John Littles. This one had a wife named Amelia and they were friends with Jerry and Pat West.