Count D’Argent and Reg Johnson

1978 Australian Cup winner Count D’Argent with trainer Reg Johnson and his wife Christine.


Jeff Collerson – There wasn’t a better money trainer than Reggie

The best, lived near me here at Keysborough played footy at my club Springvale. Use to get his old teammates to put money on. Only once a year then they wouldn’t see again until next year. Very quietly spoken. He gave nothing away interesting bloke.

Jeff – He often put plenty on dogs in other trainers’ names too. He was a wizard. My mate Gary Manning is the smartest punter Ive seen on a track but even he had trouble working Reggie out.

He was the best at that caper. Can remember him running around the ring at Harold Park putting plenty on one, and then when another blew out the gate putting three times as much on the blower and invariably getting the cash.

Jim & Christine Coleman were the most successful. Reg Johnston was a “money” trainer in landing big plunges, keeping the bookies guessing and getting huge money even with average dogs

Des Dooley – Reg was a very good organiser and punter, but also had to be an excellent trainer to achieve what he did.