Delacombe Boy

Not sure how many exercised their dogs in this manner but Jim Jolly of Ballarat did with his champion stayer Delacombe Boy. They put a race on for him at Sandown and the Governor Sir Rohan Delacombe was the first Governor to attend the dogs and present the trophy. I can’t remember the result but Delacombe Boy was favourite having won 10 of his last 13 in the lead up. I think they might find a welfare issue with the training method these days. No problem getting too Olympic and Sandown in those days Coaches and Cars from the Forum to Sandown.

Heather Villinger – Yep that is a no go zone for training these days.
Darren Courts- Lol my dad used to do that around Fairborn park in ascot vale in the early 80s
Peter Griffen– How about a story on the late Ted Tuckers training methods neil will amuse readers today I’m sure
Neil Brown– Peter Griffen see what I can find Pete.
Des Dooley – There was a photo around with Ed in bib and brace overalls exercising the dogs behind a horse and cart.
Peter Dawson– Warren Slade of top class stayer Gallant Seagull fame and his uncle Stan Maher used this method back in the day
Coral Scott– Ed tucker walked his dogs this way Ed also trained a dog called wanalta chief and was offered £1000 for him I remember being amazed that someone could offer such a huge amount…doug
Petra Marek– I know someone that used to do that
Andrea Sallows– Yep Dad always did
Yvonne Maxwell– The best way to train
Beverly White– Yvonne Maxwell this reminded me of granda Maxwell xx
Kerry Chalker– Fabulous stayer Champion trainer in Perth David Hamer worked his greys behind the tractor
Darren Courts– They still train trotters in a frame behind utes
Ken Mccann– as did barry miller at dundas st trial track at rye