Des Carlson & Mick Gibillisco.

Here is a story I did about a long enduring friendship. Two much loved characters of our sport that I am lucky to call my friends. The late Des Carlson a wonderful man and longtime Sandown Director Mick Gibillisco. Their love of Greyhound Racing showed no bounds and Mick’s love of the punt stays with him every day.

Barry Lingham – Very fond memories of both Des & Mick when I was growing up in Springvale. As they would often be walking past my place with up to six dogs in hand. I think at the time I was about 12 or 13 years old, and started to grow an interest in their ongoing success over the next few years, mainly at Sandown , only being 15 minute jog from where I lived. My long friendship with them both, has very fond memories etched forever . Two close neighbors in my early years Des Carlson & Ron Izon who have both left us, had such a big influence on my love of greyhound racing. I never did scale to the high success rate that they achieved. But did manage to win my fair share, in my time in racing. To my knowledge, Mick is still going fine, Having a drink and backing winners.