Eddie Caruana Story

If you are lucky in your life you meet some fantastic people, for me one those has been Eddie Caruana. The MGRA Chairman has many, many friends around Australia. Here is a story I did for the Catching Pen in 2004.

Ever wondered how Eddie got into the game here is a profile he did in 1998. 

John Reid – Good bloke, with a wonderful wife and family, be sure to show this to Olympia, thanks Ed.

Des Dooley – 100% agree Neil. A lot of greyhound people would not realise how much better off they are due to Eddie’s efforts.

Trevor Smith – He’s a great bloke who lives and loves all things greyhound related!, and great family man and friend!

Maureen Stephens – One of a kind, you are Eddie, married to the beautiful Olympia! So very proud to call you both our good friends 🥰

Jarrod Sharp – Superstar, Friendly, Helpful, Listener, Nice. All round Good bloke

Brian Parkinson – Lovely bloke👍

Kel Greenough – Thanks for your great efforts over the years Eddie  / Jackie Greenough – Always smiling.

Dave Carlson – Legend / Peita Duncan – Legend.

ken Norquay – Hasn’t changed a bit in 50 years. Well done Eddie!😎

Marg Long – Nice Story Ed.

Bill Buccilli – Brilliant. Great story. Feel like I really know you. Not sure where the Carlton story fits in 😂😂

Eddie – Bill we arrived in May 1963, lived in Carlton, a Malcolm Blight after the siren kick from the Exhibition gardens, had a business in Carlton until 1981, moved to East Brunswick in 1983. I got to enjoy all the glory years.

Eddie – Thank you all for the humbling comments. This is the reason we all love our great sport of greyhound racing.