Fernando Bale Retired From Stud Duties

By David Brasch Greyhound Recorder

LEGEND Fernando Bale, or “Nandy” as he is known around home, is about to become a house pet at the Paul and Michelle Westerveld household.
The Westervelds announced on Wednesday that Fernando Bale (Kelsos Fusileer-Chloe Allen) would no longer be collected for frozen semen.
Meticulous Lodge still has a good number of vials available and the dog is still available for matings via fresh semen insemination.
“We have had a slight problem in the past few weeks and consequently his semen does not thaw as well as it did even though it would still most likely get bitches in pup,” Paul Westerveld said.
“We want to put the same excellent product on the market as we have for all his career.
“We still check his semen twice weekly and its quality for fresh semen insemination is superb.
“Every time we collect the dog, his semen is evaluated fully … every time.
“And, we will continue to honour the current deal of $7700 per vial for a total of 100 vials.”
Fernando Bale, a legend on the racetrack, has exceeded those deeds since retiring to stud.
His progeny have earned $165 million.
The Westervelds made the announcement that the now 11-year-old great will still be available from previous storage collected over his stud career.

“Nandy has been a dream come true,” Paul said.
“We are so grateful to the Wheeler family to have got him, and Barcia Bale before him.
“We have learnt so much about managing very busy stud dogs and keeping them going for a long and productive career.
“The research we have done has allowed us to do this and keep dogs like Nandy and Barcia active and fertile.
“We have been able to collect dogs like them twice a week all year long.
“And to think that even with the success Nandy’s progeny have already shown, there are hundreds of litters still to come.
“Nandy has been the most used stud dog in the history of this industry.
“We will move him out of the kennels and up to the house to become our indoors pet.”