Great Callers

We were all saddened recently to learn of the passing John “Macca” McDermott. A much-loved figure in the Hunter and for good reason. Likewise earlier in the year we also lost a wonderful caller and a terrffic bloke in Tasmanian Shane Yates. It got me thinking how many outstanding callers had got their start calling the dogs. Current stars Matt Hill and Darren Flindell we had previously highlighted Bruce McAvaney and there is Ray Hadley, Ray Warren and Graham McNiece (Graham with Frank Kennedy’s wife Anne) to name a few.
I have found some photo’s you can match with some of the following names I remember listening to or have become firm friends with over the years. I first heard John Tapp and Ray Warren calling out of Wentworth Park on 2GB on a Stromberg Carlson Wireless my Grandfather gave me (I still have it).
Names in no particular order Maurie and Wayne Kirby, Bryan Martin, Teddy Ryan, Ray Benson, Gary Sutton, PA, Peter Donegan, Billy Hill, David Raphael, Rob Testa, Hilton Donaldson, Ian Samblebe, Craig Evans, Paul “Dogs” Dolan, Terry McAuliffe, Paul Hammond, Dan Melicki, Brenton Yates, Colin McNiff, Ryan Levitzke, Brendan Delaney, Matthew Jackson, Kyle Galley and Josh Fleming.