Great pic of “The Shoe” in action

Great pic of “The Shoe” in action.

Roy Maynard posted this old photo he rescued from the bins at GHR offices when they changed to GRNSW.
THE SHOE running 26.00 at Harold Park on 23/12/67 heat of the Christmas gift.
I also received the below original pics from The Shoe’s owner-trainer Sid Shaw’s great niece Karen Mountjoy.

Gary Smith – One of the first dogs we had in the early 70s was by The Shoe X Cara view, Cara Cris, won 20 races great bitch With a deformed leg, given to us by Des Stone from Wangaratta.

Rob Tyler – Roy… if you ever want to sell that photo buzz me m8. That dog holds special memories for my late Dad. A great find for you.
Roy Maynard– Rob Tyler What’s the connection with your Dad
Rob Tyler– Roy Maynard Message you.
Roy Maynard– Rob Tyler ok
Neil Brown– Great find Roy super photo.
Roy Maynard– It’s not your average size it’s quite large a bit of water damage in one corner, I hate to think what else was thrown away.
Ian Hilditch– The late Dick Riley trained a little brindle dog named Tiny Titan. He won over the sprint, distance and broke the Penrith hurdle record. He was The Shoe x College Bronze
Ken Fuller – Ian .. Dick Riley was a good mate of mine .. I spent a lot of time with him at his Buchanan property 😉👍
Ian Hilditch– Ken Fuller his property was named Titan Lodge after the little dog. Dick named a dog Titan Lodge and he had freakish ability. Ken did you have a very handy blue dog years ago ?
Ken Fuller – Ian .. I remember Tiny Titan well .. I actually had a couple of handy dogs but you’re probably thinking of a blue brindle/white dog called MYONLEE .. Darryl & Arnold Lawrence from Raymond Terrace bred the litter (Temlee x Mona’s Posting) and from memor… See more
Jeff Collerson- Ian Hilditch Dick trained a dog for me, John Hartigan (Rupert Murdoch’s right hand man) & Kevin Scanlon (boss of De Bortoli Wines) called Brother Eddy, who won at WP and won the Maitland Derby final at Cessnock in 1996
Joe Baldacchino– Wow. Remember the dog well.
Mal Cuneo – trained by sid shaw worked on the hakwsbury bridge toll booth
Roy Maynard – Yes Mal Cuneo that’s the name on the photo
Reg Hazelgrove – Was a record
Roy Maynard – Yes Reg it was, writing is a bit faded .
Jeff Collerson– what a rocket around HP was The Shoe. Trained by Sid Shaw at Leichhardt. I went to visit Sid one day to do a story on The Shoe for The Greyhound Star magazine and Sid brought out The Shoe’s litter brother, a black dog called Billy The Snook, Sid said: … See more
Roz Evans – Jeff Collerson lovely story.😁
Ash Quirk– Jeff Collerson wasn’t he the dog you tipped packer and he got beat,then packer gave you a spray!!
Jeff Collerson – Ash Quirk Sure was Ash you have a good memory. Had box 8 at HP usually unbeatable from there but fell out on his head when I declared him to Kerry that night
Ash Quirk– Jeff Collerson hahahahaha I remember u telling me!! U gave him a few tips early they won,the shoe got beat and he wanted you stoned to death hahahaha!!
Donna Campbell- I cant believe they threw them old historic photos out……shows how much they think of our sport…i donated a photo of a st ledger winner….gippingale….i spose its in the trash too now
Rob Tyler– When we lived in Leichhardt Jeff Dad and Pop were good mates with Sid – if my memory is correct he went to Richmond on the old straight to win his maiden. I was only about 5 or 6 at the time but everyone knew how quick he was.
George Clegg– World record at the time
Colleen Wall– What a beauty
Reg Hazelgrove -I had a bitch by The Shoe named Our Cousin had 2 starts at Grafton never seen the track won the first by 8 and the second a week later by 12 every one said take her to Harold Park
Darren Leeson– The direct tail line of Brett Lee…through repeat mating sisters Hiaclass and Tebessa!
Joe Baldacchino– Those wonderful comprised photos by Ron Bickley, the only goto man when you wanted a memory of your champion
Rodney Walker– Went and visited Sid Shaw about 1970 he was a great trainer havent forgot wat he said from Woy Woy Beautiful place