Horsham Cup Carnival

Graeme Bate loved combining his two passions Fishing and Greyhound Racing. One of his favourite’s Easter weekend at the Horsham Cup. Here he is with champion Satan’s Shroud after winning in 1981. He would camp on the banks of the Wimmera River at the back of the track and partake in the Fishing Competitions. He also won it with Propellant, Hay Dinney, Lansley Bale, Kantarn Bale, Timjim Bale and Velocette.

Mark Moroney – Champion trainer champion bloke
Bruce Lellmann– Mark Moroney how yu going Mark have a good one cheers bruce
Neil Brown– Mark Moroney None better
John Staines– He is one of the best trainers this country has ever seen and a good bloke.

Robert Mumford– Your right john
Sid Swain– I sent my son dean to Graham’s Place to have a brood bitch served he was there until she nearly whelped