John & Jock


Two Legends John & Jock

Gwen Ennis – Remember him well.

Edwin Caruana- Ran the most popular trial track for many years in the seventies.

Pat Burley- I felt like I new him Sandy would often talk of him. In fact the rail from that track ended up in Gippsland on property that is still used today.

Leigh Smith- He used to hide his money in drums in the ground. Had a very thick beard.

Alex Jokic- Leigh Smith was under the tins that covered the rollers on the rail….

Lesley Green- Leigh Smith hi Leigh my dad said he hid everything in that beard

Leigh Smith- Lesley Green probably right to lesley. It was pretty bushy.

Susan Abela- I remember going to jocks as a kid helping dad trial.

Raymond Whybrow- Sure did a lot Of fast dogs Brocken in there !

Howard Gray- Raymond Whybrow Nearly all of Roddy Deakin’s champions were broken in at Jock’s track just down the road from Rod’s property

Coral Scott- I was walking 1 dog at the Mentone racecourse jock came in walking 10 dogs somebody hand slipped a dog past him I told jock he did 2 furlongs in 24 seconds on his elbows his best dog called town ghost went inside one of the posts and killed itself I think it ran a record at Wentworth park 31.50…doug

Doug Sheridan- Was going to mention how many dogs he would lead but thought no one would believe me, thanks Coral,lol.

Doug Sheridan- Do you ever remember a Doug Barkley.At father Hoysteds.

Howard Gray- Doug Sheridan Spent several of my summer holidays staying with Roddy Deakin at his Keysborough property as a teenager just up the road from Jock’s track. Nearly every Sunday morning Roddy would load up his 24 compartment wire caged dog trailer on the b… See more

Doug Sheridan- Many a trainer & breakers in that area,do recall Norm Denereax & Joe Hilli amongst others,popular being close to Sandown one would think.

Howard Gray- yep Joe’s property was just over the road from Rod’s and he was often over at Rod’s. Joe bred my 1st really good dog Mutineer (Plunder Road x Tacron) who I bought off Roddy who bought him and several littermates off Joe as pups and reared them on his Keysborough property. Mutineer’s litter sister Pengala of course threw Joe’s champion sprinter Tangaloa and a string of other top dogs Fine Arama, Black Smoothie, Gannet, and Windsor Scot etc. Pretty sure Joe trained champion staying bitch Landena for Roddy too?
Ronald Lyfield- Yep

Doug Sheridan- Ronald Lyfield Cousin.
Marg Sallows- My Mum went to school with Jessie,jock use to work for my grandfather on his poultry farm during the depression he was riding a motor bike in those days…my grandfather sacked him for stealing his tools…./he was killing himself laughing when he was telling us…and said he was the toughest old boy he ever worked for…😂

Doug Sheridan- Marg Sallows He never carried much weight either I recall.

Marg Sallows- Doug Sheridan He said my grandfather gave him a back handler and nearly knocked me into the next week….

Chris Johannsen- I remember driving in to trial there and he had his eagle chained up glaring at u

Marg Sallows- Chris Johannsen I remember that eagle ..

Kerry Chalker- Did anyone find where he buried his gold teeth 😂

Craig Davis- The old timers will tell you he was the best lure driver ever.

Howard Gray- Craig Davis Roddy Deakin certainly thought so.

Jon Roberts- In 1966 he went to a lot of banks to change his money

Marg Sallows- Jon Roberts bet it smelt of earth 😂

Coral Scott- Jon Roberts the goanna on the chain in the shed scared me…doug

Ted Dowsey- And a Fox. Champion lure driver 👌

Thomas Clark- Had my first litter broken in at Jocks track in Keysborough. They all turned out railers owing to the inside 2 to 3 ft of the track being 1/2 a ft lower than the rest. Don’t think he harrowed that day.

Peter Terry- I found out a while ago that Jenny geishen is jock’s daughter and I remember the toorak toffs would trial their afghans at narre warren

Neil Brown- Living in Keysborough since 1978 as I still do have many fond memories of going to Jocks all have been mentioned here. Have this classic photo on the Website. Jock and John Murray. I don’t think there is too many pics that Jock had taken.
Ronald Lyfield- Neil Brown great pic Neil

Doug Sheridan- That’s him,well done Neil.

Angela Modra- Neil Brown I still speak to John every couple of days Neil, he’s not real flash at the moment, I’ll try to send him that pic of him and Old Jock, hopefully will cheer him up. 🌴👍
Shane Hookey- Yeh Doug,old circle track,deep sand,had to get invited there,we had Alan Roberts,huge wood pile on property,old Jack trusted no one,end of Chapel Rd,Keysborough,past Rod Deakins,place

Ronald Lyfield- Doug Sheridan Shane Hookey..Remember way back to the Bright judge & Laverita days,Ceaser Costa’s place up his straight. Stewards report said you hooked that race.LOL. .Could not separate pics.Irene on right.May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

Shane Hookey- Yes Doug great and funny times,yes I was in a blue dress for the ladies race,got beat,it matched the colour of my eyes,was supplied by Deb,I got checked at a vital time by Janet Cottrell,funny afternoon,hope your crew are well Dougie

Shane Hookey- All above board Doug,Janet caused the trouble then pulled up,look in photo far right

Ted Dowsey- Old Ned hid pound note under one of the rollers. Ned said to Jock “I can smell money here somewhere Jock” No money 💰 anywhere here Ned “ Ned walked over to the roller lifted up the can on top and there was the money! Old Jock nearly fell of the lure driver😂

Peter Macleod- Yeh remember him well, my father played football with him in their younger days, I took him down to the trial track one morning and if you knew jock he eyed off everyone that came to the track if he didn’t know you, after a few minutes of eyeing off my father he stopped driving, came over and said, you’ve got me stumped, I’m trying to put a name to the face, I said Ron, all he said was bloody hell, Ron Macleod, haven’t seen you for 20 to 25 years, they chatted for a couple of minutes and as jock was jock,said got to keep trialling, as we drove out all dad could comment on was the amount of “junk” but not to jock, rumour was that’s where he buried all his money. The good old days