Journalists’ Cup 1974

Journalists’ Cup 1974 Mustard Moss trained Bill Fletcher. A young Jeff Collerson looking sharp.


Jeff Collerson – Mustard Moss was owned by Bill Barnett & trained by Billy Fletcher. Bill Barnett also owned Chariot Charm, who won the inaugural 1965 National Derby when trained by Lex Landers, Bill later trained See Yah to win the Paws Of Thunder in 1987 and his son Graeme Barnett is a successful trainer now.

Syd Swain – Billy was a good mate of mine ex boxer great conditioner they know a bit about fitness another good mate of mine was jimmy coleman who was also a ex boxer.

Jeff Collerson – Syd Billy grew up in an orphanage so to him family was sacrosanct. He was very fond of my wife and one day while visiting him he said to me “you know I love you don’t you? But if you ever do the wrong thing by that little tart I hit you right on the chin!” What a funny thing for a tough bloke like Billy to say to a man “I love you” my wife was horrified when she heard he called her a “little tart” but I explained that to him it was a term of endearment. Great memories thanks Sid.