Judy Green

Another brilliant cover this time of the gorgeous Judy Green.

Rex Kyte – Phenomenal
Murray Hehir– Absolute Spunk😉
Rob Tyler– Judy Green = 29.40 at Wentworth Park. 😂 😂
Scott Jackson -Rob 28.90!!!!!
Rob Tyler– Scott Jackson nothing goes that mate…. then again…. 😂
David Plumridge – I thought all photos had to have a greyhound in it 😀😂
Howard Gray – And even more stunning in the flesh and a lovely personality to go with it.
Chris McKay – Howard Gray the dog or the girl !
Howard Gray – Chris McKay Only met Judy the once at Olympic Park back in the early 80’s, very natural and down to Earth and of course stunningly beautiful.
Glenn Kilroy – Is that Before or After Alby Mangles nearly killed her in a Car Accident with a Road Train?
Rex Kyte – Judy green and Richard Norton lived upstairs next to the 7/11 in Albert park’but moved several years ago
Ken Gill – Beats hanging out of a 🌲 tree
John Hartley – What a lovely Lady & dog
Jimmy Vescos – Top Sort
Chris McKay – Now with this promo how could anyone resist having a greyhound to race !
Rex Nairn – She was a favourite of mine absolutely beautiful.
Chris McKay – Greyhound or girl Rex?
Rex Nairn– Chris McKay girl.
Chris McKay – both.
Rex Nairn – Any chance something about Megan’s Rebel in the seventies.
Trevor Smith – What a lovely looker,and the girl’s not bad either!