Lucky Creed Vs Bunyip Bint

Does anyone know the outcome of this match race held at Harold Park. Perhaps “Pigeon” you were there. It’s between Harness champ Lucky Creed and Super stayer Bunyip Bint about 1970 I think.

Ian Hiditch – When I was a kid we went to Norfolk Island. The travel agency buggered the flight time up so they put us up in the Wentworth Hotel until the next day. We went to HP trots on the Friday night and watched Cocky Raider beat Lucky Creed. I was filthy after a couple of days on Norfolk Island because I was waiting for a J Polletti trained horse named Sir To Me to start. It won the Villers at big odds while I was away and at the age of 9 I was on my way to compiling a long list of unlucky punting stories.
Jeff Collerson – Can’t remember that happening. Will ring Harry Pearce the great harness racing authority. If it was one when the wrestling was on Bunyip Bint’s trainer Stan Cleverley wouldn’t have been there. Stan always went to the wrestling if it clashed with the dogs he would send his strapper the late Ossie Smith with Bunyip Bint. I tried to tell Stan one day the wrestling was fixed and he got very upset.
Terry Hodge– I was at every Harold Park Dog & Trot meeting from @ May 1968 until March 1975. I recall many Lucky Creed moments and Bunyip Bint races but do not recall this match up Sounds great & if it happened it would have been something to see & remember. They held many alternative events back then – Afghan races, Whippets, mixed hound races. Hurdles. Celebrity hurdles, footballers/celebrities down the straight etc. I hope someone has the definitive answer.
Jeff Collerson– Terry Hodge I agree Terry, I’m sure it never took place.