New Registration Certificate’s

In 1977 the NCA of NSW changed to new Registration Certificate’s with new security features it was big job involving 22,000 certificates. Overseeing the operation was NSW NCA Secretary Ken Norquay.

Jeff Holland – his father-in-law NCA VP Pros Austin was one of the best characters I ever met in the sport.
Ian Rose– Jeff Holland One of my mentors in the industry Roger Robinson was good friends with Pros Austin.
Jeff Holland-Ian Rose did Roger have a Derby winner?
Ian Rose– Jeff Holland Not that Im aware of, worked at waverly council, before becoming a solicitor then moved inter state, his father worked for stan cleverly
Jeff Holland-Ian Rose they guy I knew lived at Penrose.
Ian Rose- Jeff Holland no Roger lived at Mascot
Jeff Collerson– Jeff Holland Yes Pros Austin was Ken’s father in law definitely
Barry Lingham– No shortage on the hair cream back then !
John Stephens- Not changed one bit KGN…apart from the odd snap hook and three putt?
John Vivian– KGN very good for Greyhound Racing smart operation in WA …