One of the stars of 1969-70 Noelybo.

Jeff Collerson – Noelybo was owned by the lovable Phil “The Fib” McMahon.
Jeff Collerson- Phil never let the truth get in the way of a good story He certainly lived up to his nick name … Big Time 😊
I think you will find contrary to what Phil said ,Noelybo was bought and owned later in his career by the likeable Charlie & Doreen Pickering and named after the great Noely Bowman
Jeff Collerson– Peter Dawson I think Phil was related to the Pickerings? What a great bloke Noel Bowman was. trained stacks of good ‘uns including Sheer Blonde
Peter Dawson– He improved out of sight (no pun) when an offside blinker was applied.