Nose Dive

Interesting way to win.

Charlie Xuereb – I’ve got a memory of a dog called New Find doing something similar in a hurdle race at Olympic park. Also thinking New find won over flat sprint flat distance and hurdles at Olympic park. Hope someone can validate. Shane Flower
Charlie Xuereb new find was outstanding dog, the litter by Venetian Court, had several pups who won both on the flat and hurdle, we had a dog who run and lost against 3 of them in juvenile finals those day you could be winning over hurdles and still be a flat maiden
Neil Brown – I think your right Charlie he was a great hurdle dog.
Greg Hore – Have seen one somewhere where a dog tumbled on the line is actually upside down and backwards, I think it may have been at Richmond Ia few years ago.
Charlie Xuereb– Bill Harvey John Leek jnr trained some good hurdlers back in the day. Some of my favourites were moon venture Weinberg Diamalight Ashburner ch
Ray Hawkes– Charlie Xuereb And Diamalight One Greyhound of the year one year was a good flat runner and hurdle dog
Howard Gray- Charlie Xuereb Rare Chief John Leek’s best jumper? If my memory serves me I think he was pretty handy on the flat as well?
Charlie Xuereb– Ray Hawkes Had$20 each way with samperi Diamalight in Australia cup @1000/1 before heats drew box 1 slow out railed and ran 3rd 5000 large jumped in missus very happy.
Charlie Xuereb– Sorry marrentelli was bookmaker
Shane Flower– Charlie Xuereb not as sorry as him
Charlie Xuereb– Chelsea’s best pearly way pols duke chief glow. And the champ ODEARO
Trish Obrien-Longford I loved going there with my dad and his friends