Olympic champion Weightlifter Ray Rigby

Olympic champion Weightlifter Ray Rigby puts on a performance at the track in 1982. Barry Toner told me there was an interesting back story to this when I spoke with him on Silver Chief final night. It seems Ray was very determined to put on a good show and was quite a showman.

Peter Griffen -Ray was a ballarat committee man with his mate John leavings and myself and others a true gentleman
Simone Wilson- Curious if Dick Prendergast who wrote the article is the DP from down Warrnambool way🧐
Jeff Collerson- Simone Wilson Certainly was. Dick was a successful trainer in Sydney before relocating to Warrnambool.
Simone Wilson- Jeff Collerson I’ve never met him, but Barry Smith did tell me a story about his bucks party😉
Jeff Collerson- Speaking of strong men. Paul Cauchi had a mate called Ringo who was a big punter. One night at Cessnock I found my Holden Torana had a flat tyre & I had no jack. Everyone had left except Paul & Ringo. When he found I had a Torana Ringo said “you don’t need a jack for a Holden mate” and proceeded to lift the car up in the air while I changed the wheel. He never even raised a sweat! He did add “Mercedes are a lot heavier”
Richard Codd- Jeff Collerson well you cant blame me for selling you that car
Jimmy Vescos- Jeff Collerson Paul & Ringo ! Obviously George & John had left ….
Joe De Freitas- Lol Jeff you should have been a comedian.
Jeff Collerson- Joe De Freitas True story Joe and Ringo wasn’t musclebound he was a pretty short, chubby bloke but what strength