Opening night at Angle Park

Angle Park Days Road opens in 1972.

Howard Gray – My catcher for many, many years and fellow Angle Park committeeman the late Harold Goodwin in one of those photos…we even flew him over to catch Kate’s A Scandal in the National Final. Harold raced a very good SA sprinter Chelone Prince. Like so many of the original Angle Park committeemen they put countless hours in out at the Bolivar track pre-betting days before the legislation was passed and the move to Days Road, Angle Park.
David Torr -my first greyhound raced on opening night i could not attend her name was Garron Court she ran best of the night at about 14 months of age she was travelling mate for Gerrard The Gent never seen the track before flew from Victoria to Adelaide in a small plane
David Torr– R I P Herbie Siakew who passed away just recently