I not one for poetry the only one I know is Chief Havoc’s. Here is one with some interesting words about our sport.

Alan Muram– Thats how it was….not now…
Duncan Foster– It was a great family,public and community sport until the factory trainers and internet betting took over,(in my opinion)
Alan Marum– Duncan Foster correct….but grv are way to rigid….
Duncan Foster– They sort of have to be now
One more slipup and the greens will be partying when the last door locks.
Rod Oakman– Duncan you are spot on there
Rolland Parry– Few true words in that poem even today, always queried why they vet and weigh dogs but not horses
Mark Moroney– How true
Shane Gordon– 100 %
Tony Forbes– Love it
June Patton– How true this is and it never leaves your blood
Jan Griffiths– So true