Rod Deakin’s famous property in Keysborough

Noel Christensen visited the late Rod Deakin’s famous property in Keysborough for an insight into his operation.

Gary Smith – A man before his time 👍
Howard Gray– Saw that big old rotary walker in action many a time over the circular kennel set up, Forward thinker was Roddy.
Howard Gray– All those champions reared on Roddy’s special feed mix, minced chicken necks and feet, meat meal, bread crumbs, powdered milk and calcium powder all mixed up in an old bakers dough mixing machine, then into the wheelbarrow and down to Roddy’s numerous … See more
Howard Gray– Years on I trained for another great breeder the late Tony McGrath (A Shepparton boy like Roddy) who Roddy had handed on his “special” feed mix to that saw so many of Tony’s greyhounds reach great heights always carrying the “Proven” moniker. Albeit To… See more
Kerry Chalker– Loved his kennel block
Des Dooley– Rod was famously quoted in an interview that if he fed the dogs dollar notes rather than chicken necks they would not go any faster.
Neil Brown– Best interview I ever had was on Community Radio 3SER. I had Rod in the studio for an hour, sensational. I might have taped it I will have look. Lovely man, knowledge second to none.