Sandown Stand Opening 1986

Some well-known heads open the stand at Sandown in 1986. It was quite an occasion the entertainment was Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch direct from the UK. Never do things by half at Sandown.

Charlie Xuereb – Pat Haas striding ahead what a great trainer she was
Edwin Caruana– Charlie Xuereb Striding Ahead was the quickest beginner ever s as t Olympia Park.
Charlie Xuereb– Edwin Caruana yes Ed she was very quick out of the boxes. Some other quick beginners over the years in my opinion were Lorrimor star peditos champ roo power weekly special half your luck and over the distance andromeda would lead by huge margins.
Neil Brown– Got them all correct. Spot on not sure there has been many better than the ones Charlie listed.
Terri M Morris– I don’t see any women in this picture, we have certainly come a long way
Edwin Caruana– Terri I think from memory Pat Haas was the first female director elected to the MGRA board back in the eighties. We certainly have come a long way.
Terri M Morris– Edwin Caruana wow that’s a long time ago.
Edwin Caruana– Terri M Morris Ha Ha very progressive club the MGRA, Marg Long was our manager for 27 years. She was instrumental in our transition from Olympia Park to our current home The meadows.
Terri M Morris– Edwin Caruana Marg did an amazing job and everything ran like clockwork under her watch 😊❤️
Edwin Caruana– Terri M Morris She did and we are lucky under Ashley Baker everything still runs smoothly, he is doing a fantastic job in the tough times we are going through.
Terri M Morris– Edwin Caruana he certainly is and he picked a tough time to take over 😂.
Edwin Caruana– He sure did Terri but he’s young and resilient.
Edwin Caruana– Scary how I can name them all.
Ted Dowsey– 2nd on right bookmaker? Got the others Ed
Neil Brown– Bob Austin.
Ted Dowsey– Thanks Neil yes just came to me 👏
Des Dooley– Eddie. 7 out of 9 for me. Who are the 2 directly behind Ray Byron.
Edwin Caruana– Ray Jennings and Ewan Logan
Des Dooley– Sorry Ray Jennings and Ewan Logan.