Sandown “T”

Sandown could never be accused of not having a go at something new. Particularly in the 70’s they were the kings of promoting Greyhound Racing. I liked this report where the club took 40 guests on a joy flight to launch the Sandown “T”. Included is a story about Marg Scarlett I am pretty certain the first female CEO in Greyhound Racing.

Shane Hookey – All us young greyhound people at the time,were always welcome at Sandown,great promoters,great people !!!!
Russell Mcrae – What about that ripper bloke who donated a Valiant Station Wagon five years running for greyhound of the year. In 76 the car was craned up to 6th floor of the Southern Cross and when the winner got presented with the keys, he took them home because he thought the sponsor was going to switch the wagon for a plain jane. The maître D had other events on that floor and they had to dance around the car until the winner (who shall remain nameless) eventually gave up the keys.