Schneppers Trial Track

Anyone from the South-Easten suburbs of Melbourne will remember Schneppers.

Alan Muram – Very fond memories of my time there…Tony was very helpful to me…l had 5 years there..John was a german engineer…the volkswagon motor and the drive set up was genial..god bless john and toni for there input into greyhound racing.
Shane Flower – Blast from the past
Kerry Chalker– Harry Nugent always ran his dogs over 2 laps then ran beside them for another lap before rubbing them down with Royal Rein -an amazing man
Alan Marum– Kerry Chalker Harry and his son…..chaulk and cheese….they entertained me forsure…..Harry would say to me drive em long…l want to know there chasing….l think he was rite….they drive too close these days…just my opinion
Leigh Smith – Kerry Chalker he had some different ideas did harry
Ted Dowsey– Time waits for no man. 🤷
Ronald Lyfield – There every week great