Shane Hookey School Days

Recognize our member 16-year-old Shane Hookey at Ringwood Technical School with his dog Spot Tornado. Leading Victorian trainer at that time Pat Haas hosted 30 students from forms one to four studying Greyhound training and racing. The popular Hookey became one of the best Coursing slippers Victoria has produced and served a stint as President of the Lang Lang Coursing Club.

John Reid Thanks Neil,for a memory of the many things Pat did for Greyhound racing and the changes that came for women in our Sport Industry.
Sharyn Combridge Shane look how young you are and Pat she was a great trainer and an advocat for women trainers she led the way😘
Shane Hookey Great research Neil,article on back pages,of Sporting Globe,and on camera 7 on Sunday night on channel 7 and in the Sun,went to Carl and Pats by bus for a day,had a visit by Dr Jim Gannon, had a a race night at Cranbourne and Sandown,still get people from school 45 years ago taking about it,we all had a great time,our PE teacher teed it all up,Ollie Norris a Irish international soccer player also for Everton, had a a Stayer called Brother Kevin that won at Olympic Park that fortnight, great memories!!!
Janette Bennett Good looking rooster Shane 👌🏼🤣x
Howard Culph Wow, look at the young Shane!