Superstar for Reg Johnson National Star

Superstar for Reg Johnson National Star

Gary Smith – Best litter I bred was by National Star, liked him after he won a maiden at Cootamundra.

Kerry Chalker – Great trainer-& punter-was Reg.

John Reid – The trifecta Reg Johnson, Kevin Kelly and Arthur Garret .love them to write a book.

Des Dooley – John, there might be a few others you would invite to contribute as well.

John Reid – Des you made me laugh, I sort of wondered what reaction my remarks might,have a lot of memories I would not contribute,

John Stephens – There were lots of people…who did lots of things…wonder how they would go in today’s greyhound world?

Doug Scott – I wish Buck Buchanan had written a book l could tell so many stories from the fifties but might get sued.