The Governor Sir Rohan Delacombe

54 years ago this month February 2024, Sandown hosted the Victorian Governor Sir Rohan Delacombe. A highly decorated English Military man with more letters after his name than I have ever seen. So big was the occasion the club made a hard copy racebook. He would have sat in the old timber stand in box as pictured below. I remember the night the Governor was there. A couple of cracking races were on that night and his race was a lead up to the Sandown Cup in those days held in February. Some staying stars of the day took part Delacombe Boy, Bunyip Bint, Miram Miss, Worthy View and Jeta Girl. The Hurdle featured my all-time favourite Hall of Famer Odero he was off 2 yards and ran second to another champ that night Rare Chief. He later won off scratch as his race record records in October of 1970.

James Wilding thanks James would love to remember the placings in that race.
Wayne Martin Absolutely Wayne , I know one Top greyhound in that race who would of been giving its all 👍👍
James Wilding she did win with delacombe boy 2nd and miram miss 3 rd. Raced the following week and Paul’s thunder won the cup with her 2 1/2 lengths 2nd.
Wayne Martin Fantastic Wayne and thanks for that info , She was such an honest true strong runner With a great trainer to boot as was sir worthy and so interesting for the times back there . Ta mate 👍
Alan Marum Arnold Porter was a friend of mine….good footballer at seafood and snapper fisherman at Frankston and also trainer 1st ever winner at Cranbourne…passed recently
Steve Fox Alan Marum that is sad to hear about Arnold. My dad and grandfather owned Odearo. Here is the hall of fame photo with Arnold in it.
Richard Codd Great for non chasers
Lesley Green Richard Codd pity they didn’t have some now then . Plenty of them around
Richard Codd Lesley Green yes definitely
Trevor Smith And couldn’t no.1 jump a bit!
Richard Codd Still going strong Hurdle racing in uk Neil
Gary Mannion I see Alan Shine training Marino’s dog. Alan trained lots of hurdlers and had a great deal of success with them.
John Bryant Nice flash back 👍
Alan Marum John Bryant r u Ned’s son?
John Bryant Alan Marum yes, his eldest
Alan Marum I was actually at the above meeting…great days
Duncan Foster First race every week at hobart until the factory trainers arrived.
Itcwas the first thing they destroyed before the entire industry
Steve Fox My dad and grandfather owned Odearo
Heather Villinger Ah those were the days.
Dallas Riseley Great history.
Frank Harney Integrity mob are responsible for the non-chasers. Never trained a greyhound.