Victorian Greyhound of the Year 1996

Anyone wondering how and why the Victorian Greyhound of the Year determination has changed since it commenced in 1973. I found this detailed summation. Written in 1996 when it changed for the last time, I forgot there were 16 of us on the revised panel. Amazing how it has changed over the years and why, it’s quite a story. David Mann was an excellent Board member and a good bloke we didn’t finish up at the Radisson but the Sofitel and what a night it was in 1996. Irish dancers, top class singers and the winner was Light Of Fire.

Jon Roberts – Went to the first one at Camberwell civic centre
Neil Brown – So did I wasn’t invited sat in the balcony with my mate Kevin Smith. Because we were the only two there we got invited to sit at a back table that wasn’t full. Free drinks we loved it. Top night.