Wanalta Chief

Here is a photo of Wanalta Chief ( Wanalta x Lukias) apart form being an outstanding Coursing dog he was the last Melbourne Gold Cup winner. The race took place at Napier Park Essendon in early November 1954 and was worth 825 pounds. He was only a 19-month-old pup and started off 12 yards at 10/1. The winning margin was a head to the good of Murray Bay off 10 Yards. The 7/4 favourite was Adelaide puppy Tuvana. According to reports Wanalta Chief ran all over the track causing massive interference in an amazing display of erratic speed. His winning time for the Straight 400 yards was 20 and 9/16 of the second. The winner was raced and trained at Lyndhurst by Ed Tucker who would later put the polish on the mighty Gold Grotto winner of the 1972 Melbourne Cup.