Wyong in the 70’s

Jeff Collerson – Had great times at Wyong. My mate Johnny Munro loved racing there, often won a treble and had some big days as the bookies would let you on. A good thing up the straight there was usually a safe bet because if a dog which wanted the left side of the track drew left and had a couple of mad “righties” drawn alongside him he would get a terrific uninterrupted run.
Majella Ferguson– Jeff Collerson john Munro rings me all the time to say hi such a top bloke
Jeff Collerson– Majella Ferguson None better and a genius chiropractor. My wife’s back was stuffed and Johnny fixed that. I took Bill Calabria a famous winemaker from Griffith to John and he sorted out his knee problem. Great trainer Johnny and a generous fiercely loyal person. He was my mentor when I trained a couple of greyhounds years ago
Majella Ferguson– Jeff Collerson absolute genius
Peter Dawson– Played a couple of seasons with Kurri kurri and John was the go to muscle man. Young John was in the team
Jeff Collerson– Peter Dawson I went to the This Is Your Life tribute to John and the Newcastle Knights team were in attendance. When Mark Hughes got a far bigger cheers than Paul Harragon or anyone else I asked someone how come that was the case and he said: “Because he is a Kurri boy mate, we are in Kurri Kurri”
Peter Dawson– When I played Johnny Raper was the coach and Kurri Kurri had produced more Kangaroos than any other country club – Big Bill Hamilton , John Sattler (worst trot driver ever), Jeff “star” Masterman , etc
Jeff Collerson – Peter Dawson Fond memories of big Herman Hamilton.

Ian Rose– My father had a millimsimbi bitch racing there about that time trained by bernie dennis, I raced there ffom the late 70’s when friend Eric Haines was the grader
Peter Maher-Nothing better than a Saturday afternoon racing at Wyong