1970 National Derby with Three Degrees

Here is a detailed report on the 1970 National Derby won by Arthur’s Desire he beat Tivoli Chief and Solar Blaze. Apart from the great photos what caught my eye was one of my favourite groups of the 70’s the Three Degrees were at Wenty. Who can forget their massive hit song “When Will I See You Again.” There is a great Youtube clip of the girls still doing their hit in 2018. They sound and look fantastic.

Marie Aguirre– Beautiful memory
Joe Baldacchino– And I was on him. Either at 20/1 or 50/1 from memory.
Jeff Collerson– Tivoli Chief was trained by Jim Carr jnr and owned by Father Kevin Manning, who later become the Bishop of Parramatta. He was an enthusiastic greyhound man and a great bloke
Harper Marx– Great nights
Jeff Holland– And a VERY young Bruce Fletcher in the background .