Jarrod Sharp and Rusty Lee

One the great guys in Victorian Greyhound Racing is Jarrod Sharpe found this photo of him from 1994. A popular figure around the sport he has many, many friends. Jarrod loves a good time as I can testify to after spending a week with his crew in Ireland in 2018 at the Coursing. He turned 50 this year and his party has seemed to go on for six months. I think he is currently in Bali. A prominent owner his current star is Adelaide Cup winner Do It. Here he is as the handler of Rusty Lee a great chaser for Dennis Trewin and Graeme Bate talking of boys that love a good time. Rusty Lee ran second in the 1994 Top Gun to New Fox at Olympic Park. “Rusty” had 86 starts for 28 wins and 22 placings. By Shining Chariot from Miss Vialie he won a number of races at Sandown and Olympic plus wins at Hobart, Angle Park, Geelong, Ballarat and Warragul.

Jarrod Sharpe – I was slightly larger back them but loved life
Matthew Field– Jarrod Sharp ur welcome mate
Andrea Sallows– Jarrod just a youngin 💜
Peter Riley– I remember a Give Away at The Meadows where if you bought a certain alcoholic drink, you got an entry in to a “Win Your Weight” in said alcoholic beverage. I believe there was a Team Effort and all said team members put Jarrod’s name on the entry. They subsequently Win and I remember Jarrod standing on scales with a Beverage in His hand… 15 Slabs IIRC
Jarrod Sharp– Peter Riley spot on
Robert Britton– I remember him back in the day. Think he got a job in the Austin Powers movie as ‘Fat Bastard’…get in my belly.
Jenny Roberts– Robert Britton rude
Jarrod Sharp– Thanks Jenn
Jenny Roberts– Jarrod Sharp I remember those years very well, miss the old times
Neil Brown– Jenny trust me this is normal banter between these guys. You have no idea what they say to Robert🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Andrea Sallows– Neil very true 🤦‍♀️😂
Jarrod Sharp– Thanks browny your a star, Love Rusty and also my old mate Dennis whom has a heart of gold
Heather Cooke– Still enjoying the dream
Chris Johannsen– Looks like a picture of u getting back from Darwin this year mate
Jarrod Sharp– Chris Johannsen Me and you walk home together ?
Chris Johannsen– Jarrod Sharp u might have me buddy
Mark Moroney– I didn’t recognise him when I went to Sandown last year Jarrod Sharp
Linda Britton– What a baby face
Tina Woman– Great photo, beautiful Rusty 💙 you’re not bad either Jarrod 👍