1979 Melbourne Cup Acclaim Star

Here is some classic footage of the 1979 Melbourne Cup race and presentation. Won by the mighty Acclaim Star trained by Billy Fletcher. The outstanding field included Big Pinch, White Panther, Relle Lousie, Traduce, Rebel Maker, Striding Ahead and Akii Victor. The club that year brought out vivacious German Actress Elke Sommer watch how excited winning owner Frank Brown gets particularly in the presence of Elke. The race caller and M.C. is Bryan Martin with extra comments from Peter Donigan.

An early report on the 1979 Melbourne Cup it was after the Semi’s as we know New South Wales speed machine Acclaim Star won the final from for legendary trainer Billy Fletcher in a courageous win at 4-5 on favourite. He beat Big Pinch 4/1 and South Aussie star White Panther in 30.50.

One of the most outstanding dogs to win the Melbourne Cup was in 1979 Acclaim Star. That year was also the most glamorous. This video features Jeff Collerson speaking about trainer Billy Fletcher.

Kerry Chalker – Couple of interesting stories around the Cup-Bill being a former boxer believed in drying out so he would withdraw fluid on Raceday-who’s to say he was wrong as he was most successful

When he arrived back for the final he had a nail wrapped in a bandaid -it had broken while galloping in Bill’s paddock -the quick was hanging out so we set about rebuilding the nail & thankfully it held up well enough to prove the champion he was.

Adrian Scott – Elke Sommer 🤦‍♂️Left a lasting impression on the SGRC 😄😄

Mick Fearnley– Adrian Scott and me 😂

Terri M Morris – Adrian Scott dream on 😆

Edwin Caruana– Very much so Adrian.

Kerry Chalker– Lucky enough to have Acclaim Star stay with me -his trainer a great bloke & legend

Jeff Collerson– Kerry Chalker Billy Fletcher was a great mate of mine. Grew up in an orphanage, and family was sacrosanct to him. He married Cath, his childhood sweetheart. Was a successful pro boxer before turning to greyhounds.

Kerry Chalker– Jeff Collerson yes Jeff-was interesting how he applied the boxer training to the greyhound by withdrawing water day before race & yes Cath a lovely person

Jason Woodards– Is that Olivia Newton John?

Mark Small– Well done Neil to find this clip …. the 20 odd minutes was worth watching, wonderful race, phenomenal promotion with the troupe of bagpipes and secure Elke Sommer. Looking back at this, Sandown has a LONG history of being No. 1 👏🏼 🏵

Gary Smith– We were only talking about elke last night Eddie, with Len Kettlar, he got a kiss after the cup😂😉