Station Master

Our man in Tasmania Brennan Ryan posted this story about a famious greyhound from North Queensland the mighty Station Master.
By Heather Payne
Our local priest was Father Pat, An Aussie through and through, He owned a speedy greyhound, the champ of F.N.Q.
His name was Station Master, That holy hound was fleet! He won in Cairns each Saturday, With blessings – hard to beat!
Now that great dog so loved his priest, Never left him in the lurch! (“Twas rumoured that his winnings Helped build the brand-new church.)
My love and I were just engaged But ‘ere we could be wed, The Church had some instructions” To give us – so they said.
My lad was not a Catholic, (he favoured beer, not wine.) Instead of Church on Sunday, The Golf Club was his shrine.
On Monday night, we headed off, So nervous, hand-in-hand, To meet the priest and learn the rules To earn that golden band.
With welcome warm, he greeted us – “Come in and have a beer!” We talked of a fishing trip up the Cape, of barra without peer.
Next topic was horse racing, With Garnet Races best, (I wondered when we’d hear about how marriages are blest.)
The men were now in deep debate On the Aussie Cricket Team, And how we’d win the Ashes next And foil the english dream!
“Tween betting tips and training dogs – My memories are dim. Then father Pat said “twas my turn To have a chat to him.
He said, “You’ve picked your partner well, – He knows a thing or two – And Love, like Life’s a gamble No matter what you do.
The best of us has many faults, so when Life’s a bumpy ride, Kiss your mate and say a prayer, For God is on your side.
It’s late, so watch this video At home – “twill make it faster – But come with me, before you go, and see my Station Master.”
Our ‘Marriage Guidance’ video We found to our surprise, was “Station Master’s Greatest Wins” replayed before our eyes!
And yet your team has lasted now For many a happy year, Thanks, in part, to those wise words, Over a glass of beer.