Allandale Son

Allandale Son smart type beat Zoom Top and Benjamin John in a match race at Cessnock.

Tony Forbes – I think a young les Jones handled him in a lot of his wins. Les Jones has past but he would be very pleased to see Allandale son on show he won a very good race at Singleton too if anyone’s got history on that.
Jeff Collerson – Was a rocket at HP trained by Merv Hunter. As a young bloke I laid Allandale Son one night at Harold Park because he was a screaming wide runner. He drew box one so I thought he was a risk. He came out running, charged up the track, led at the first turn and came down off the bank to shoot six in front. I learned a costly lesson that night.
Rod Oakman– Jeff the best you have every seen
Jeff Collerson– Rod Oakman Allandale Son was a terrific HP dog as was Slim Pickens who was also a wide runner who raced around the same time. The Shoe was a bit better than both of them though as far as HP went and so was Smooth Keith.
Ian Rose– Jeff Collerson smooth keith was a machine at HP but couldn’t get around wenty, I was told he wouldn’t make a good sire because of this.