Alpha Brava

The dog with the perfect galloping action middle 70’s speedster Alpha Brava. Feature race performer in three states.

Joe Baldacchino -What a dog!
Howard Gray– Joe Baldacchino Pity we couldn’t say the same about him at stud.
Jeff Collerson– Was trained by Arthur Tighe, who later became a stipendiary steward. Stood at stud at Billy Fletcher’s famous Mossville Stud at Kellyville
Adele Powell- I remember Arthur
Roy Maynard -Yes Arthur was a pleasure to work with, could take a joke and give one back.
Roxy Farrell– We had a dog Zoom Dreamer by him he was so honest he hardly missed a prizemoney check
James Fitch– Benjamin John seems to be a prolilike many other dogs who went to stud never lived up to his racing abilityfic sire….bit before my time.Neil brown do you have any info on him?….btw thanks for the page it’s very interesting👍👍
Ray Murray– like many other dogs who went to stud never lived up to his racing ability.

Howard Gray – Ray Murray As we found out the hard way when we used him at stud with our good producer Kialla Queen.
Raymond Robey – Otrwise,no one would ever breed a slow(ordinary) litter.
Jim Quinn – He won a big race at the Gabba he probably shouldn’t have, Coorparoo Flyer was leading him and I called his home name Buff, he turned his head and Alpha Brava railed him and went on to beat him.