A rare occurrence a Hurdle dog standing at stud, it was 1973.

Howard Gray -Arkle wasn’t the only top dog Madame Kua left, high class racers and prolific producers, Mary Lorraine and Yannathan Lass. Rod Deakin had plenty of success with their progency Mary Lorraine (Champion stayer and producer Wonoka, top sprinters Ramille and Varley who also divided the Victorian coursing Oaks), Yannathan Lass (top stayer Plunderola and top sprinter Chadford). Another of Madam Kua’s sons Prince Kua of course threw the legendary stayer Lizrene and top sprinter Baron Power both trained by top mentor Peter McGuinness.
Shane Flower– Didnt realise prince kua depth of breeding, just thought Lizrene was a genetic freak, not so, yannathan lass what a class act, did lizrene have 1 litter ?
Wendy Sebastyan– Zed Zone also sired many winners. He was a winner on the flat, coursing (Freeling Cup for one), and champion hurdler (1964).