Barb’s Melody & Horsham Ladies

You can’t beat the Ladies of our sport, what about the team from Horsham here with a great little chaser Barb’s Melody. It was the early 80’s. What a brood bitch she was, produced Barb’s Tune, Barbariot, Freewheeler, Revello and Singalong to name a few from her 29 offspring.

Coral Scott – Nice photo kerry
Jeff Holland– Ladies were the backbone of many clubs in NSW, they did so much of the fundraising and work behind the scenes, but are rarely recognised. You see few, if any races named in their honour.
Simone Wilson– Jeff Holland Sylvia Penny who is in the above photo has a memorial race on Cup night at Horsham every year, and a function room named after her too. Agree!
Roz Evans– Jeff Holland pretty much all canteens r run by ladies, yrs gone by lots home cooking at some tracks.😁
Richard Codd– Vicki prest from young makes the best curried prawns with rice in Australia